Friday, October 31, 2008

Show and Tell

::::Here is how I fixed the tag issue on my Carter's clothing::::
Muslin+thread+ fabric marker = this

Yesterday was exactly one month till my *due date*. Forgive me for constantly talking about how I can't believe it. When I say to Zach ( as I hold up a newborn onesie)
"Can you believe we are going to have someone in the house this small?" he says "Yes, I know". I guess he too is scared and excited.. but doesn't vocalize it as much. I've read sometimes men don't bond with the baby till they are born. Whereas I bonded I think before the first kick- at the first sonogram. I think he'll be a great father, he loves playing with toys for starters!

In the craft world- there is someone whose work is so beautiful and inspiring. I regularly read her blog and look at her shop with yearning. With two little ones- she finds the time to make gorgeous quilted goodness. She's having a giveaway- where by linking here it adds me to become a possible JCASA quilt winner! The fabrics she uses are so crisp and pretty. I can only hope one day I'll learn to quilt with such skill! One of my favorites from her new quilt is the tiny pink clothesline fabric- who thinks of this adorable stuff?! I think my favorite colors would be a brown, green and maybe orange together.(thinking fall) I wonder if that could work? Maybe yellow?

Last weekend I mentioned going thrifting and getting some sheets::::

::3 Full- Size Flat Sheets:: One day I hope to make a skirt and maybe a tote and something for Hazel and pillows and, and, and....

We also found this Sesame Street Twin sheet set:::

This is one of the little crafts I made a few years back. It is a Styrofoam cone- covered in fabric and then decorated to look like a holiday tree. I used some tape measure for the bottom trim. I'll be posting a tutorial in the next week or so, along with a scrap garland tutorial. They're both very easy- but I am a visual learner- maybe you are too.

I felt like I needed to take this silly photo- just to have..

:::A little project I started this past week::::

Happy Halloween all you Tricksters~

Maybe next year Hazel can sport this little costume, by Beckaboo!
She has a great shop
full of monsters!

:::I hope you have plans for a wonderful candy coma or a silly costume party or maybe just a horror fest on the couch with your special someone- either way enjoy the moment!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

300 Sales

Yay! We reached our 300th sale this past weekend! So exciting! It has been a long road of handmade goodness.I'm so thankful to all of our beloved customers~

I've been trying to figure out what steps to take for the next few weeks/months for our shop. I hate to get rid of custom orders, but alas I need to. They take a lot of time and effort and I am just not sure what the next year will bring (aside from giggles, cuddling and some dirty diapers). So I think the only option is to freeze our custom orders for now.

The Vagabond Scarves will be in the shop by Friday, October 31st. I urge you to take a gander!Different sizes & colors.

Tonight we'll carve our pumpkins. One from the market- the other from my husband's step-father's garden. At some point today I will be picking up Halloween candy.(what to get- what to get- maybe sending a preggo isn't the best idea!?) This will be the first year we'll actually have some Trick or Treaters! I'm so excited! We also have our costumes to work on for the Halloween party on Saturday. Plus, I need to finish up the birthday girl's gifts and get started on a few coffee cuffs as Thank-You gifts. A lot to do. I'm already feeling out of breath! I've opened most of the windows to entertain the kitties and let the fresh air in. Last night I was very sick, so I'm trying to get a lot done but in a mosey sort of way. No actual time constraints!! For an easy-on-the-tummy dinner I'm making soup.
What are your plans?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Bits of Wednesday

:::They sit like this, in a row on the arm of the couch:::

I've noticed something about myself.. I can not keep a table clear & straight if my life depended on it. I am finding it to be a quite annoying little factoid. Kitchen table::: covered bills, recipes, crock pot- other randomness. Craft table:: fabric, receipts, scissors,pins,business cards,paper,articles,randomness. Coffee table::: remotes, coasters,glass or glasses,camera,bills,computer etc. I have a million baskets and other organizing devices- yet I still have this problem. I think Zach has this problem now too.

Today I'd like to get laundry done.I also need to go get fitted for my dress for my cousin's wedding next, Saturday. Last night I had a dream I went into labor. I guess it is getting close now. I read somewhere that 60% of all births are early.

In other news, I don't know if you've heard about Carter's Clothing Tag Allergies. It seems some of their tag less labels have been causing allergic reactions. Some of their older clothing has it. I know some of my hand-me downs have these and a few other gifts I've received. I am going to cover the tags with a small muslin patch. So I've started going through all of the clothes I have and separating them. All of the recalls scare me. As if the idea of being a first-time parent isn't scary enough!

