Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mid Summer Cleaning

hobocamp logo, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So We've redone the bloggie! Zach designed some cutie headers, which I had never had till now. I changed the font size & color up a bit. I even went through some of my first flickr posts to find our old school illustration of Camp Hobocamp. I love this little drawing Zach did.

So due to stomach issue I missed PR Wednesday night, luckily they replay that bad boy like ten times. So I am catching the 1:30am airing. All I can say is Melissa doesn't care too much for Suede.

Well more tomorrow- hope you like the new look.

Riot = Not Quiet

Riot = Not Quiet, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I bought this patch like a million years ago from Sticker Sisters way back in high school. I was really happy to see that they are still around and just as cool as I remembered. I hope I can get pencils that say "Girls Can Do Anything" for my little girl. I still have mine, they're sparkly & silver with hot pink font. Very cool. very special. Now the patch adorns a onesie I hope our baby girl can wear.

My parents came over for a little visit. We gave them all our milk products, since we've both been having issues. They brought us some delicious dinner rolls we'll enjoy with our carrots, mashed potatoes & chik'n dinner tonight. Along with a big ol' bag of baking soda- to clean with.
I've changed my Prenatal pill and I think it may have helped and may have even been my stomach culprit.

I finished 3 cute pin cushions yesterday and appliqued some recycled little girl clothes for the baby. Just freshing or refreshing them up w/ a dab of Melissa/Hobocamp.

Mom also brought along brown sugar, so I can make Zach's Mother's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Tonight is Project Runway night, so we'll yum up our dinner and get nestled on the couch to veg. This is where I get my knit-time in.

Well have a great time whatever you're doing! xo

Keeps Me Moving Forward

Keeps Me Moving Forward, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

A little bit of the things I adore on this lovely Wednesday

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Color of Pumpkins

Starting Something New, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

A few years back when I really got into knitting, I went out and bought a ton of yarn as I also inherited some from family & yard sales. When we moved I got rid of a lot of it. Then I found this suitcase. The suitcase is a huge-sized duffle. One that was originally purchased when I lived in Indiana and needed to get my belongings back to NY. So it was meant to carry a lot. So you can see, I was shocked when we found it full of yarn!

In the spirit of recycle-reduce-reuse, I've decided to use as much as I can. It is mostly acrylic, but I've always found when used in bright colors, it not only shows stitches easier ( which is helpful for a semi-novice after 5 years) but it is vegan as well. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy wool- but I prefer using a recycled sweater to wear or deconstruct rather than get a skein of it.

In the long of it, I chose the color pumpkin to start my first back- to- the- needles- project. I thought it would excite me about the upcoming fall days that I so long for every year.

Some new coffee cuffs will be listed today & tomorrow. My brain is swirling with ideas of an Autumn Preview. Including some old favorites & new surprises. I've started using some of my favorite autumnal prints. How exciting!

Yesterday, I met my new Midwife. She's wonderful. She made me feel more cared for in a 1- hour meeting than any of my previous OBGYN doctors did in years. She was convinced we will get to the bottom of my stomach ailments & was very knowledgeable about a veg diet- which so many people don't really discuss. She also mentioned I need to get back electrolytes.. since I've been sick. So, I high-tailed it to the market and found Vitamin Water on sale & promptly stocked up. It feels good to have someone in your corner who cares.

I started rereading my Mary Engelbreit/ Home Companion magazines for August, September & October. They are the only magazines I save, along with Vegetarian Times. I group them by season. I love going over every article, especially the home decor and artist pieces. They've covered some amazingly inspiring people and places. Flipping through instantly puts me in a positive & crafty mind frame. Gotta love that!

be well ~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New To the Shop

Two Tree Coffee Cuff, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Quick little post.
New cuffs in the shop!

Fabric Update- my haul at the Walmart Fabric Center wasn't as low as I had thought. They had been marked back up to 50%, but I was still able to get some great flannel & a few other remnants.
Have a great weekend~

Friday, July 25, 2008

Apple Tree on a Hand me Down jacket

I received this jacket from my SIL. Not sure which of neices or nephew wore it- but I think I shaped it into my own little piece, so our baby can proudly wear it. I have to say it was in very good shape, I just wanted to put a little spin on it. I also embroidered a very simple uppercase "H". After seeing that Zach realized the name I had chosen. Now we're working on middles.

Yesterday I spent all day,cutting,ironing,pining and sewing little squares. I don't think my quilt will be traditional, but I am happy with all of the blocks/squares I've created.

