Saturday, September 6, 2014

The craziness that was right before school starting. A switch out of clothing- but it wasn't a total switch out- because oh yeah it's like 90 degrees in New York! Oh pre-autumn you are a fickle mistress. So I worked on organizing both of their closets- they share a room. On the top pole are clothes they will move into next year. ( I know that sounds crazy?!) So for Hazel they are 6&7 Guth is size 4. The bottom pole is current for Hazel. She can reach it and pull what she wants when she needs to. Underneath are two small plastic dressers- that are mostly empty- except for a drawer with their fall/winter pajamas. So- using those remaining drawers in a smart way is crucial- because we don't have a lot of closet space in there. The second closet has a high pole with Guthrie's fall/winter clothing. The dressers (also 2) have bed/crib linens and deep storage. Dance shoes that do not yet fit and some VHS tapes we pulled out of rotation for the moment. Under the crib has 2containers from Ikea full of mostly their real summery clothes. Under Hazel's bed there are 2 more bins with the same. I know that isn't very feng shui of us- but sometimes we must forego such things.

For now this is working. I also pulled most of Hazel's summery dresses and "school ready" clothing and hung it on the 3 big hooks. That way we have her options and we just need to pinpoint. She is usually easy going with her clothes for the most part.

Next time I will share some photos with the sunlight shining.