Friday, February 29, 2008

I Drink Your Milkshake

I Drink Your Milkshake, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Zach made me my very own Daniel Plainview tee- now go drink your milkshakes- before I do!

Friday Morning Early Bird

So I woke this morning around 6 minutes to seven by alarm- because although I am not feeling well- last night as I was ripping from the Parenting magazines I inherited from the library- my minds was swirling with creative ideas. An idea for a new type of Scraparella, a few new appliques for those skirts I've mentioned and of course a new recipe for white bean soup. Thank you tossed aside Parenting magazine for not only giving me some ieas on how the heck to raise a child- but on how to keep my business fresh! who knew?!

I also created the little ditty which I'm thinking about using. Sort of a play on our Rodeo Radio tee. Maybe a new sign design or embroidery adventure? How would one go about embroidering a coiled wire? Hmmmm? We do need a new show sign. Although I am a total novice. I remember last summer atProvidence Open Market (whose new days are up for 2008!) being asked by HeatherJeany who had a gorgeous embroidered ( almost finished) show sign and she had asked me my opinion on techniques- I was honored but really had no clue! Ithink I use the same stitch- beyond that I sort of wing it!

Yesterday, since I was having some chest pain issues- I went to a new Doc ( my hubbies sees her too) and got a looksey. My heart is fine-(knock on wood) ( superstition is my best friend) but she chalked it up to stress, sore throat, headache and an upper respitory infection. Yipeee! I'm scheduled for a million more tests next week ( they're very thorough) and from my flickr pics you'll see the handful of meds to take. That is usally where the crazy in me comes out. I'll Google the meds see the side effects or other comments and info an then get too scared to take them. So last night I 1/2 one of my meds and today I'll take the whole thing. I don't know my reasoning.

I do know that The Other Boleyn Girl came out today and I so want to see it!! I know it already looks as though they maye have even changed parts of Gregory's story - or edited to look that way- but I still am interested. I finally finished listening to it on cd. Even though her book is historical fiction- she said she doesn't change history- but fills in the cracks on the things we may not know. I rather enjoyed it and during the listening time you could find me on Wikipedia and English historical sites reading about the demise of Anne Boleyn and company.

Well I am off. Going to take it easy today- but I would love to finish some pieces and have them in the shop this weekend. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some New Stuff in the Works for a Thursday Night/ Friday Morning Shop Update!

I'll be updating the shop Thursday Night/ Friday Morning- so be sure and check out the new cuteness. I'm also working on a new banner and etsy avatar- so look for it in etsy land!

The Spring/Summer crafty-show circuit is starting up again! We're really excited about all of the possibilities! This weekend we are going to apply to a few of our favorites- and we're hoping to do some more local shows in Brooklyn too.

I made some tomato sauce last night with spinach, sweet onions and spices. Then I used it for tofu lasagna for tonight's dinner.

I start a yoga class tonight- which I feel nervous about. For a few reasons- one being I have like 1 pair of presentable yoga-sweat-type pants- all the others I can't be caught dead outside of the house in.

Secondly- it feels like I am in 1st grade again and i'm not quite sure what to expect. You know the butterflies of what could be and what might actually be?! yes I am probably thinking way too much about it- yoga is totally suppose to relax you!

I wanted to whip up a cute little yoga mat bag- but I was working on some other things- so I'll add it to my "to Do" list. Looking forward to seeing the Etsy crew on the Martha Stewart show this Friday! represent xo

The store we consign some aprons to will be written up in the local newspaper ( the journal news) tomorrow- must remember to grab a copy.

We got a new printer which is a scanner,printer,copier hybrid- so now I can scan in the interview we had in the newspaper about 1year 1/2 ago.
Have a great night ( after yoga- 2 hours of Law & Order ) wheee!
happy crafting xo

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Other Car is a Sewing Machine

Really it is. I ride it usually during the day and late at night sometimes. I need to wear a cape when I ride it cause it doesn't protect from the weather.

Today was so bitter out- cold and just a mix of rain and light snow. I love snow- but only when there is a lot- or enough to pretty up the scene.