I hope you have a peaceful day full of non recalls!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Doing

So imagine someone looked up your "Favorites" on Etsy and then sent you a box full of them. This is pretty much what I received Monday afternoon, thanks to Jessica Jane's Crafty Giveaway. That girl knows how to organize an amazing giveaway! Here are some of my new, amazing gifts- from the fabulous Etsy artists.

Forest pillow by Olive, Tree card by twoguitars, pecan pumpkin soap by BubbleVarietyShoppe, caramel apple lip balm by Haunt, House tea towel by LeanneGraeff, tree necklace and bird earrings by ohhellofriend, Rabbit girl brooch by craftyFolk, owl mirror by littlepinkplum, soap sample from mybirch, maple lollipop by vermont maple, and apple jacket by Handamade.

As a youngster (yes I did say that) I always hated Sundays. I'm sorry Sunday-I just dreaded the going to bed early for school. When I got older I hated the getting to bed early for the readying of work the next day. A few years back before I left my NYC job- I made sure I'd buy myself a super huge latte on the corner so I could " deal" with it all. I savored drinking it- through the phone calls and people asking how to use the copier machine. It was a tiny piece of solace. Opening the box full of crafty love felt the same way!

Monday was spent couch crafting- I did a little embroidery and worked on my October & November pages for my baby scrapbook. There are only a few pages left now!

A little something I am working on for the wall next to Hazel's crib. Who knows what she'll look like- I figured I could always go back and add darker eyes or hair!

Jasper and I took a short cat nap on the couch with the window slightly opened.
Today is cold and rainy. I have a huge Ikea bag ( blue reusable) full of needing-to-be-washed baby clothes. I started packing a bag for myself and for Hazel for the hospital. I'm sure I'm over-packing for us both- but I'd rather have more options.
There is still so much to do. I keep emptying the bassinet and the crib of our laundry. Yes, we've started putting clean clothes in both of them! I'm mostly at fault- this morning Z said " he hopes we'll put things away better once baby arrives", I sure hope so.

Regardless of the cold, wet weather I need to make up for yesterday's ill-stomach-couch-fest and run to the market to gather food. Our refrigerator is on the verge of echoing. As it is the light bulb is like a disco ball and we can't seem to get it out. So I am off on a Trader Joe's stint- I'm wearing my new earrings from
ohhellofriend, they just make me feel good and who couldn't use a little extra feel good right now?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Last night Z was super sleepy- the effects of a full- non-stop weekend. Up at 7 on Saturday, on the road by 8. We stopped for chais and made our way to Westerly, RI for our New England Baby Shower. The ride up was beautiful. The leaves have changed into colors that are yet to hit our part of New York.

Since we arrived early- we stopped at one of our favorite haunts, The Blue Mitten Thrift. We had great success with finding some vintage sheets (1 still in package), a cute baby sleeper, a tiny- adorable plant holder and a few other treasures.(Pictures to come)

It was nice to see everyone. The day was very special- filled with well-wishes towards our soon-to-be bundle. We got so many wonderful things at our Westerly shower. There was a beautiful autumnal theme- which my Mother-in-Law & I both love. Butternut ravioli (which my MIL found for me!!), cider, apple crisp- delicious fall treats.

The feelings of becoming a parent are certainly solidifying in my brain and heart now. Zach put together our stroller and seeing that with the car seat- just slightly took my breath away. Happiness and feeling a little overwhelmed. There is just so much to do- to remember- to read- to try. I know we won't always get it right- but I want to try.

35 weeks pregnant. I can't wait to meet this baby of ours. In the mean time- I'll continue our owl loving::::this gem was found behind the tool shed at my in-laws. She's missing a beak.
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Shop Update:::::::::::::::::::::::::
This week I'll be filling the shop with some toasty, Vagabond scarves. Made of vintage fabrics, new & old, upcycled wool, soft fleece, cashmere- you get the picture.

Hope you have a great Monday/Start to the week. Halloween costumes must be started soon! Thanks to all who have stopped by!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Blurb on Scoutie Girl

We started advertising on Scoutie Girl and they gave us a little shout out yesterday. I forgot to mention this in my earlier post.
We're gearing up for the holidays and that means focusing on more traffic through advertisements. If any of you are interested in swapping ads to post on one another's blog for double exposure- shoot me an email!

Baby Quilts, Sleeping Kitties and a Cozy Bed

As the days grow cooler, our bed gets toastier with various quilts and layers making their way to us. We've started the "big push"(to get Jasper but mostly Hermione out from sleeping in our bedroom at night)she has shown much disdain for us. She shows up in the bassinet, in the crib, hiding in the changing table on the rug near the crib and finally on our bed. She's taken to sleeping at the foot of our bed now. But She's so adorable I have a difficult time saying no. These little animals nestle into our hearts and never leave. They're such characters.

