Saturday, November 29, 2008


MILKSHAKE is BACK!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Not only am I able to once again ( for how long - is unknown) tolerate Milkshakes ( good-bye lactose intolerance>?) but Zach's famous design
( seen in the NewsDay) now available in our shop in a Limited run.

Since we don't have a lot of room for screenprinting it ourselves-we had the design screenprinted by the lovlies at Supastarr. They did a great job, too!

So we now have a limited batch of American Apparel- grey slate Daniel Plainview tees just in time for the holidays. I don't know how you spell love, but "I drink your milkshake, I drink it up" pretty much says it all in our book!

In other news, we've been busy with our holiday crafting, doing a little tidying- just in case someone special happens to arrive this weekend.
She's been kick, kick kicking- but still hasn't dropped as far as my midwife would like. So tomorrow I have an herbal regime to start.

Our other favorite girl- who passed her wellness exam on Tuesday, now has a case of the sneezes. What do you do when I cat won't stop sneezing? Maybe another stop at the vet? Poor Baby.

Well- have a great holiday weekend-

Friday, November 28, 2008

BOGO Black Friday Sale!

After a full day of eating Tofurkey-cornbread stuffing-mashed potatoes-carrots and other delicious foods- I'm amazed there is still room for a bebe in my belly! With 2 days to go (technically) we're getting a little baby crazy here. So we decided to have a BOGO BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Visit our shop for some of the cutest- most unique coffee cuffs around. Made from a mix of vintage & new fabrics- super cute and perfect for a special little gift this year!

I'll be visiting my midwife today hopefully she'll be able to give us hope of an early or on-date-delivery. Zach read somewhere that many first-time-mamas go on an average 8 days after their due date. Disappointing- but what can I do?!

There will be some more holiday crafting over the next few days. The longer Hazel hides- I guess the more holiday gifts I'll be able to finish. We have no plans to visit the malls or stores. We went last weekend to pick up whatever store-bought items we needed. So now it is just up to us to get into create mode! We'll be listening to some of our favorite holiday/Christmas music- watch a few silly movies and have fun( and pretend we're not constantly thinking of the impending baby arrival).
Hope you do the same!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday- Thanksgiving Eve

No baby news to report- a bunch of contractions- all last night and through the night- then not much of anything this afternoon. Must eat more eggplant parm!
Mom & Dad and my Aunt G coming over for some pre-turkey adventures.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Quit Your Day Job article on Etsy. Your support and kind words mean so much. I'm so happy we can all inspire each other.

Be Well- Happy T-Day whether that means a Tofurkey, a Turkey or Tuna Casserole!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Weeks in Review

The Weeks in Review, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Thrifted baby hats, handsome husbands in screen printed tees,quilts,collages,sewing and nesting.

The baked sweet potatoes were delicious- I enjoyed the maple sour cream too. We finished the browines (I ate most of them) then gave the last to Z for lunch today.

I'm looking forward to the next few days for crafty inspiration, spending time with Zach & my parents ( Wed. night for dinner) and waiting on Hazel.

Thanks for reading our blog and always checking in on our baby countdown- We'll let you know if anything happens!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've Been...

I've been a busy elf filling the shop with holiday cheer- New Snuggle Bunny shirts, aprons and some other surprises to come.

I've also been keeping this a secret::::::

I've also been busy eating. Finding my new appetite for foods I haven't been able to eat since- Oh July. Brownies ( made from a Trader Joe's mix) which are delicious- pasta- milkshakes - but little steps. Speaking of milkshakes, remember this guy?
Well- thanks to the screenprinting peeps at
Supastarr and by popular demand- we'll have a limited amount of screenprinted gems for the holidays:::: so if you're a milkshake drinker and missed them the first time- we should have some shortly. They'll be listed in our Hobocamp shop, rather than their original spot in Zach's 24/7 Magnum store.

A little nesting to share::::::: Here is the mobile I made and Zach hung for me..

It came out a little Series of Unfortunate Events-gothic with the black lace & rickrack- but that is one of my favorite series and movies- so I'm happy with that! These little birds are highly addictive and I have been stitching up a few a day to add to holiday packages.

