Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well we are sort of in the middle of a mini heat wave and during that Hazel is sick with her own heat wave of 102 fever. Poor, little scooter! She still managed to run a mama ragged as she does everyday, do some hardcore playing,go swimming,play sandbox and a million other things. Whoa what will this babe be like when she's really sick?

I on the other hand, still feel cranky from yesterday's root canal and all I want to do is eat chocolate and have our own house already! See.. serious crank-a-thon! Not to mention a neighbor is renovating his house, a project he only starts at 6pm and runs till whatever time he feels like! So, when Hazel goes down between 7-8 the saws are going and hammering etc- let's hope she stays asleep tonight.

There are a few orders to work on and just folding,hanging clothes on the line and lists to be made. I also bought a box of brownie mix. A quickie fix to bring to a play date, but as Hazel probably shouldn't infect everyone else.. I am tempted to make the brownies tonight anyhow and snag one with my oolong tea. I'll let you know what happens!
xo stay cool & be well

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a girl and her boots

new boots!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Here is a picture of my new-to-me $1.00 boots! I have been wearing them around the yard and running errands, just trying to get use to the weight of their heavy souls. Maybe these are why cowgirls and pioneer mamas alike always have such awesome calves!

This weekend, we decided to try and make a little kitchen for Hazel and NOT spend $200+ dollars. So using this recipe, from
Ohdeedoh Zach came up with a similar design- but something unique- just like Hazey! Once we've finished it- I'll be sure to show it off!

Aside from taking my parents to see our hopeful little home, we then kidnapped them to find the nearest Trader Joe's (in CT) whilst enjoying some lattes. I had forgotten the nooks and crannies of this dear house and some of the more ahem, interesting things needing a good fix.

Have I mentioned the new love affair I'm having with a pair of jeans? Well, let me explain. Since my colitis cocktail seems to be working, I've put on a few pounds. I guess I should be grateful that I am feeling better (which I am) but I certainly was enjoying the skinniest me I may have ever had. Regardless after the holidays, I was using a gift card at TJ Maxx when I found the comfiest, sweetest pair of jeans ever. They fit like a glove and I want to wear them with everything! Under a skirt, why not? Under a dress? You bet! The jeans were on deep clearance and a mere $7.00. They are cast-offs from American Eagle with a flare-oh how I do love a flared jean. So I brought them home and have been enamored ever since... but see that wasn't enough. I started looking innocently enough, perhaps chasing the jean dragon if you will. Then I decided if these were my favorite jeans ever and even fit the slimmer or huskier me- I needed to own more than just 1 pair. So what does any good shopper in love with a material item do? Go to Ebay, of course! There I found 2 pair of my jeans for sale in my size. Let's just say I have 2 packages that should arrive in the next few weeks and I couldn't be happier. Jeans have always been one of my favorite things to wear and I consider them- along with my apron my daily mama gear. It is the little things, the comfy,denim,little things.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Planting So Far..

By the ferry where we wait for Zach.

Since we will hopefully be moving this summer(!) I decided to continue our container garden from last summer.Here is what I've planted so far:

-organic beefsteak tomatoes
-Swiss chard (plant- already grown a bit)
-carrots (spaced out unlike last year, when I grew bunches of Barbie-sized carrots)
-sugar daddy pea pods
- cilantro seeds and a regular plant
-Thai basil (this smells insane, I dream of the delicious dinners I could make in a dreamland)
-sweet basil plants (and some seeds)
-watermelon plants (what the heck?!) Yes, they are in containers, but hopefully once we move- they will have a sunny little hill to grow on!
- 3 types of pumpkins that are waiting for a little warmer weather the the container, then that hill next to the watermelons!
-organic mesclun mix.. a lot of mesclun mix!
-songbird mix- gotta have something for the gorgeous birdies!
I'm not finished, but I may try to purchase a few more mature plants to work with.

Our exciting piece from the street fair for the house. Seeing as OAT is our last name, we kinda loved this. I miss when husky was a good thing. Remember some stores even had Husky-sized clothing! And when she heard it was for our 1st house she let us take it for $15 rather than $28.