Yesterday I experimented with lettuce- it is insoluble fiber, which I need to be careful of. Let's just say I'm not ready for it and spent the day wishing I had never eaten it! Needless to say last night was spent doing "couch crafts"- I started a new embroidered scene for Hazel's wall. I recently found Jenny Hart's Stitch It Kit, which I had purchased forever ago and never got a chance to use. So I ironed out a little banner and I'm stitching Hazel's name in it. This kind of handmade work- relaxes me like nothing else. I finally found the right case to put my floss in. I'm using a vintage purse/lunch case to keep all my needles & floss semi-organized.

Here are a few pictures of the new quilt I made for Hazel

The inside is an older small baby blanket handed-down. Flannel on both sides and some of my favorite fabrics along with recycled t-shirts I've been saving. I don't know the traditional, "real" way to quilt that you see everywhere, but I like how my pieces turn out.
Tomorrow is our baby shower in Rhode Island. We haven't been there since August.I'm so excited to see everyone. I've mentioned before how much I enjoy going up there. The forecast says rain, but hopefully it will hold out to have a little gathering outside.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay cozy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thrifting and Vagabonds

Wednesday I was getting the thrift itch, so I went to a little shop that usually has some great little treasures.
I fell in love with this handmade, vintage dress. It didn't have a size on it, but at some point it will fit our babe. I also found some sweet yellow polka dot fabric and vintage linen, along with a super cute vintage tote. The tote is perfect for carrying around fall knitting and embroidery projects.

This vintage appliance cozy was $2.00.. I just love it! Plus it fits over the like-new food processor my mom just gave us.

Some days I feel like I might be an 85 year-old woman. New aches & pains everyday. Last night I started getting a terrible shoulder pain in both shoulders. Possibly from sewing, I guess I'm not entirely aware of my whole body during my sewing, just mostly my stomach these days. So I went to bed earlyish and slept for a few hours with a lavender shoulder pad on. I got up around 2:45am after lying awake and trying to will away my pain. There is something soothing about these wee hours of the morning/night.

Instead of trying to sleep on the couch, I started alternating the shoulder pads and went to work in the studio. A definite plus to have a workspace in our home. I created a few hang tags for the new Vagabond scarves. As well as started pinning a bunch together. Small assembly line work can be monotonous, but makes the sewing go so much faster.

I'm happy with the colors and how this first one of the season turned out. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Brain Tuesday

When I heard about the common term " baby brain" I thought- yeah okay that has to be some lame excuse pregnant women use when they forget your birthday or burn the Tofurkey. But I can say I am now a believer!

2 weeks ago I made an appt with my midwife- I wrote it down and everything. So this morning when started drinking the nasty-orange fructose drink (so they could check my sugar level) I thought I was right on target. I was had it been Wednesday! When I arrived they told me my appointment was for tomorrow. I felt like I needed that forehead smack for not drinking a V-8! Doh! Plus I must have written it down wrong too! I can't be trusted.

Yesterday I washed the rummage sale bedspread and you'll be happy to know it fits the bed and only had one minor stain. The cats seem to enjoy it too. Probably 50 + years ago, my Mother's Mother, Mary worked in a chenille factory. My grandmother didn't have a lot of money- she was a single mom, raising 3 young girls. But my mom tells me they all had lovely chenille bedspreads and robes. I guess she got them from the factory. What a nice, cozy thought. My own mother several years back bought me a lovely purple chenille robe (which has since fallen into disrepair) before I got rid of it I cut it up and saved pieces of it. They were very worn and hardly soft like chenille- but I made a square for Hazel's blanket just a little something to tie Hazel to her Great Grandmother.

The article I was in about a month back for Rockland Magazine was picked up by the Journal News, a local paper. So I got a call from my Mom as many email inquiries about upcoming events. I had no clue! Thankfully other people read the local paper. I made it above the fold too!

In other crafty news, I added some vintage lace (in baby blue) along with a cute little gnome centerfold to my recently rummaged skirt. I love how it came out. Hopefully I'll be able to sport it during the winter. I need to find some preggo tights.. I wonder if such a thing exists- beyond support hose?

With my skirt finished, the bedspread washed & being used- I'm just trying to find a place for all of the other treasures we've acquired over the last weekend. The aprons are the main thing I'm having a challenge with. I'd love to display them- but I have so many at this point.. I'll have to brainstorm.

I've started working on making more scarves- similar to

this. I call it the Vagabond scarf and it was a hit in our shop last year. So I've started cutting some green fleece and hopefully I'll have a few ready for an update next week.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Three Brownie Day

Using my new bowl and my Trick or Treat mug I ate 2 more brownies after lunch. I had one before lunch too! One for me, one for Hazel, one for me...