Well I had another adventure today and I'm also having some slight contractions- but I'll save it for another day.
I'm going to try to make Everyday Food's baked sweet potatoes with maple sour cream for dinner. Wish me luck-

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday= 39 Weeks of Baby

Well Hazel is still surfing on my uterus(or head-butting)- when we met with our midwife on Friday- she did a check and said I wouldn't be going into labor the next day (Saturday)or this weekend. She recommended evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea.

39 Weeks

So I've been taking both and last night even tried the old wives tale about eating eggplant parmesan. To my surprise- I haven't gone into labor (that wasn't the surprising part- it supposedly takes 48 hours) but my stomach tolerated it! My can't-eat-a-normal-food-stomach tolerated a seedy veggie along with tomatoes and cheese?! I was in disbelief and so excited! This morning I pushed even more and ate regular cream cheese on a bagel and still I was fine! So of course by 9:30 in the morning I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Sunday- a week before my due date, than going a few towns over for a HUGE vanilla milkshake.

We did get milkshakes at Friendly's in our town- which I always forget about- but is quite the ice cream goldmine. It was the best vanilla shake I may have ever had.

I'm writing this having started it early this morning and finishing up this afternoon.
The pad we bought for the bassinet didn't fit- so it was back to the baby store..then we stopped at Target for a few small holiday gifts. So now I've finished 3 of the 7 children.. giving a little handmade and a little store bought. Plus I found 2 of the cutest sweatshirts for Hazel- for $2.48 each- I couldn't pass them up- and they're older sizes, which is what we need to stock up on.

Yesterday we did finally finish watching the birthing DVD we had started. Some parts we admittedly fast-forwarded through- well b/c I don't want to know EVERY little procedure involved- b/c it was making me a tad queasy. I finished the bird mobile and hung that along with the HAZEL letters we received from my in-laws.

The rest of this weekend and really the week(with it being so short) -aside from a vet visit for Hermione (shh she doesn't know) will be spent catching up on some napping,working on holiday gifts and just nesting before the arrival. Zach and I are spending out first Thanksgiving alone. I'm looking forward to a quiet little dinner- filled with some of our favorite foods- nibbled throughout the day.

I'm on to make some more food to stock in the freezer- have a good one.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Count Down is On

So my due date is in 9 days- I think reaching a single digit is a good place to start a count down. Constant kicks coming from Hazel- tell me she's getting crowded in there and finding it cramped- alas she is a little too cozy perhaps.. like cuddling in your favorite toasty blanket when you're in a sleep haze. Someone suggested jumping jacks- I won't go that far- but I have been trying to telepathically tell her we're ready for her- she can come out now!

Zach's sister and her husband and two children are en route to NY from Hawaii- sure they're making stops all over the US visiting friends and other family... but they're also on a mission to meet Hazel before they return on/around the 10th of December. No pressure Hazel, ahem.

But I know she'll come out when she's good and ready- whenever that may be and we really should cherish this exciting time right before.. so that is what I'm going to do!
::::::::::::::::::Some of the Newnessin the Shoppe:::::::::::::::

Today I meet with my midwife and then Z & I are going to interview or meet a few perspective pediatricians. I'd like to make some sugar cookies to eat and freeze. I need to hem some curtains,hang some Christmas lights,hang our little "HAZEL" sign from her Grammy( Z will actually be doing the hanging- I'll be the foreman) and work on some more Christmas gifts.

This weekend will include a few trips to markets to get our essentials and stockpile the cubbard. Some possible movie watching (the latest Librarian (I'm a dork),Tropic Thunder, Smart People and/or Wall-E. And little nestings...

Monday something very special involving Hobocamp and Etsy will be unveiled- so look for that- here

Have a great weekend- Be well!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Strides

The first snow of the season started early this morning. It wasn't sticking nor really accumulating- but it was just enough to occupy the kitties at the window.

As you can see the shop will be updated all day today with new new new stuff! Men's recycled & vintage ties,new girl ornaments,new Happy Home ornaments and new sets of note cards!

Today our blog reaches 300 posts!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Thank you to everyone who visits, reads, comments and makes my days brighter!

