Thursday, January 28, 2010

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

So I don't know if I ever shared with you my obsession for all things Carol Burnett? I've always loved her and grew up watching her shows & movies. Especially Annie. While I was working as a CRM (community relations manager) at a little Barnes & Noble, often I would read at story time. I am a pretty shy and awkward person (in case you didn't know) and I was terrified to read allowed even to toddlers. Aside from a slight mix up where I said "rump" instead of "romp" it was a pretty positive experience. I also learned there will always be a mama with a latte who doesn't watch her child and lets said child mall the storyteller. Anywhoo back to the story at hand.. One day when I was reading to the kids, this older woman came by and randomly shouted " You Look just like Carol Burnett!". I stopped reading and everyone was silent. One of the mothers in the group then added, " Yes, you do- a younger one of course."

The last month I have been in a flare and the urge to stay in my yoga pants with heating pads strapped to every body part is very strong. But then I realized- I usually feel better when I look better. So today is the beginning of The Get Dressed Intuitive. I promise to get dressed every morning- regardless of how I am feeling. Hence the You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile. Somehow it all came together for me. With that, I give you a picture of me dressed and a picture of my heroine, Carol.

See a similarity?!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

gnome nifty pixie cap by hobocamp

This cap is finally in our shop! This is a super soft,vegan, recycled sweater. I pre-washed everything with an eco friendly wash then line dried. Working on finishing touches on some other hats. Maybe this week!

An Easy Recipe

baby chai, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So although the weather doesn't seem to be as bad as it was last year so far, when we go out walking it gets pretty frosty. The other day after our walk, I made myself a chai to warm my bones. I used liquid mix from Oregon Chai mixed with soy milk.

For Hazel's Baby Chai:

I warmed about 1 c. of organic whole milk (use whatever milk you'd like)

a sprinkle of cinnamon

1/4 tsp of agave nectar

Then frothed the milk with my fantastic Ikea $1.99 milk frother. Next time I might opt out on the agave nectar, because she seemed to enjoy it a little too much. Hazel doesn't get many sweets in our house. This is the perfect warm-your-bones treat and she totally loved it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

early bird special

Zach left for work earlier this morning, he had some thing to catch up on. So I too started my day early- feeling pretty good as I have already taken my meds and went to bed at a reasonable time 2 nights in a row.

The wind is howling and Hazel is still asleep in our bed for the moment. Z came back with a large amount of pictures from house hunting. Some were the stuff that nightmares are made of. See many of the houses we are looking at are either fixer-uppers or foreclosed, so I guess we need to expect this. Out of the 4 he saw 1 was livable it seems. Yesterday during a good belly moment we loaded Hazel into the car and we drove around the neighborhood over from us looking at a few prospective homes. I am really torn. For awhile I was thinking-we'll move up towards Putnam County- no problem, I don't mind driving to visit family & friends. Then it hit me, my digestive issues are not yet in remission, I don't want to add another hour onto Zach's commute.. so some soul searching and pro/con lists are being created. I'll get back to you on that.

In unrelated News... a few pictures of the Nifty Pixie Hat I made for H and a matching one for mama. I am working on the ties- because the fleece is very inexpensive ( I was trying to save the nice fleece for products I will sell) so this fleece stretches and isn't quite working when I try to tightly secure these hats. Live & learn! Experiments are fun! So I will grab my little seam ripper and add some new ties for us both.

Hazel in the gorgeous sweater I made us each a hat from. I would have worn the sweater, but it just looked funny one me.

This is a hat based on a vintage party hat as well as my creature hats. The fleece ruffling is sweet mixed with a vegan-wool & cashmere-feeling recycled sweater.

Excuse the large forehead shots- this is really for a teen or younger.

Last, the Nifty Pixie Gnome- this one is also a vegan.