Last night our phone went kerplunk and there was no going back. Walmart being the closest, we trudged there to get a new one. I

n the midst of traveling around the store, I noticed a huge line in their fabrics dept. It seems they are either making room for fall/holiday inventory or they are liquidating all fabrics to use the space for something else. Either way everything is 75% off. I grabbed 2 rolls of flannel in lavender and sage for the blanket backing, the washcloths, bibs,changing mats I wanna start making. But the line was so long and of course one person was working who at the moment was walking away saying her scanner wasn't working and there were 6 people ahead of me who all had at least 5 bolts each. So I put the flannel down and vowed to go back first thing today.

I'll let you know how that goes! Have a great Friday & Happy Weekend

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trying Something New

So I've psyched myself up. I've cleared the kitchen table, I have a pot of coffee (decaf) going, I'm gathering my fabrics and I've chosen which Harry Potter on cd to start listening to, oh and the baby is kicking! Apparently she knows that I need a little encouragement and that is her showing her mom support!

I'm starting my first quilt. Nothing very big. Perhaps it will jut be a wall hanging, not even lined. This will be my first real attempt and I know if I start off with huge asperations, I may get tired, bored or frustrated and give up. I don't want that to happen, so Baby Steps as Bob would say.

I'm armed with a copy of Very Crazy Patchwork, which is a lovely book for a novice like myself. It also has more involved projects. Wish Me Luck!

I made some chocolate chip- oatmeal cookies yesterday, that are pretty delicious. For dinner I may try a soup or fire up the rice cooker. I'd love to make some steel cut oats in the slow cooker, but I've had terrible luck with that. The idea of going to bed with the delicious smell of oatmeal cooking is so lovely, but it always ends up burnt. Even when I follow a recipe to the T! If anyone has a fool proof recipe- let me know!

Well I am off! I hope I have something productive to share tomorrow.
Burn Notice is on tonight- just sayin!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Haircuts, Onesies & Baby Kicks

Last night I decided to go with my inner Shear Genius vibe and cut my hair into a little bob. I've always been able to do this, just go for it, grab my scissors and cut. Like Tim Gunn- I make it work. OK enough Bravo references- my husband's ears are probably ringing (he works at Bravo). But for reals, at this time of year I just needed the hair off my neck- besides I was just wearing it in a pony tail- so what really is the point?!
It is a little flapperish- which I adore.

Saturday I went crazy with creating new onesies, here are a few shots of our new merch for babes in the shop.

I just think the squawking bird is hysterical!

Last night, during my night time snack (which was a vanilla soy pudding by Cozy Shack- Yes, they make soy pudding!!!) I noticed a little butterfly feeling in my tummy. When I actually realized it was the baby moving! I lifted my shirt and actually saw my stomach moving! The baby was kicking- which felt more like a butterfly, which is just a sweet feeling. Zach was on his way home, so I called my mom at 11pm to tell her my news. It was pretty exciting and now I'm anticipating & waiting for more- come on baby!

We have new onesies
in our shop- check them out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vanilla Lemonade recipe from Emily of the Black Apple

I made it and it was delicious!

A NEw Kid

Mod Bunny Onesie, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This little bunny is kinda the New Kid on the Hobo Trail.. I created it a few months back on a coffee cuff that was sold as quick as I could list it. So Saturday, I decided to bring this little guy back. Maybe he's the baby incarnation of Snuggle Bunny?!

Heat Wave round here lately. I've been trying to stay cool with fans ( some air conditioning) and cold wash cloths tied around my neck.

Z hung my shelf up in my nook yesterday. I've already adorned it with a few storage boxes, my Frozen Charlotte, Hello Kitty, Fafi dolls & Ruby Gloom.

This weekend we also started putting the baby nook together. The shelf was hung above the changing table. I added a cute felt mobile from Ikea, our stuffed animals old & new and some of my favorite pieces of art. We also added a lovely owl mobile to our already woodsey bathroom!