This morning I ran errands like, the post- the library- and getting some key fabrics for our Halloween costumes. One of my BFF is turning 30 and her B-day is so very close to Halloween- so she's having a costume party. At first I must admit, the idea of being 30 pounds heavier and finding a costume was not exciting. I didn't want to be one of the cliches like a pregnant nun or a basketball.. besides I want my belly covered! So after seeing the cutest little girl ever- belonging to this lady I decided to go with Eleanore and be a bumblebee!
Zach wasn't sure what to be- I think I may have talked him into being a piece of candy corn (seeing as he eats so many) I thought it appropriate.
We've been having some weird computer problems- so forgive me for not uploading my current projects and a few other goodies.
Have a great day! Stay Cozy~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three Weeks In Review

Three Weeks In Review, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Some of our doings in the last few weeks. Today I am 34 weeks- which seems unreal. Thursday I went to my first of two Breastfeeding classes. I really like the instructor. I'm really nervous about getting it all straight- I just hope baby Hazel and I can be on the same vibe.

We did go back Saturday to the rummage sale. of course we found new treasures- we hadn't seen on Friday. Including a cat carrier for $1.00 a gorgeous chenille bedspread, a wooden abacus and a few more aprons.

For lunch yesterday,I was able to eat 2 pieces of pizza ( cheese removed) which was delightful as it was!

Last night I started and almost finished a small quilt. For the insides I used a hand-me down blanket. The cotton blanket & batting went inside. Just a small lap blanket for me- but something to cuddle Hazel in. Both sides are flannel ( new & vintage) and I used some recycled & vintage fabrics to decorate & spiff it up. I also managed to find a home for some of my Raggedy Ann &Andy ruffle trim. I just need to photograph it.

The rest of Sunday will be spent cozying up with slippers and wool knee socks.Hot drinks,putting some newly rummaged & washed baby clothes away and getting ready for the week ahead. I meet with my midwife Tuesday and Saturday we'll get on the road around 7am to see our family in Rhode Island and help prepare for our New England Baby Shower. Blessed is how I'm feeling. Grateful for family- the changing season and how it all comes together.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Adventures

If I can remember it- I'm going to try and use Fridays for adventures- till I'm too round to move- then maybe I'll make up some adventures to share from the couch.

Friday morning, walking to the car (in the dark at 6:30am)- I was a bit apprehensive- from what/who I saw yesterday from my window on Thursday. But I carried on.

After dropping Zach at the train station, I drove home to make breakfast. A burnt mushroom/egg white omelet was what I ended up with. I'm really terrible at breakfast foods. This guy is my breakfast-cooking champ! fake bacon? no prob! soy sausage patty? Of course, waffles, eggs, juice and toast- Got It Covered! So I usually leave all breakfast foods and brinner events up to Zach.

It was possible I was just so eggcited (yes, I went there) that it was the Methodist Church Annual Rummage Sale! I am still basking in the glow of um... $7.00 worth of spendings (actually 9- I donated 2 extra dollars) for what would amount to - I dunno $150.00? in a parallel world.

I've learned for this specific sale that the best way to *shop* (which is considered a sport at this event) is to grab any shred of what you might like and hold on tight! Armed with my trusty basket bag and a reusable tote from mom- I grabbed like most- with a VENGEANCE! I knew exactly what I was looking for and where it was- so after waiting in line for it to open, I already had a keen idea on how many tables I'd needed to hurdle in order to beat the older ladies to the punch!

Straight to the linens! Little baby Hazel's heart must have skipped a beat- because mama's sure did! Several very cute- very vintage aprons! A pretty vintage sheet in floral and some very cool linen dishtowels (brand new with tags!). Below is my haul.

A new hat! I wanted one similar to this from Target- I think this was 50 cents!

There were some like-new baby sleepers I found:

two of them say little peanut on them-

this one is just adorable!

When I got home I started on the two kinds of chili I needed to make for Manly Movie Night. MMN or Manly Movie Mamajama (MMM) was started by Zach and a few of his friends in order to get some serious- silly- movie watching done.They all gather together(usually about 12-15 guys)- with a chosen theme and 3 movies to watch. Then let the snackie treats, pizza and other deliciousness ensue.The guys crack jokes and make fun of any ridiculous hair, clothing, lines they encounter. It is actually VERY funny to listen to. But I've always been a fan of these guys- only MMM is possibly a bit raunchier. So 2 chilies(veggie & ground turkey) were made, 5 onions cut and many tears later- they smelled so yummy. All I wanted was a little taste- but alas I held back!

Baby Hazel and I spent the night at my parent's house watching LIFE and chatting. This morning I think Zach and I will hit the rummage sale again- I'm sure now that a lot of things have been cleared out- it will offer a new perspective.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend- whatever adventure you're on!