In other unrelated News, a reason why I love my husband and his job? A 30Rock DVD set. We spent a good hour or 2 watching 30 Rock last night and it reminded me that laughter does so much for the body. It makes you happier it can help illness if even just for the silly moment. Let me be healed by Liz Lemon!! xo

P.S. I am determined to get a new cap in the shop today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

a home

home is where the heart is, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

It is true- your home really is where ever you make it and whatever you make of it. We started our search to find our little home on Monday and had plans for today as well. Of course that meant my colitis would rear it's ugly head and get me up at 2- without an end in site, I took Imodium and set up camp on the couch. Jasper asleep behind me on the back of the couch like the good old days. I finally fell asleep around 5 am. I knew there was no real way I could make it to 5 or 6 houses and be ready by 10am, so I sent Zach notebook & camera in hand.. to do the dirty work of finding us a home.

Out of the 3 we did see on Monday, the first one I liked and could picture us there and already have. In my mind I've decorated the living room and renovated the kitchen. Funny how our minds work. It isn't that we are not enjoying our stay with my parents, it is just as a new family we need to have our own little space. For Hazel to grow and a place where we can host play dates and dinner parties.. a place to hang our hats and grow our own food and bask in the sun and a bathroom that isn't shared with 3 other adults! It is easy when you need something to feel desperate about it and jump at the first one, but I am trying hard to hold my tongue and not jump.

The sun is coming in through the kitchen window and I am feel decent. The babe is asleep, I am sipping a chai and thinking about what to make for lunch. Soup? Quiche? I have been so good this week with not spending much money. It feels good and I am finding it a great challenge to try and use all of the food in the freezer and cubboards before we actually shop. Have a great weekend whatever you do!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

quiet doings

detail on peter pan, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Tonight Zach is live blogging the Golden Globes, so I started cutting into some of my more coveted sweaters for making. I have 2 nifty pixie caps for Hazel and I- they just need stitching.

This weekend has been pretty quiet, icy snow today- we ran errands on Saturday & a local one today. Burritos for dinner. My stomach has been on the fritz- tomorrow we may meet with our realtor to see a few houses. We still need to save more money, but I think we need to get into the mix a bit.

It is so daunting and scary. I keep thinking ugh, maybe we should just move back into an apartment- feeling defeated.. but we have this once chance thanks to my parents to save money- more than we would be able to if we were living on our own and I feel we HAVE to take advantage of it. So we will keep plugging along.

Saturday Z ran into get me a chai from a local shop called Tascha, he used my travel mug- so that was good- then tonight I made some chai using my $1.99 foamer from Ikea and fell back in love with home made chai with nutmeg & vanilla.

We picked up a little shopping cart for Hazel to play with. She seems to love it, although she pushes it sideways. Her Scraparella I made her rides in the small front seat. Zach and I debated on getting this for her- will it push her into consumerism? Is it telling her the wrong thing? Then I had to come back and realize it is an item she can use her imagination on and even co-ops have shopping carts! But it is our job to teach her these specific things.

Tuesday a trip to NYC for the Dr. Quiet doings for the next few days. Happy Zach is home for the next 2 days and then he'll go back on Wednesday. I finished James Patterson's The Murder of King Tut this weekend. It was a quick read and interesting. I am hardly a fan of Patterson as this was my first book and maybe my only, but I have always been facinated with the stories of Egypt and would have been an Egyptologist in another life for sure- so I wanted to see what this was all about. I am also reading, Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting By Myla Kabat-zinn, Jon Kabat-zinn . I just want to try to be the best person, partner and parent I can be...sometimes reading helps me feel a little closer to achieving that.

With that stay cozy- think it is time for a warm drink and some kind of toasty treat.xo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teacher's Pet Kisses Up!

One of my newer designs has gotten a little Etsy press. It was featured in an article in Etsy's blog, The Storque. The article, Lean, Green Machine features artists who are crafting from green & recycled materials. This particular cuff isn't crafted from recycled materials- but most of my others are and this fabric is what grabs most people.