Little strides- I finished my great nephew's story time tote. Made from a super soft flannel with pirates. I've been collecting favorite books- new & used to fill it with. Then we'll give his papa a copy of They Might Be Giant's kids album. Hope they like it.

We are really trying to make most of our holiday items. We did last year too. But it is quite the challenge being creative to think of gifts for 20+ people.
How about you- what are you making for others?

I've made 3 birds so far- for the bird mobile (which sounds hilarious). Zach also mentioned switching the embroidery hoops on the wall near the crib to black & white fabrics- so today I'll dig out my suitcase of black & white fabrics- mix it with red and see what we have.

Well back to the crafty grind,maybe it's time for some a hot shower and a hot cocoa.
Here is my SPT picture- I'm wearing the I LOVE SNOW hat I got at Old Navy one year for Zach- but he says I look cuter in it- I won't complain.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Baby Report

With 11 days and counting- I'm feeling a bit enveloped with anticipation of our first. Is this how most women are on arrival of their baby? I guess because I gained about 30ish pounds and have other visual/physical changes that make it impossible for me to ignore my current state.

Tuesday I started putting together our baby swing (Zach had to finish- b/c I was stumped by the terrible instructions guide). It is pretty rad and has an owl mobile attached. I'm sure there are things we requested on our registries that people don't need to raise a child- but as a former babysitter- the swing was always really helpful. My clumsiness was at an all time high yesterday- what with shattering a small crystal cake plate and breaking in 3 pieces (can be glued & salvaged) our mushroom cookie jar top.

Zach's lovely coworkers threw him a baby shower yesterday, which really touched us both. His bosses have been so understanding and just wonderful about the whole thing. They gave him 2 sets of wooden Marvel toys and about the cutest pair of Sketchers ever made! Then they took him out for Chinese food. I was so happy for him and glad one of us got to experience an office baby shower!

I've been making, making, making in little spurts. Up from 2:30-6:30am yesterday I pinned a bunch of holiday gifts for family & the shop. Then on my second shift I sewed them all together. I got a new shipment of organic lavender, from
Shakti Studios.I've been working on new ornaments, men's recycled ties- perfect for the male (or tie wearing mama) in your life. There will be a Shop Update later this week,

On the home front of crafting, I've been gathering materials to make a mobile to go over Hazel's crib. Birds of course will be our theme. I'm choosing felt, fleece and a few cottons in red, white & black. After a month or so they (who is they?- Dr. Sears) say babies can visually start to see other colors. So I'll make sure I can switch the birds out if need be. I'm using an embroidery hoop- 2 in fact. Surprisingly I googled "handmade bird mobiles" and didn't find a whole lot- nor could I find too many to use as a template. So I'm winging it :::: hee hee- a little bird humor! Our advent clothesline is growing as I added 4 more pieces- totaling 22- almost there!
Some goodies I'm working through:::::

Fresh fabrics, Amy Butler's new book and nursing butter- which I'm loving and want to eat.

:::::::::::::Cookie Update::::::::::::::::
Remember this little gal?

She went to the vet yesterday and is doing great! She's very spry- is eating like a little fiend and now weighs a pound and a few ounces! Cookie is about 6 weeks at this point and although those baby blues are now more of a Liz Taylor grey- she's super adorable, fast and alert.

Speaking of cookies- I'm still trying to decide what kind to make this year. Either way I am going to make the batches, freeze them in rolls and just slice & bake.I'll have to go nose around Martha Stewart's website for some recipes and ideas.
More pictures soon- I've been lazy when it comes to photographing my making spurts.
Have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Hazel, Mama is ready...

13 Days and counting!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So baby Hazel is yet to make an appearance. My main rush for her to arrive (other than obvious reasons) is that my tummy has been going haywire in the last week or so- when it had been stabilized- so I'm hoping this trouble will go away once she arrives.

My food cravings are at their strongest they've been my entire pregnancy- from egg salad sandwiches- Olive Garden- Popeye's chicken & rice bowls (yeah I'm a vegetarian) and I just can't eat these things
(some of it I really don't want to- but I feel like I'm starving!).