Silly one of me at a mushroom table

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Birthday, Some Boots and a Crankster

Today was/is my amazing husband's birthday! For breakfast I made him cinnamon rolls, eggs and sausage. I also concocted a frappacino-like drink from the maple-bacon flavored coffee (his sister sent as a gift) and added that to the breakfast. Overall it seemed very successful, which is saying a lot for me... the breakfast I usually make always ends up burnt!

From there we went to the Street Fair in a neighboring town where we did a wee bit of shopping. No pictures yet. But I did find a pair of awesome worn, but-not-too-worn motorcycle boots pretty much the exact kind that I have always wanted. They were at the rummage sale we hit and scored for $1.00!! I also grabbed a few other treasures including some wooden building blocks for H.

Speaking of H, she's turned in to quite the crankster in the last week or so. Naps and bed time are pretty much a disaster lately. She cries as soon as we put her down and we're not really sure why. She is using so many words now that we are able to ask her what is wrong, but it doesn't always help. We've tried the cry it out method and sometimes that works even though it makes me feel not so great. Every day is different and that is how we roll around here. Trying to tire the babe out to no end by supplying her with maximum running time!

Still no real news on the house front. We are just waiting on our mortgage to go through. In the mean time I think of the little things I want to do with this home. Here are just a few thoughts I've had.

-We are definite no shoes in the house people ( it bring in dirt and toxins and germs to a place where we all hang out.. the floor!) So I want to have a basket by the door with cozy socks and slippers to offer all our visitors.

-I'm looking forward to spending time on the screened in porch. Sipping tea and looking at our little lake across the street.

-Planting. veggies,fruit,flowers,foliage. Today I planted seeds and some little plants into containers. I'll tell you more about that this week.

Overall, it was a great, relaxing weekend! Happy Birthday, Zach!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered- I'm almost yours

On the house front the inspection went better than expected and also threw us a few curve balls. Items we had never thought about came up and some stuff we were worried about wasn't even an issue! Now we twiddle our thumbs and wait.. I'm trying not to visit websites like ohdeehdoh and mythic paint Oh because I don't want to break their browser or get ahead of myself. Let's just say I am trying to focus on a few of our items to inspire me with each room. I found this on a quick jaunt to the Goodwill on Mother's Day- it is inspiring the living room for sure!

( the rug will find a new home- somewhere and the cat, well even though she is giving me a dirty look- she'll keep her home with us.

In other news, I spotted the groundhog and actually snapped a quick picture. I want to trap him and hug him- there I've said it. Of course I would let him go after maybe a few additional squeezes. Then he would probably bite me and send me to the ER. Dang groundhog!

Before the weather took a very cold turn, we were in the back yard doing this:

Made from an under-the-bed organizer. I got the idea from here. Plus it is portable!
Whatcha guys doing?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

on the eve..

(Our little home's old kitchen, which I'm redesigning in my head as we speak)
This is the eve of our dewinterizing and inspecting of our possible new home. Tomorrow we'll meet the inspector and a plumber to try and tell us the important stuff we need to know before we dive in. Needless to say, Zach and I are both nervous.

What if? swirls around my head, but I am brewing some tea, packing for a Rhode Island getaway and toying with busting out my sewing machine for a much needed,functional project. Oh and there is the matter of a hot bath and How To Make An American Quilt, which I have been neglecting and lastly dear, dear Liz Lemon.

So see, I can't possibly be nervous- I've got too many other things to think about! Wish us luck! Have a wonderful weekend and awesome Mother's Day if you're celebrating!

Monday, May 3, 2010


1 : existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality.

These days I am seeing so much potential. In Hazel and the new things she learns and does everyday. In relationships around me and in our possible new home. Since our bid was accepted, we've been very busy bees, getting all of our paperwork in order and signing contracts and the-like. Our de-winterizing and inspection is set for Friday, I am hoping all goes well.

This past weekend was filled with love, as we were lucky enough to have 2 weddings to attend. I was in one of them and the other we were just guests. Both were so different from one another and so special in their own unique way. So much has happened by way of fun ideas for weddings, since we got hitched almost 4 years ago (in June). It was lovely and refreshing to see the creativity put forth and feel the love in the room or under the tent!

Pictures to come!Still lightly scrapbooking and gently picking colors from Mythic and daydreaming about how to decorate our little, hopeful space.

What are you up to?