Yesterday it was featured in a treasury that made it to the front page! That has only happened 1 other time waay back, so it was a great feeling.

Aside from that hub yesterday, I am trying a new nap-lunch over all sleep schedule with Hazel. We started having some difficulty getting her down for bedtime- when it was suggested I let her play a little after she eats, well this seemed to be a good idea as she only woke around 1am slightly to come into our bed. Then this morning rather than putting her down at 10:30, I stretched it fed her lunch around 11 and she was in bed by 11:45 out. We'll see I am certainly always open to new ideas that will make the transitions through her day easier on us both! Tonight papa Z has a movie, he won't be back till about midnight- so it is just us girls for dinner and this "new" routine. Wish us luck! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

progress makes perfect

Jon Stewart is on so that means we should be in bed. however the diapers are finishing up their prewash cycle and then I'll hang them on our rack. the rack is set up next to the baseboard heating. we don't have heat in our bedroom, so we keep the heat in the next room on- keeping it cozy while we sleep as well as drying our diapers too!

I met a friend for coffee (although it was actually a chai) and some baby fun today. During the winter days, when you don't have your own house to host a play date and you live in the suburbs.. sometimes the mall needs to be used for things other than shopping. So we let our girls run wild around the carpeted 1st floor of our local mall. They giggle, eat snacks and get their run on. I needed to make a return at Target, so I received store credit. With the store credit I purchased a chai (the store has a coffee shop attached) I also used my travel mug. It felt good b/c technically I didn't spend any money. I then used the remaining money on my credit to get a winter coat for H that was $6.48. I got her a size 5T because she has a current coat and one for next year. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a 4T at some point! I also found a calender (%75 off it is one of those helpful Mama ones with pockets & stickers) I had one last year- but didn't put much effort into finding it again. I also grabbed some V-day stickers for Valentines we'll soon be sending, a few birthday cards and a package of Swedish fish for the ride home. I even had 14 cents left on the credit!

When Hazel when down for her nap- be a very small nap indeed, I found time to sew up 6 hats. It is amazing just how fast things go when you prepare the project ahead of time.

just a sneak peek of what is to come ** nighty-night!

Monday, January 11, 2010

NEw BLOg Button!

NEw BLOg Button!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I am happy to report with a little online research and some team work, Zach and I created a sweet little blog button to share with you all! I do hope you will proudly link us to you and let us know, so we can do the same!

In Hoboland, I've been busily designing hats made from recycled-reloved sweaters. I've found a design I really love. I am hoping to have some pictures and actual hats up this week.

On the home front, Hazel is in sponge mode- she learns something or a million things a day, it is quite amazing. On her list of new is pointing to her head, hair, tongue,nose and sometimes ears when asked. She also started saying "baby" and will point to cat and baby in her books. Having never taught anyone before, this is a new experience for me as well. I just want her to learn at her highest potential. She also brings books to us to read to her, which I just love.

Next week I go to NYC for a doctor's visit and I am going prepared with many questions that need answering as well as a game plan for talking to my doctor about my days with colitis. That said- I- we are trying to get into bed earlier. Today was a great day. I got a little yoga in, some crafting, a lot of time with Hazel and some cuddle time with the Mr. I spent no money and feel pretty good about that. xo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 For Wednesday!

So one of my favorite little coffee cuffs was featured in Etsy's blog aka The Storque. The article is called Lean Green Machine today. There is still one of these beauties left and more on the way!
Happy Belated Birthday, Hazel Bug!
check it out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a scruffy start

So from my last few blog posts, you can see I've been under pressure and feeling stressed. When I am stressed out- the best person for me to talk to is my husband, Zach. He just makes me calmer- focus and think things out. He also adds another pov- which is usually always needed.

After my full steam ahead post about not buying anything, I saw that Sock Dreams was having a sale and I promptly spent $8.00 for 2 pair of over-the-knee striped socks. I guess I was pushing too hard and then I pushed myself back- sort of like having a fight with yourself. "He pushed me first", "No, I didn't you pushed me", you get the idea?

