Friday, August 31, 2007

ProvidenceOpenMarket Saturday,Sept.1,2007

Come visit us and say hello! We'll be featuring some new items and our usual suspects. The weather is supposed to be nice. If you're interested for more information.
Keep on Riding the Rails & singing along with your sewing machine

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Little Update

Self Portrait Thursday, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So- last night I had a bit of an overwhelming moment. Where your very small apt. is full of products, you have two cats who are always hungry and a million worries in your mind.

After a brief consolling from my husband and a very stuffed up nose. I cleared my mind and got back on track. Zach brought to fruition some of my tag ideas so I can begin adding them to the pieces.

I've been able to check off a few things on my to-do list and add some as well. We applied for the Handmade Arcade in pittsburgh-today.

Here is my SPT for Flickr. Tomorrow it is off to Providence Open Market.
Be Well- I'm back to the sewing table.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I don't know how I let myself forget how amazing Erikah Badu is. I stopped by the library and picked up Baduizm.. which was sort of my bible for many years. I only had a tape at the time- instantly the words came back to me.. I hadn't sang some of these songs for years. Isn't that amazing... how our memories work? I can slip in an Ani Difranco cd and remember close to every word.. I wish history or mathmatics would have stuck in that way!

Here are a few photos from my brief woodland excursion Mom & I and Bean the wondercat.

Mom & I in her cute camping trailer
bean the one-eyed wonder cat

This weekend we'll be traveling to Rhode Island for thr Providence Open Market. I'll tell more about that and some of our new items as the week progresses. For now it is back to Badu and inventory for the show.
Next week I'll be sharing an interview with a wonderful seamstress Kristen of Pillbox Productions. She makes wonderful bonnets, chokers and other lovlies.

Check her shop out and then come back next week for the interview!

Keep on checking our shop for new items listed weekly.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Woodland Expedition

Melissa will be camping for a few days.. no internet access.. not a care in the world! Happy Crafting! xo

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Latest Scraparella 8.21.07

More to come xo

Little Me & my Little HAir

Sideview shorter cut, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I just chopped my hair. I needed it to be in place for a wedding- and now the next wedding isn't till mid-September. I must sound like a wedding crasher of some sort.. I swear I'm not!
Just a bridesmaid!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Who Has a Case of the Mondays?

So- I started watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Yes, perhaps I am the last person to have watched this- what else is new? But once I heard Bret or "Brit" from Flight of the Conchords was in it... I had to see it for myself. With that came an actual interest- despite my usual disinterest in Elijah Wood. I think I've disliked him because of the role he plays in Eternal Sunshine.. he's just a jerk! So Sorry Elijah I now have a new found interest in you as Frodo.

I've listed quite a few new totes in our shop. As well as created a new line called the Breakfast Club. Clothing inspired by the foods we eat for breakfast. Here are a few photos- it will be up in a day or so.
Beans Beans
I need a cuppa Joe!

More to come- just a quick little update. If you're looking for some unique vintage- please check out my new shop

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ch Ch CHanges

We've switched up our color scheme- be it a gear up towards fall- but we really liked this combo- hope you will too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On Crushing & A Need for Light

So- I've been obsessed with Flight of the Conchords.

A couple of months ago (2 maybe) zach wanted me to watch something on Utube- it was one of their episodes- maybe the 1st. So while watching- I was laughing- but trying not to cause I was in a mood. " I'm Not Crying" came on and I just couldn't deal Well I was all cranky & Aunt Flo was visiting-

So i left in the middle to go read the damn HP7 which I haven't finished yet ( We've been through this- yes plenty of 4th graders have read it 2x or more at this point)- any how a few days later I was at my parent's house raiding the cubbards & watching their good cable and I came across The Conchords on HBO Demand and watched all of the episodes like a laugh riot fiend!!

I'm not sure which one I am crushing on more Bret or Jemaine.. but you HAVE to check them out if you like laughing even the smallest little bit. Flight of the Conchords are soo cute!*********************************************************************************************************************************

Another thing I've been crushing on is roller derby. I use to skate when I was like 7. I also played soccer for awhile- which could get pretty physical. But I just don't know if I could make it as a Roller derby Girl.. however I've been secretly keeping a list of names incase I decided to try out. I'd also need to actually get all the tattoos I've been dreaming of- cause some of my favorite girls have lovely tattoos & it just adds to their adorable+ tough cookie attitude. Well if you are local to Rockland, Westchester, Orange or Putnam County... come meet the awesome ladies of Suburbia Roller Derby.This Saturday, August 18thSuburbia Roller Derby- I'll be at a wedding-actually in the wedding- so I won't be able to be there & show support. But Hobocamp Crafts will be sending 2 items out to Suffah Kate to be auctioned at the event! YAY~

