Thursday, October 29, 2009

checking in

The weather this fall has amazed me. Pouring rain for two days straight- now we have a sunny day, with a yard full of golden yellow leaves. gorgeous.

Hermione, our first kitty has been going through something, I took her to the vet and it appears the spell of fleas we had during the summer- must have affected her and she seems to have developed an allergy of sorts. She is nibbling her little, skinny legs down to the bone. She's now on antibiotics and received a shot of cortisone for the itchy & inflammation. So when I see her in peace, sitting next to me- basking in the sun, I'm grateful for us both. A cat, that when we met her at the shelter they were calling "Angel" yet telling everyone she was "vicious" intrigued us. We didn't want a kitten, we wanted the runt- who was a little older (3 at the time) and possibly in need of real love. She is still a very shy kitty and scares easily- but the love she shares when cuddling up can warm the coldest heart. She's even gotten over that slight scratch/bite people thing.

Then there is this girl...

I can't even believe a year has almost gone by. Another holiday season beginning. Halloween starts it all off for me. I'm very excited to get dressed up- in whatever random-fun I can find and take Hazel around the neighborhood. My brother & sister-in-law and nieces & nephew- we'll also drag my parents out too. Still figuring out what Hazel is going as, Zach calls her a mischief fairy- which is very appropriate.

So much to do- 4+ knitting projects in baskets around the apartment- gifts to be finished- 3 December birthdays, including Hazel's first. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

decisions lead to more decisions

(the Hudson River in fall)

When it comes to certain things- I have my decided view point and am usually willing to sway when I hear more details or ahem facts. But on the whole I can be very indecisive. That is why I've been talking about getting a bread machine for a bazillion years now and am yet to get it. Well after reading several Gluten-free blogs over & over some pro bread machine- others not.. I decided to go without. I guess I have always been afraid of bread making and baking in general because the proportions have to be exactly right.. or something tastes funny or doesn't rise etc. I also don't have the right tools.

With the thought of going gluten-free I decided instead of spending money on a $100+ bread machine, I would look for the supplies to bake my own bread from hand- still using a mix- at least for now. So I scoured the web searching for a somewhat comprehensive, realistic list of tools I might need, The Kitchn
had just the thing. So today I am going to try and gather these tools be it new or old.

A quick trip to the fabric shop this weekend landed me with a gorgeous 3 yrds of Heidi Grace mini damask for $1.00 a yard! I bought what was left on the bolt. I want to use this to make Hazel a little jumper and myself a skirt for Thanksgiving.We'll see how it goes.

Here are two of my vintage winter hats I've been sporting.

(a few weekends ago, Zach had a cold and we were trying to find our winter clothing- in tubs in our shed. The shed my parents so graciouslly bought us since our clothes runneth over.)

Have a cozy Monday!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the days in photos

So the rummage sale did not let me down. The first day, I scored a bunch of beautiful & useful items and Saturday I dragged Zach back for more. It amazes me how I can go over a place with a fine-toothed comb the first day- yet when I go back there are gems I've missed!

A couple of vintage berets, a wool skirt, some wool sweaters for felting and upcycling. A pair of jeans that a perfect for roaming around town-running errands or working in the yard with leaves.

Some vintage tablecloths

Some cotton longjohns- which is perfect- I've been looking & trying to collect these!

The haul- the first day!

The last of our nursing. Hazel woke around 1 ish and Zach took a few shots in the dim light of our last nursing session. I've been dealing with it. Hazel has been a true champ and is much enjoying her bottles. This kid has an amazing spirit. She's very much a go-with-the-flow, easy going babe. Maybe her mama should take a few tips from her!