Last night Zach didn't get home till about 12:15am. The man left the house around 6:30 to catch the ferry. The ferry was out of commission, so he was driven by bus to Tarrytown. After work he had to go to an 8pm screening, which after travel time- got him in our little home a little after midnight. I waited up, I couldn't go to sleep.

Tonight, we had a mushroom curry for dinner (I should have lied about the apples I added- b/c apples are not Zach's thing and I think it made him un psyched after that) This afternoon Hazel & I had a lovely play date with friends and I thought for sure she would fall asleep like a champ. Instead she cried for 2 hours (we kept going in, took her temp,changed her diaper and put her back down with dolls & blanket too many times to count. But no friends, this kid was not going to sleep. So eventually I just brought her out to play. By leaving her quieter toys, dimming the lights and rubbing her back... again I thought for sure she will be out. Nope. Nadda. Finally Zach had to put her in our bed (where we all reside these days) and resorted to going to sleep with her. (I'm sure after his night he was happy to be in bed by 10.

Our new shop banner- by Zach

We even found out our insurance has changed for the worse- of so much more for the worse, but I am grateful we have insurance.
All and all there are so many things to be grateful for and it is easy to become scruffy and forget them.

Tomorrow is a new day full of promise for positive vibes. Perhaps a walk with the big red wagon. We still have some holiday gifts to deliver around town.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Me

Let's not put too much pressure on myself, right? This last year has been a total whirlwind. Hazel was born on the 2nd of December, so 2009 was the year of the baby and unfortunately the year of my colon. Watching her grow- so far has been amazing. Everyday she learns something new and makes us laugh, while turning into her own little person.

I do believe my colon is still intact, we have a love/hate relationship. My medication has been increased and I am trying to use what little computer time I do have to research everything & anything about colitis. But after a slight breakdown this weekend- due to stress of the holidays,being sick and our house-or lack-there-of I lost it. We are running out of space and right now I am grateful that Hazel's birthday & Christmas are not for another full year- which will give us time to make room for the things we have now.

With all of that said.. like Fawkes, I will rise. (We all know I am a dork, right? OK glad that is settled). So today with the babe down for a nap, Zach out running errands before the snowfall and a fresh mug of hot cocoa I wanted to share a few things.

I am going to start
this project. Although I am really proud of how are family has reduced our footprint, there are still many things I personally need to work on and things as a family we could work to change.

Here are a few of our green initiatives we've accomplished in the last year:
switching from tissues to cloth hankies
switching from our brief roll with disposables to a cloth-wearing babe
leaving the thermostat lower and just layering our clothes
recycling more heavily. There are more- but this is what I think of off the top of my head.

My goal for this month is in 3 parts. One, is to always use a reusable mug at coffee shops. I have them, I even make adorable cuffs to decorate them, I just don't always remember to carry it!

The second is to try and ease up on my consuming of certain fancy soy chai lattes. I can make this drink at home. It is taking up precious time I could be creating- spending quality time with Hazel and not in a car (I usually go to a further one that is a drive-thru.. so not to bother the sleeping babe).

Lastly, if I am not driving to get a chai- I am saving money, gas and lessening my footprint. So it is a win-win. Now I just need to really focus and see that I am buying into a ridiculous habit. I guess because there are so many things I can't eat- I get comfort out of one thing that doesn't bother me and is so widely available. Either way, I know I need to lessen this habit.

As for our family, I spoke with Zach while Hazel quietly listened and we've agreed to try and not buy anything new for a month. Of course food and essentials, but clothing or toys all must be hand-me downs or thrifted (which really is fine b/c I do love a good thrift store). I also will be following the 1 in 1 out theory as well. So watch out!

I hope you will join me on this journey to try and make a change for the earth. One small change is a great idea! Happy New Year!