I guess it is just now a waiting game. I've set up appts with a few pediatricians this week- I know I'm a little behind- but I'm getting to it! There are just so many questions to ask about vaccines, raising a veggie kid (which we haven't yet decided on) but I'd like an open-minded doctor.

This past week I was able to kick out all of my custom orders- so I don't have anything to work on except gifts and a few requests from my husband and sister-in-law. But those I have already started.

Well I am going to try my best to make a tummy friendly- semi interesting dinner to night- wish me luck!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I can check ice cream off my To Do List!

Last night we did a big cleaning- I've been anxious looking around the place thinking "what if I have to go to the hospital now?"- so I feel pretty good about leaving and the state of things. Of course it could be 20 days away- who really knows?!

Jasper and Zach did some Saturday- couch cozying, while I ran to the store to get the ice cream fixings and soy egg nog.

The past two days have been great days for mail! Yesterday I received my lovely fabrics from Hancock, my book
and my nursing butter. Using a lanolin-based ointment was recommended, however after reading about how a lot of lanolin is full of pesticides- I chose this instead. Plus when I used just natural- straight lanolin- the smell was a little overwhelming and the cats kept following me around the house! Then today both of the fleece soakers I bought arrived. I plan to make more- we have a good supply of regular disposable diapers from earth's Best & Seventh Generation to have on hand for the earlier days- till we get acclimated to all the wonderment of baby poo.

Tomorrow we have a dessert engagement with 2 other couples and a cute dog named Maddie. An apple crisp is in order! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 38 weeks tomorrow :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Squeaky Wheel

We've all heard "The squeaky wheel- gets the oil"- my mom has said it to me my whole life. I never wanted to be the squeaky wheel- I guess because I do complain- but usually to people in my life who just listen and I don't expect anything in return.

But in the last few days and just the last year- I've noticed squeaky wheels- really DO get the oil. About 2 months ago we opened a savings account for Hazel at our primary bank. When we went in, the person who helped us was very nice and joked with us about his own children. Because the baby was still in my belly- we couldn't open it as a minor account, it had to be a regular savings.However, jokey guy never told us that when you open an account with less than $300.00 you'll be penalized $4.00 a month till you reach the $300, unless the account is for a child.( which we weren't able to do just yet) So when I checked the baby's account and saw that she was charged $4 I was really surprised. Poor kid- isn't even born yet and she's losing money!! I called the bank and requested the account be cancelled and the funds transferred. I would just open a free ING account. On saying this I was asked what could be done to keep this account? So I was offered the fee to be waved for several months till we reach $300 or once we can change the account into the baby's name and then it would be free regardless. Her account was also refunded the $4.00. It felt really good to get the $4.00 refund and to straighten the situation out. In all honesty- it was the fault of jokey guy (who happens to be the branch manager!!) he failed to tell us. But now we know to ask.

My second Squeaky Wheel moment was when purchasing organic white rice-(a HUGE staple in my IBS diet these days). We purchased 2 bags of it, got it home and noticed bugs in one of the bags. The other was fine- I went through it almost grain by grain. So we went to another shop a little closer and exchanged it (no problem) for another bag- which also had bugs in it ( but of course we didn't see them till we got it home)- how frustrating! I have to get to the store and RETURN this bag b/c I won't be buying this brand again for a while, but I wrote to the company. I explained spending the money, time and gas and I got a nice reply offering a $10 gift card for the specific store. Normally I may not have said anything and just been irritated- but giving a little squeak changed the situation.

I know I have other situations- but I won't bore you anymore! If anything these things taught me to speak up for myself.

In crafty land ventures, here are a few photos of wool & fleece soakers and our almost-finished advent clothesline as well as a new fallish tote I had to make for myself. Zach will fill the odd numbers and I the even.