So I haven't had a manicure or Pedicure in forever- but I figured I treat* myself for the wedding I am in on Saturday. I've been buying NO MISS NAIL- which doesn't have a lot of the harsh chemicals most nail polishes have. The color I chose was APAlachicola Apricot- it looks really pretty! But my point was that I always have to drive to Whole Foods, which I love- but is a trek for me. The closest one is about a 40-45 minute drive.. so when I read that Be Fine a new skincare line was being sold at CVS- I got really excited! famliarize yourself The creator just seems amazing- and everyone seems thrilled it has been created! While browsing my local CVS - The woman in charge of Health & Beauty Aids started helping me and only had good things to say about this line. She not only walked me through the store to find the smaples that were for sale- but she was genuinely happy to be selling it. The prices are affordable- have no parabens- no animal testing and are at your local CVS. Now I am not usually a pusher of big business- these I think may also be available on their website- either way I'm excited to give them a try.
Last night we took a trip to the library. There were leaves on the ground- old leaves- dead. It reminded me of fall. Zach see,ed sad because I guess he really enjoys the summer months. I however look forward to September.. I have fond thoughts of starting school, getting a few new items with my mom to start school again ahhh those were the good times!

Looking through my fabrics I realized I need to start creating with some of my fall & halloween inspired fabrics- cause that time of the year is moving in fast.

We also started discussing roles. You don't really get much coaching when you get married. We read a book together on 100 questions to answer before you wed- something like that- but you don't get the entire scope that way. It's tough to be a "good husband or wife". Even with role models it's difficult. Together we realized we have been bickering lately.. and it we came to the conclusion of light.

Our apartment- has really gotten us down in the dumps. Some of you may have heard me refer to it as "hobbit like" but even hobbits need light. So we are here till the lease is up (March) and we are really searching for ways to bring the light in- bring the outside in. Maybe we need to bring our plants inside- but that hardly seems fair to them! The limited sources of light have started to ware on both of us.. and maybe even the cats.

The Breakdown:

We have 4 windows total in our railroad apartment. 2 are small and in the wings ( we call cubbies where you need to crouch down to get into) the other 2 we have 1 in the bedroom & the other in the kitchen- over looking the backyard, But with the air conditioners we have( cause the place is like sweat lodge in the summer) You can't really see any lights. So I ask you.. anyone who might read this and have dealt with similar conditions... what should we do? Any advice? Admitting the problem is our first step. After talking last night I think we made great progress.

Monday, August 13, 2007

This weekend was busy. We had Zach’s family over for a picnic. So Thursday & Friday were spent preparing & cooking.We set up the tent and I draped the tables with various vintage & passed-down table cloths & cloth napkins, I made potato salad (vegan & regular) we did have hamburgers for the meat eaters w/ chopped cilantro, rosemary & onions. Veggie Burgers, iced blood-orange sparking juice, gazpacho made by John at Roxy’s in Nyack , NY (Thanks John), fruit salad, salsa, chocolate cake 7 other goodness.
So we were all very full needless to say.

Hermione hid most of the time- while Jasper played host to those coming inside to use the bathroom. He pretty much slept in the same spot all day long ( hey if it ain’t broke- don’t fix it) receiving hugs, kisses and much needed petting lol!

Sunday morning I drove to the store to finally buy a rotary cutter & mat. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it- wondering why I waited so long?! Our neighbors downstairs have been busy. It sounds as if they are building Noah’s ark -which is fine because they are never loud- never say a peep. We watched The Fountain with Rachel Weisz & Hugh Jackman Sunday morning- very different, sort of sad- we watched Disturbia last night ( the remake of rear window- which I truly love the original).
Rear Window's Trailer

I’ve had the hiccups 3 X’s just on Sunday. A lot of clean up- I'm still doing dishes! Judy & Lou, Zach's Mom & her Fiancee brought us a wonderful bounty of vggies from their garden. So I'm going to look for some sort of casserole for dinner.
Here are a few photos from our weekend~ hope yours was wonderful-
Zach taking a sneaky shot of me.. Look There's a SPider on your Shoulder!"

Me with a copy of the book my design is featured in!!
Judy & Lou

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Planning a Party & Introducing Ursula & Olive

Saturday Zach's family is coming for a cookout. I've been planning everything out on paper but tomorrow & Friday we'll be setting up a tent( the one we use for shows) as well as other party-forward items.. table chairs other essentials! So I'll be blogging the turnout on Sunday. So for now ...I've been wanting to feature different crafters on this blog- monthly- Here is my first!

I met Darlene at the Providence Open Market. She is the one-woman powerhouse behind Ursula & Olive on etsy. Check Her Out I wanted to interview her- because she rocks, has a unique spin on her craft and is just a lovely person! Support the Handmade Community!

Where did you come up with name for your shop?