I ventured out to my parent's house to do a few loads of laundry ( I'm a slacker) we really appreciate that we can do this. On a day my mom isn't babysitting my nieces and nephews we usually have lunch or coffee talk. Today however I got to see my little neice Lizzie who is 2ish. It is really amazing to see how she has changed in the last year or so. She's still a little shy- but she really likes me- she even said she loved me today and it warmed my heart! I can't wait to have my own little bundle of fun. She wears the cutest clothes( like sparkly sneakers and blue velvet pants) and pointed at my eyebrow and then said "eyebrow" which made me laugh! Her older sister pointed out my nose ring ( the fact that she knew what it was called was very impressive- she's only 4-almost 5) then Lizzie poked it with her finger and my nose started bleeding but again it was pretty funny!

Glad I got to see her for a second.

I've listed a few new coffee cuffs in my shop. Currently I am washing all of my vintage finds from the Salvation Army- so I can get to work on appliques. I also have a few birthdays coming up- so I'll need to make a few things.

Tomorrow I would really like to spend the morning/mid day listening to either music or finishing up The Other Boleyn Girl while sewing. Must get everything pinned tonight!

I finished the rest of the quiche up today for lunch and want to make some sauce for tofu/veggie lasagna. I bought some lovely noodles made of whole gran & flax on my Hannaford's trip with mom. I also have a few red potatoes that I keep thinking about finishing up with either a hash brown mix or potato topping for a vegan shepard's pie.

Have a wonderful Tuesday- stay warm & keep crafting~

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Adventures

This is Jasper our handsome big kitty- I took some photos of him and his sister, Hermione this afternoon while the sun was shining in our bedroom.

I've been thinking of a few tote bag ideas I want to sketch and have them in the shop for spring- although it did just snow lol!

We took a trip to Costco for a few things so now I have to try and find room for a ton of oatmeal, eggs and a few other super-sized items. But i use them a lot so it makes sense for us to buy them this way!

I don't know if the cats knew it was Oscar night or what- but they were acting a bit crazy tonight. Of course some chasing was involved as usual- but Jasper was in a begging position on his back legs with paws up- like a meercat manor commercial.

We ate a broccoli- flax-carrot-soymeat quiche I made- with the basic recipe from Vegetarian Times mag.

Well I am off to pin some coffee cuffs, do some filing and of course check out the Oscars!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

yeah but no but yeah- vickie pollard

So NY is in for a huge winter storm (or so the weather-people say) and I couldn't be happier! Tonight we spent some time watching LOST, finishing up the chili I made this week ( we turned it into burrito filling + soy meat) making t-shirts for 247Magnum and talking to the cats. A very memorable night! I also had some time to trim my bangs and cut a few dead ends off- I'm actually trying to let it grow.

This coffee cuff which sold out in our shop- just reminds me of such a wonderful time of year.. now!

I debated on sharing this- but Tuesday I went for a (down there) appt and had a breast exam... b/c there was something that I thought felt weird. The NP assured me it was nothing- but signed me up for a sonogram and mammogram- anyhow. So basically I am truly freaking out. The appt isn't till March- which makes it even more difficult. I've been teetering between- this is crazy you're fine and Oh my god what am I going to do. I just don't know how to react.

If that wasn't the worst part about this week- later than night I ordered Chinese Food ( general tso's tofu) that tasted so terrible I needed to toss it. P.S. They also forgot my can of coke ( which I usually only drink while eating Chinese food) So needless to say- I am looking forward to Friday for many reasons.

I haven't been very creative lately. Maybe I am just going through something- but I hope the snow and spending the day with my hubbie will rejuvinate my creativity and help me get a jumpstart for next week.

Wishing you all well and a lovely weekend.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movies- Milkshakes and a Weekend Wrap Up

Since I haven't been very crafty myself- I thought I would take a moment to talk about my husband and how he makes me laugh and also how I love his approach to crafts.