What fun! Today a quick trip to the post and market for some lemons & other goodness. I wanna try The Black Apple's Vanilla Lemonade to keep cool. I'm also reading a great cookbook, called Easy Everyday Vegetarian . It has some of the best recipes and the ones with cheese can be easily adapted. I should just buy this book. At this point the library copy ( I'm embarassed to admit) has cooking stains on a few of the pages.. and I know they're from me!
So, despite the weather I might venture onto cooking a chili or a lentil stew. Hope you have a great Monday!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hobocamp Has a new Banner

Crafty pirate Zach created this awesome banner for me. He's great xo

I have some new coffee cuffs in the Shoppe check them out! New onesies to be listed tomorrow!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spider Bites & Sunrises

So I think I've been bitten by a spider. We have an overwhelming amount here. I'd rather them, then something else. We try to be civil- but apparently someone was upset. Now I have a small welt above my ankle. I used some Merry Hempster's salve on it, which despite being from college (say around 2000) it still seems to deliver a soothing effect.(Note to Self: Must purchase newer salve for when baby arrives)

Here is my new inspiration board. I'm still searching for that cuter than life paw print fabric.

Up around 5 am, I watched the sunrise from my window while eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, organic strawberries & soy. Now Jasper is on the arm of the couch next to me enjoying our quiet, little space. ( Although the neighbor tends to vacuum at 7:30 am! for reals!)

Last night we watched Project Runway, of course. I must say the tan, sort of surfer guy, might be my least favorite- but then again there is Suede who comes in close second. The people don't seem to have the same pizazz the other designers had. I'm sure I am just coming off a
Christian Siriano
of some sort. Maybe I'll snap out of it.

Yesterday morning, after dropping Z off at the train I stopped on the side of the road for this lovely lady:

A Samsonite hard case, large suitcase in bright red! It is in pretty good condition, except for a little of the lining coming undone. I plan to utilize it in the bedroom, for all of the baby clothes that are sizes 18 months & up. It will be nestled on top of our closet. I'm so proud of it!

In other news, here are some sneak peeks into my latest coffee cuffs

and here are some- WIP pieces

I just love the chalkboard color mixed with the bright, fruity fabric!
Hope you're having a great day! Happy Thursday
Little Hobos!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Things Are Here~

20 Weeks, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

The weather is getting hotter & hotter. Tomorrow there is a lot of chatter about a seriously hot day. Cool drinks are much needed when the wether is hot. They're fun to make, look pretty and actually keep you cool all day. (assuming your sippin' all day)

After finding out about some health issues posed by drinking decaf coffee as well as reading about the process of extracting the caffeine, I've been looking for alternatives. I found Teeccino, which is an herbal blend of caffeine free coffee. I also read in the book Raising Baby Green > By Dr. Alan Greene that the healthy extracting process is called The Swiss Water process. Many coffee companies from Starbucks- Seattle's Best offer decaf coffee made from this process, which is great!

One of my favorite things to drink is iced coffee, if you didn't pick up on where I was going. I've found one of the best ways to do this is make a tray of coffee-infused ice cubes. That way when they start to melt the flavor doesn't go away- it actually increases! But of course lemonade, made fresh is always one of the most refreshing drinks.. I'll have to look into making my own soon.

In other worldly subjects, I believe I need to give up cheese, again. I met with my Gastro Doc and well- just like I had suspected.. the dairy issue has returned! I wish all cheese-based dishes a sad goodbye.

This shot is of my belly at 20 weeks. If I was correct when I gave them my weight, I've gained 21 pounds! Um yeah. Luckily I don't feel too big. Although we need to get our bed put together, because it gets more & more difficult to roll outta bed everyday!

My crafty plan for today is to cut out a bunch of fleece coffee sleeves. Sketch & cut a couple of appliques, to add to some hand-me-down baby clothing- to refresh them and the list goes on. Is it crazy to be thinking about the holidays? Oh don't forget the new Project Runway starts tonight! yay xo
Have a great day hobos!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday's Organizing Brigade

Ok, so there isn't exactly a brigade- unless you count me and the baby in my tummy.. cause the cats aren't much help. For the most part the apt. is settled, but we have pockets of unorganized mess. So today at least for an hour, I am going to try and whip those pockets into shape. Our bookshelf (Expedit) is up and in full effect! Dividing my little space, housing our Harry Potters and other cuteness.

Yesterday I took some shots of two of my latest coffee cuffs- which will be in my shop today.
The first one was made from a heavy duty canvas/furniture fabric with various ribbons stitched on. The second is made from a vintage white fabric with raised soft-velvety green polka dots. I then put some fun carrot fabric over it with a handmade gingham in yellow fabric button.
Too cute! They'll be here Cuteness and Then Some!.