In 2006 I moved into an old tavern house built in 1775. In researching the history of the house we discovered that it was once owned by 2 sisters listed on the deed as Ursula and Olive Tucker, Maiden Ladies. That was the legal way to say "Spinsters" back in the 1800's.

I felt an immediate bond with the previous home owners, named my shop after them and they've become my crafting ghosts who fly around the house and inspire me to create (and they occasionally steal my scissors, but they bring them back after I spend 10 minutes franticly looking for them).

How long have you been running your shop?

I opened my shop in August of 2006 and lurked around checking out shops and forums for a few months but really didn’t start selling until January of 2007.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Books are a big inspiration for me. I’m an avid reader and have always loved even just the feel of books! I should have been a librarian but I enjoy cutting up old books too much so instead I’m constantly trying to find new things to make out of old books! Right now most of my books end up as pins, tins, cards and envelopes.

Do you craft full-time- Would you want to?

I craft every chance I get but sadly it doesn’t pay the bills yet. My dream is to some day be discovered by Martha Stewart or Oprah and have so many customers that I can quit my day job and make a living at crafting.

Who is your biggest supporter (family, friends etc)?

Since I haven’t met Martha or Oprah yet, I’d have to say my biggest supporters are my family. They come visit me at my shows and they ask me every day “so, did you sell anything on Etsy today?” I think they’re hoping I meet Oprah so they can too!

What is your favorite thing to make and why?

I have a slight case of crafting ADD, so I tend to get bored with a craft easily and move on to something else. I’m finding pins my favorite thing to make because with the pins each pin is unique, even though I’ve made over 2000 pins now I don’t feel like I’m repeating myself. Each one is like a little mini wearable piece of artwork.

Where would you like to be in the next couple of years with your business?

I still feel like a newbie to the world of selling crafts even though I’ve made them all my life. This is the 1st year that I’ve sold on line and done shows so my goal for the next couple years is to build up a customer base, learn more about the business of crafting and then start expanding to possible other venues like wholesale and boutiques. Unless of course Martha or Oprah comes along in which case I would like to quit my job and craft my heart away!

Thanks Darlene! Keep up the wonderful work!

Friday, August 3, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Since I'm not planning any trips to Brookyln in the near future- man am I going to be beat! So it sounds funny- but I'm having these weird leg issues. I swear it is restless leg syndrome... but I don't know for sure. So I am up at 4:30 blogging and trying to finish Harry POtter. No- I haven't finished it yet! Yes I am aware plenty of 8 year olds have finished it. But c'mon I have to work- I'm not some little kid who has the summers off- free to frolic and read all day & night!

Hermione is up with me- she's asleep on the coffee table- because I am sure there are no more comofrtable places for her ie. her soft bed, couch our bed. She's stubborn. We've been having issues with her not eating and her brother ( adopted brother) Jasper eating way too much and going to every length to do so. Thursday Night they even started fight.. growling & everything. We seperated them for a few hours then they seemed to be okay.

I have not stepped foot on my sewing machine since well past a week & a half ago. It feels like writer's block. only with sewing. Sewer's block. I've been pinning pieces together- making appliques to be sewn but I have not yet started the send off of items throgh the HuskSt*r. I have 2 weddings coming up- one on Sat Aug 18 the other on Sept 15. This Saturday is the shower/bachelorette party for Maureen the Sept 15th bride. But I have been feeling like my own wedding is coming up.. just with nerves & feeling so tired.

Last night I went to bake with the girls.. but it turned out Brig is baking tomorrow and Suzanne's was the easiest thing to make. So I made a few cookies ( hearts, lips, umbrellas) and brought the rest of the dough home to be refrigerated and used Friday night.

Rolling the Flaky Cheddar Cheese Scone Dough

Oh Darn! I Over Baked!!

Brig the Bride to Be 8.18.07 and me

Here are a few snapshots of the cookies experience as well as the scones that I made the other day.- Sue wouldn't let me take her photo. The Lip cookies looked like moustaches- the umbrellas like Mushrooms lol. Look as Brig demonstrates.

They turned out deliciously light with a hint of butter. I wanted to make a vegan recipe- since these 1/2 came from one of my Vegan cookbooks, but I panicked while at Sue's house and folded in 2 eggs. I wasn't sure how the recipe would turn out so I used her mom's Betty Crocker book from the 1950's or 60's and borrowed "Ethel's Sugar Cookie recipe"- thanks Ethel!

Well I still have so much to do for the shower & bachelorette party Saturday. Including what to wear. I haven't refashioned too much and I could never quite figure out the right way to post on the refashion page.. but I am enjoying everyone else's posts.
So much to do so little time & money :)
Maybe I'll go try and read a little more HP7 before the sun rises.
Be well~
P.S If you have not yet seen Notes on a Scandal with Dame Judi Dench & Cate Blanchett.. please oh please go rent this. It was really amazing!