He sews- he knits- he designs most of our t-shirts and draws them all. He use to have a comic during his college days that ran in the school newspaper. Recently he was contacted by Newsday- to use this image ( where I will be getting a photography credit lol). Although Newsday is only available on Long Island- I hope it drives sales to his shop. At the moment we have had to hault the sales due to a big increase- products have a 2 week waiting list.

We also just ordered women's american apparel t-shirt. I can't wait to get my very own Milkshake shirt!

This weekend Zach has been covering the Toy Fair convention (in NYC) so he has been working like 16 hour days and is pretty beat. I did rent Eastern Promises for him- it was pretty gruesome- I wasn't really pleased with the ending but Viggo Mortensen is gorgeous- regardless. I also rented Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which I enjoyed. Then feeling nostalgic for my favorite actor Daniel Day Lewis, I rented Gangs of NY which I had never really watched. After returning those I stopped at the local library and finally found Rear Window. I popped it in an instantly fell asleep- so I will try it again tomorrow- I really do love that movie.

I have been feeling so B E A T! ( too much movie watching) You know when you just can't get enough sleep- then when you think you have you feel over-tired again? Wonder if I'm sick? hello Airborne!

I made a big crock pot full of 3- bean winter chili. It needs some rice cheese and avocado to finish it off.

This week I am going to set some goals for myself and write them up right here:
Reorganize my fabric- ribbons, notions and entire craft table


Continue to eliminate the apt. of magazines ( recycling of course)

Get ready for Yoga class (starts next Wednesday)

Get a few walks in- when at my parent's house doing laundry- walk around the neighborhood- rather than internet surf!)

So just to get me started those are a few.. If anyone has productive ideas - they are much welcomed!
xo be well

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday's Whale

Whale & Hearts Coffee Cuff, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Yesterday it snowed from the afternoon-till early morning. So wonderful. Now the yard and streets and trees are covered with a blanket of snow. I love it!

This coffee cuff and others are now available in our shop! Whale in Love

My husband, Zach has a Pop Culture t-shirt shop on etsy. 24/7 Magnum It is really taking off. It's amazing how well his sales are between his Brother (Lost-Desmond shirt) , I Drink Your Milkshake (daniel day lewis in there will be blood) and his Friendo shirt (No Country for Old Men). I'm really proud of him! I've also been helping him out with relisting, convos etc-

We took some photos last night of aprons that are already listed in our shop- but will be getting makeover photos and relisted to keep them fresh.

A new issue of Everyday Food came in the mail and really has some great recipes. I need to spend sometime filing- I am a constant ripper. I rip pages of interest out of magazines(then recycle the rest)- inspiring craft scenes- ideas- recipes- health articles- and anything else that catches my fancy. Then I store them in a folder and later file them in my make-shift filing cabinet. Later it is so fun to look back especially the photos I save for collages.

This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal with orange juice- I read on the Dr Oz website that when eaten together they have a wonderful effect on the body. I wonder if eating a piece of dark chocolate shortly after breakfast is also beneficial?

Wherever you are I hope your day is going well- even if you are in a little cubicle with a boss staring down your collar. I use to keep sand and shells and rocks from the beach by my in law's home in Rhode Island on my desk. It had a calming effect and helped me realize this is just a job and I can either find another one or take a deep breath and deal with it.
be well and craft on xo

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pretty Girl Coffee Cuff

Pretty Girl Coffee Cuff, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Here is one of my latest coffee cuffs. I've been working in felt applique- which is my real first love. There are some birdies as usual and I'm introducing these girlies and whales. Look for them in the shop Tuesday night- for the Night-Shop Update!

Zach had to work late tonight- the magazine is closing their issue- so he's had some extra work to catch up on for a dead line. On nights when I eat by myself I can go either way- making a very enjoyable-well-balanced meal or eat a bowl of mashed potatoes w/ ketchup- which is exactly what I had tonight! We've both been really good at not eating 2 hours before going to sleep- but I will usually have a bowl of cereal like 30 minutes before the 2 hour cut off.- All very exciting info!