On another note, I'm going to meet with a Maternity Consultant at the local hospital. I'm not very happy with the way my OBGYN experience is actually going.
After watching The Business of Being Born- I realized that I didn't have to be uncomfortable, which has been the way I am feeling. It took watching this movie and a family friend casually asking me if I had a midwife- before I realized there were other options. I went to school for Women's Studies and to be honest at the time they didn't really get into too much about hospital birth Vs. midwifery. Right now I see a slew of different Docs who are partners. I never really see the same one twice and feel no connection to them, nor do I even know who would deliver my babe. So, tomorrow I'll research other options. I'll be sure to share them! But check out the movie- it was pretty amazing!

Well one of my favorite events is this week... not so much of an event as it is a civil duty.. you know- the new season of Project Runway! I'm pretty excited! I've also gotten addicted to Flippin Out- which is funny to admit. But while Z is on his weekly conference call- I look to Bravo to keep me company.

Hope you're all well

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Nest Building

The strawberries were from a local grocery/garden shop in Oneonta. They were local & delicious! We enjoyed them on the 4th of July. Which reminds me, next weekend I need to make time to visit our Farmer's Market. When I first lived in this town, I could walk to the market every Saturday and usually did. But weekends fill up and before you know it you've forgotten to stop. But I am going to make it a point to stop next Saturday. Enjoy the local flavor and the wonderful bluegrass band that usually plays.

We had a fruitful trip to Ikea and now our Expedit bookshelf is in our living room dividing the space for my studio nook. It is filled with Zach's Mego figures, some jars of buttons,Scraparellas and of course our Harry Potter busts that adorn the top. Zach and I are kids at heart- but I think it will make for a fun apartment to raise a child. The kitchen is falling into place and I have since set up my Strawberry Shortcake pieces on top of a small closet my parents gave us. The vibe is semi-retro, the color- red, black & white.

Friday mom & dad met me at Babies R Us to add a few things to my registry. How confusing!! I've been researching everything from cribs-car seats and I still don't know where to begin.I just want to make sure I am doing the most research possible to make a truly informed decision- but it is kinda overwhelming because there are so many options. So I mostly added basic items, like onesies,blankets,crib gear and other accessories. There is something about using a gun and adding things to the magical registry- that is full filling in a shopping way,yet also keeps your wallet intact.

Curtains were hung in our bedroom. We went with a Martha Stewart green stripe. Zach also hung a small lamp from our ceiling. The shade is a square rice paper in cream. Today we'll put the bed together. It is a simple frame in a silver-metal. We decided to go with the more streamlined- basic frame. I'll be able to hang my vintage quilt from the headboard- which is a nice added bonus.

Since Jasper got me up at 4:30 along with clodhoppers upstairs, I was able to see the last few minutes of the sun rising. The cats both watched with me. Hermione by her window Jazzy on the arm of the couch. At some point today a matinee for Hellboy is in our future. Hope you're having a great weekend. Stay Cool!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Time to Boogie!

I feel like so much is happening, yet everything is standing still. Does that make any sense? I've been down with a stomach bug of sorts for about a week. I'm trying not to let it keep me down.

This screen pic is from the awesome blog Vintage Indie, they graciously featured two of my coffee cuffs today. Check them out!

Yesterday was my 19 week sonogram. All went well ( although I had to drink 32 ounces of water and couldn't use the restroom- which was torture)- finding out who we are cooking in my belly was ALL worth it. Of course it is 90% positive- we're having a LITTLE GIRL!! We couldn't be happier. The names are just flowing and I am just trying to write them all down so I don't forget. We want something old fashioney and unique. Being named "Melissa" sort of took away from being special when there were 7 others in every class!

After the sonogram, mom and I went to have breakfast- (actually my second breakfast - apparently my child is now a Hobbit and we need to eat numerous breakfast meals). Mom & and highly recommend Ikea's new breakfast options. The home fries were yummy and the French toast sticks were outta this world! Only I could have had 2 servings- they only give you 3 per serving.

I picked up an adorable mobile made of felt , some wooden picture frames to paint and some cushions for the kitchen chairs. I was staking things out for our upcoming weekend trip. Maybe I can convince the hubbie to take me back for B-fast & more French toast yumminess.

Things in the creating department for Hobocamp have been slow. I have been doing a bit more nesting and working on home/baby projects. But I plan this Friday to spend the day crafting up new pieces for the shop. So there will be some new summery coffee cuffs which can also be used to keep your hands dry on iced cups!

Have a great day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

the enlightened hula girl

No place like home, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Up front- I'll say I only liked these words together for a non- boring title and by no means do they have any significance.