P.S. I've been craving Cold Stone Creamery, which I've only had like 1-2 times. I of course can't enjoy it- somebody somewhere- eat a big bowl of it for me!
Have a great weekend getting cozy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughtfulness of Friends

I have some very thoughtful friends. They made my wedding and my baby shower great and continue to surprise me with their thoughtfulness. My friend Sue this weekend brought me some adorable baby clothing and one of the best breast pumps on the market- for free. They were going to get donated on the tail-end of a consignment sale and she thought of me. All designer name-clothing of items not exactly in our budget( b/c what baby really needs a Ralph Lauren blanket at full price?) Now washed and folded and ready for being put away. I love a good bargain- and free is even sweeter!

Then she let me go through her woolly knitting stash and pick some hand-dyed wool.3 skeins of a lovely chocolate, some cream, a grey and a skein of autumnal acrylic. How nice of her! I hope that when she's ready for her first baby, I can be as helpful and thoughtful as she's been.

Some days I still feel dizzy and nauseous and I need to lie still or just relax. Some days I just want to be crafty and not move. For a small part of Wednesday- that was how I felt. So I took part in this::::

from the Small Object I put one in each journal I made so far- for the kids to decorate/color on their own. I'm going to cut these out and decorate either the tree, our inspiration line (which is yet to be hung) or make a small mobile. Coloring them was great relaxing fun!

For Jenny

For Mikey

For Lizzie

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nesting by Nature- Not Cause I Hate Ya

Okay so maybe I wouldn't make Naughty By Nature proud- maybe they'd be embarrassed by my dorky reference. Either way- the nesting bug is still pushing forward as it grows increasingly more difficult to lift myself off the floor/rug/couch- I'm still dragging forward.
Monday we took advantage of Zach's extra day off as he helped me better organize the amazingly-generous amount of baby clothing from 2 sister-in-laws, family, friends and thrifts. By size & season-I gave him a mini-tour of where I've stashed diapers,socks and the like. We also started discussing where the Christmas tree will go (YES!). The pack & play was put together, some little books & decorations were rediscovered and scootched around and there was some definite rocking chair sitting. There is an impending trip to Ikea at some point- as well as a trip to the baby store to get this. When we tried it on- we both really liked it.

Here is how my clipboard came out::::

(B&W picture of me & Santa, the sweater design- Zach made me for a mix tape years ago and other pretties)

I also started working on making some holiday gift tags. Every year I struggle with an eco-friendly way of making gift tags. Paper bags,recycled paper-newspaper comics- you get the point. Then I found these adorable- non-holiday specific tags from Fog & Thistle and I was hooked.

You can download and print them for free::: so I cut each one out then attached them to recycled Christmas cards to sturdy them up. Then I'll just hole punch them and string some ribbon through.Voila- Happy Holiday- gift tags.

Yesterday, I started my second collaged journal, this one for my nephew Mike. Zach gave me vintage Donald Duck & Spider-Man to cut up. Who knows what a 9 year-old boy likes these days! I hope he can enjoy it. Today I'll start one for my niece,Tallulah. Hers should be fun to make- she's a ballerina- likes princesses, mermaids the usual cute girl stuff. So I can bust out my fun stickers & scrapbooking extras. I am asking Zach to do the remaining boys (Max & Randall) for fear I just don't know what little boys like.( I already managed to put a SARK quote on my one nephew's journal- I can't be trusted!)

I can't believe I have 18 days till possibly meeting our baby! How exciting! I've been getting contractions here & there- but nothing to write home about. Thursday, I'll see my midwife and then hopefully go on the hospital tour with Z. I've been there before- but very early on in my pregnancy. So I'm excited to see it again. Monday Zach met with a police officer to have our car seat installation evaluated- the officer gave him an A+! He said Zach must have read the directions(which he so patiently did) because no ever does it right or uses this one buckle correctly. Seems he's on the road to being a great papa!

In Etsy land- our Littlest Stitch Kit has been featured in the Gift Guide for Crafters! How exciting!

Today I am determined to make a fleece and possibly a wool soaker to be used with cloth diapers. I've been researching them frantically- looking for the right cut & design. After finding a few shops on Etsy (where I purchased 2 fleece soakers) I'm ready to attempt my own. I'm just going to draft a pattern from a fitted pair of baby undie/bloomers I have and hope for the best. I'll let you know how that goes.

Well, have a great Wednesday and enjoy the autumnal weather and certain buzz of the holidays growing!