In the last month I recieved 2 magazines that I hadn't subscribed to.- I found out the suspicious subscription to Nylon magazine I've been receiving- has not yet, been linked to the person, place or thing that actually paid for it. But my subscription to Everyday Food by Martha Stewart- was a Christmas gift from my sweet mother-in-law!

Hope you're having a great day- craft on!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random Thoughts for Lazy Saturdays W/ Strawberry

Strawberry Rocks, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Yesterday while in Nyack I stopped by Grace's thrift shop- which has and always will be my favorite. I found a vintage- old school red collared shirt with geese all over ( from the GAP) with a super old label- along with a khaki velour skirt that fits almost perfectly and crocheted watermelon- pieces that are to be used as pot holders- in wonderfully-handmade condition! I'll be posting pictures to flickr.

This morning for breakfast Z made delicious french toast from a thick Italian loaf. Although we had to ration out the almost- empty bottle of maple syrup- it was still really good.

I dropped him off at work to catch up on a few things and made my way towards the Piermont thrift store. I found a lovely vintage apron for 50 cents along with some great fabric.

Before getting home I stopped at the market and picked up cat food( I always feel like a spinster when I buy canned cat food like more than 2 cans in the grocery store- alone- but I do anyhow) , tofu, organic potatoes, onions, maple syrup and honey. Now we should really be set for a few weeks!

Still listening to the Other Boleyn Girl, I did take a brief nap on the couch and missed the last 20 minutes or so of cd 11. I was reading about how much was actually fiction Vs. fact throughout the story- thanks to Wikipedia.

Mom gave me a pound of decaf coffee and I picked up a Celestial Seasonings decaf maple tea- I did just brew a cup of regular- but I am trying to gradually ween myself off. Right now I am 1cup a day.

One of my best friend's got engaged this past week and as she put it " we couldn't be happier"!!! Tomorrow morning we are going to meet for a looksie at her ring! and a cup of joe (decaf for me!) I'm really happy for her she's a great girl- found a great guy .

Sometimes when I listen to my itunes mixes i listen to Christmas songs. I know if certain people knew- I might be shunned- but these are songs that are really special to me and bring me INSTANT happiness- and sometimes you just need that!

So with Christmas in Kilarney playing I bid you a farewell! I'm going to pin some zippy pouches together.

PS> There are two winners for the cuff giveaway- I like ties better anyhow!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh Friday- How I do love thee..

I've been listening to The Other Boleyn Girl via cd via my car. Man now I see why my sister is an obsessed-medieval history major! Good stuff. Tonight we're going to have pasta at my sister-in- law and brother's house. My Mom and Dad will be there, my cute neices and nephew. My brother has some ribbon and other crafty fun for me.

This is a new coffee cuff available in our shop. I just LOVE the color combo and I'm very pleased with the way the fakin' or fake bacon came out!

Tonight I am having a GIVEAWAY of one of my cuffs. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before midnight and tomorrow someone will win a coffee cuff of their very own.
craft on xo

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Coffee Cuffs In the Shop!

Quack- Sqwack- Blah Blah Love Bird Coffee Cuff

So I'm going to be giving one of these lovely coffee cuffs away- but it is a surprise- exactly which one. The Giveaway will start Friday till Midnight.( I hope that is enough time) You Just have to leave a comment on my Friday's posting ( which should be up by 3pm) Then I'll write the names on paper and do it up old school! And Pow- I'll email you and then send a cuff your way!!

This one is one of my favorites- it reminds me of Mo Willems books and the pidgeon. xo

I'm still enjoying the cake at my sewing machine- on the couch- at the counter right before dinner- you know- the usual places! However I surprised myself and went for a walk today. It all depends on what I wear- what a shame. If I think I might want to dress up fun for a Remix- I usually won't go and exercise- cause I'm all done up. ( Except for that day I did an aerobics tape in a pair of purple fishnets and tore them severely- I'm talking Nancy Spungeon wouldn't wear 'em)
Today I had yoga-ish pants on- hence my stint with exercise.