However, with that said we did have dinner and spend our evening with Zach's sister's family- who live in Hawaii. We strolled around 42nd street ate at a lovely Italian place called Azalea and people watched from the corners. It was my first time being in NYC since I became pregnant. I must now have baby-vision b/c everywhere I look their are teams of preggos. There was also a nice man who gave me his seat on the subway- so much for wondering" Do I look pregnant?"

Thursday- Saturday we spent in Oneonta with my family. Cooking out, chatting and laughing at the silliness of little kids. I had a really nice time. Everything clicked. The food was great and things ran smoothly. Although the beds are a little uncomfy- the gorgeous bathroom my brother just installed- made up for all that. I can now say I've taken a bubble bath in Oneonta. On our way out of town we hit the local Sal's. Zach scored some great shirts and I found some adorable onesies and such.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging up towel racks, picture frames and shopping for food at the market- our first actual " big shop" for the new place.

Now Monday is here. I am visiting at my parent's house, washing all of the baby clothing I have recieved and sorting it. With hopes, this Wednesday at my sonogram we'll find out who we are cooking in this tummy of mine!

With luck when I return home today- there will be a new air conditioner, new back door, new closet doors and a new step installed in our place. I just hope the kitties behave!
Have a great Monday

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here Comes Big Shoes...

So while I have rice in the rice cooker and fresh spinach steaming on top, I thought I'd take a minute to introduce you to my new neighbors who live above.

Yes, they wear big shoes.. possibly shoes very similar to these- for what other shoes would make such a loud noise every time they scuttle (is that a word?) - scuttle around the apartment? I'm convinced that the two elderly adults above us- never covered their floor with carpets as the lease told them to- in order for them to do their clodhopper's jig all hours of the night in whatever heavy-heeled shoes the prefer. Believe me, what sounds like utter complaining is actual awe and kinda relief that we are not hearing a TV blasting. You never know as a renter, while lies above- below or next to. The next door neighbor is a whole other post!

Either way we are S E T T L I N G in. I've hung a few of Zach's paintings and one of mine. And we may even get to IKEA next week to order our mattress and other lovlies. YAY! no sleeping on the bed on the floor! (we gave our bed frame away)-

In other events, on my mall stint I fell into Payless. Yes- I did say fall. They were having a BOGO sale and oh how I love to save a dollar! From my reciept I saved $10! I'll share the photos tomorrow.

Sassy Yellow & Black

Macro- Custom Order Clutch, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a macro shot of a custom order I've been working on. I am really happy with the way it came out- I hope the new owner is too. You never know- when you're creating a custom order. The person is entrusting you to use your crafty psychic vibes to figure out what they want.

After some much stunting time- I'm starting to put craft supplies , fabric and my nik naks in their cozy little places. I reworked my universe board- and I'm much happier with the outcome.

We're going up to Oneonta for a little getaway w/ my family. Thursday-Saturday. My brother has a little cabin up there. I love the area. The little strip has a great coffee shop with free WIFI and a great Salvation Army. We try to go up at least once a year. We might even try to go up again later in the year before baby comes. So I have the kitchen floor littered with reusable totes full of snackies and other treats to bring up for the 4th.

I'm meeting a friend at the mall in our area today. They use to have a humungo Joann's which was always a great place to stop in and check sales. But alas it went out of business. We'll probably do some window shopping and grab a coffee and I need to mail out some orders.

I'm hoping the outfit I'm wearing isn't too much for a preggo. I asked Z before I left the house. He usually is honest- but aid I looked cute. I'll have to take a pic and show you all later. I'm running out of clothes!

Have a great day and stay crafty!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting It All Together

Vintage Thread, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Has been something- I don't know if I can Do! Our boxes- technically are dwindling down. I have given away 3 boxes of Goodwill since I've moved in and I have another box almost full.

Yet the part of organizing and putting together that I most looked forward to ( my studio nook) has turned into a messy- stunted project of sorts. I started using some of my favorite fabrics and framing them in embroidery hoops. Then one of the hoops fell down the side of the desk- which we can't reach. Next my board- so psyched to receive the clothespins from QueenVanna- and then I couldn't find the fabric to match- that I had previously found. ( Note: Always buy it when you see it- chances are, if you think it is fab- so will everyone else!) What a complainer! I know. Hermione is giving me a look like- oh please ma!

So, I thought I'd just let you in on my little secret- just like writers have blocks- perhaps I've reached a crafty decorating block. I think the next post shall be about inspiration and some of my favorite studios.

Till then-