Still trying to have hope this new medicine works. But I am very skeptical as I'm sick every morning for at least 1-2 hours. The weekend is here and so is the rain. Got some light sewing in last night. Made Hazel her witch's tutu for Halloween as well as added some tulle to a new dress for an upcoming wedding. Running to the market,maybe bake some spiced muffins- defenitely drinking hot cocoa and cuddling. Then there is our new obsession,Fringe. Zach brought home the first season and I'm hooked!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corn, Dreams and Tutus

On the eve of my favorite rummage sale, my heart is full of a hopeful mound of vintage aprons... a bag of unfinished patchwork pieces.. a pile of quilts... a table full of perfect-sized kids clothing..a box full of wool sweaters and some other timeless,vintage goodness. The plan as always is to get in, with our own bags and fill fill fill. Then we decide what we want and need- begin to empty the bag and again search for the little things. We usually go back on Saturday to see what is left- what was lurking under the huge mounds of clothing and so Zach can check out the toy boxes.

I have sort of put the shop on a few week hiatus- nothing very specific, just trying to find time to make things for our family and home. After finding the blog
The Progressive Pioneer , I was totally inspired by the sweater pants she made. So last night I cut right into an older J.Crew, wool sweater in a mustard seed. The sleeves puffed and it had a small opening in the back... gorgeous in it's day but I've had it for 7+ years and I think it was time to find a new use. Soon Hazel's little tush will be toasty for the winter.

Another project, a no-sew tutu is simple but very cute and versatile featured in this month's issue of Family Fun. They didn't have it on their website, but I found an equally easy design on the blog
Mommy Blessings. This design makes use of a pretty ribbon to tie the tutu on at any size, making it versatile for any age.

In other subjects, I'm wearing a bag of frozen corn in my bra- to help ease engorgement from weaning. Day 2 of Lialda and I feel good and was able to take Hazel to story time and run some errands, it felt great. I really felt very good today. I have been aware of what I miss when I'm dealing with a flare and I'm truly grateful for the calm moments.

I already started Holiday shopping for the kids, which are really all we're getting for this year- aside from a few grand-parental gifts. Long johns for the kids and each a handmade something. Legwarmers hopefully for some. A little sweatshirt for Hazel, I just ironed the patch on and then chaotically sewed over it. I'm pleased with it.

Off to bed, going to dream of all the goodies I might find!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Living in Hoboland

I'm so happy fall is here. I don't know if I've mentioned that. In the last few weeks I've been in blog lala land (I can't believe it has been so long) I have been trying to calm my tummy and watch as our Hazel grows like a weed and gets into everything.

We are currently taking part in a sad state of affairs, called weaning little Hazel. It isn't a real choice as it is more of a necessity. Since being diagnosed with Colitis, the doctor told me I need to take medication. A medication that isn't recommended for nursing or pregnant mamas. I've tried alternative options and nothing is working. So to help myself and to be a better mother ( one that isn't stuck in the ladies room all day) I need to try this. I feel like an emotional mess, wondering if it will affect Hazel (although everyone says no)- perhaps I am the one who is really having the issue. Hazel has always taken bottles, sippy cups,breast milk or formula. So we are really lucky. She also loves eating (accept blueberries- whoops my fault). Parsnips,kale,squash,rice & beans, tomato,potato,pumpkin,peas,quinoa,just to name a few. Tonight she had her first bowl of soup along with bread and butter. This past weekend her first taste of baba ganoush. This little girl grows into a silly,giggly,happy elf more each day. Well on her way to taking that first step any day now.

Hobocamp is quiet and slow. Ideas race through my head for the holidays- before you know it those days will be among us. My sewing table again is covered with projects needing a quick sew or a full spell of the machine. But I've started collecting leaves and dreaming of ways to stay warm in our cozy bedroom with no heat. The bed looks like the princess & the pea, covered in patchwork quilt after quilt. Hazel has started co-sleeping. I was afraid before as she was just so tiny, but now she rules the roost and I welcome any sleepy cuddles or scratches for that matter. Concerned about the fire retardant used in most children's sleepwear, I've been looking for thermals that have no chemicals, to wear under one pieces of natural cotton. My mother told me her mama would put them in long vests or sweaters with no sleeves to sleep in over their night clothes. Wool is so toasty.. so I made one for Hazel out of a sweater of my own. It just needs a few stitches. Stay inspired and enjoy the season!