My laws & orders are on tonight.( zach and I call it that- we like adding "s" to things especially in this funny voice we use) I love Detective Goren. Despite his slight facial weight gain- I think Zach knows if given the chance to have Goren's love child out of wedlock- I would. Zach hopefully would then let me bring the child back into our life and raise it as his own- or possibly allow Goren some joint parenting rights. I haven't got that all figured out yet- though.

I'm silly- or at least I think I am. I truly appreciate that people are reading this blog and writing back and getting it! Thank you! See you Friday!
xo happy crafting

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Afternoon Delight!

No- I didn't have a quickie or sing a song with Will Ferrel and Paul Rudd- dang! I did make the cake recipe I found on Jcasa's blog Weakness Cake.

Here I am enjoying it as a quick- snack in between sewing and I might have a piece later too!

I'm working on coffee cuffs today a new apron and a couple of other things.

Hope you have a great night. Tomorrow I hear the weather is going to be super warm- which is scary. It bothers me when I hear people complaining about what little cold-weather we actually get (thanks o global warming) - They usually say "ugh it was freezing yesterday" or the weatherman says " we're sorry we've got another cold front" hello it is winter!!
okay enough of my weather rant!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bonjour Monday

French Secretary?, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This weekend was really enjoyable. Friday we watched Torchwood which I am now really into- amongst all of my snickers etc. Zach packed for an overnight- Mass trip. Saturday I made brownies- from a box- which I don't really enjoy doing- but I added flaxseed to try and neutralize the bad things in the box.

Saturday the girls came over for dinner and drinks and Sunday Mom and I went on a mini adventure. Visited the health food store for vitamins, new lipgloss and other must-haves. Then we stopped at the market and then made banana bread. Hers came out deliciously-wonderful tasting and looking. Mine was really sad looking and didn't taste very good. I had mixed a few of the recipes together and sort of ruined it. Oh Darn~

Zach came and picked me up on his way back in town and he brought treats from the which our friend's family owns. A gallon of stupendious apple cider, a bottle of homemade hard cider and a bag full of apples of course! Super sweet~

Today I made 1 cup of coffee. That is my quota- I took some photos of coffee cuffs outside during the light snowfall and I have a few packages to get ready to mail out.
So right now I am LOVING The Other Boleyn Girl although I didn't read the first one. This is seriously feeding my need for gossip in the 1500's England!

I'm also going to be making some 3-bean veggie chili(I'll list the recipe tomorrow) and start working on a few ideas to sketch,create and submit to this email request I recieved. (more about that laters)
Have a good Monday
xothanks for reading- Look for a Free Coffee Cuff Giveway- Coming up this weekend.. More details later.
check us out in the Storque Showcase Today

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Party Shoes

The Card Zach Sent me..

The Card Zach Sent me.., originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Sometimes you don't realize you need something until you get it. Zach sent me this card in the mail. He was going to be away fro the night and when it arrived it just made my day. He designed it and the version with out the name tags is available in our shop.

Tonight I had the girls over for hummus, olives and pita then spaghetti and brownies and oatmeal-raisin cookies. We had a good time- great to catch up. Talk about buying a house(Brig)- going to court reporting school ( Sue) and kids ( me). The kitties were hiding for most of the night nestled on their warm Hello Kitty fleece blanket.

Tomorrow mom will pick me up and then we're going to make banana bread at her house and maybe go for a walk in the neighborhood. Dad is going to my brother's house for a SuperBowl party. I'm happy to NOT watch any sports at all.

We have a spot in the Storque Showcase for Sunday Feb 3 and 4th. I've added some new coffee cuffs.

I'm going to be working on a new collaged-journal for myself.. for family-kid-related stuff. I like to make these journals to keep me focused on what will be going inside. What info. I've made them since middle school and have always loved them. Collage and mixed-media work has always been my favorite.

With that- we'll be seeing Juno tomorrow night after. I heard mixed reviews and my heart is actually with There Will Be Blood.

I've also grabbed Uptain Sinclair's The Jungle on cd as well as Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl. How I'm going to listening to them both will be a feat in itself.

Have a great weekend xo