Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Attempts

I finally finished a pair of wool soaker longies for Hazel. I made them from one of my favorite sweaters- that after having for years just started shrinking. The pants are very plain. The legs are my sleeves. I left them the same legth, with hope sthese can be worn for several years. Right now our bedroom does not have heat. Although we do a bit of co-sleeping, I wanted Hazel to have toasty,wool pants to romp and nap in. To finish them, I tied them with a recycled bit of t-shirt I used as a cord.

When I first started Hobocamp in 2004, I saved ever little piece of fabric and worked it into another piece, somehow. Well with various moves every year after the creation of Hobocamp.. I started getting lazy. Perhaps it was the idea of packing up bits & scraps or then finding a place in our new home for them- either way both were a challange. I've since started using suitcases, which stack and allow me to savour some of the little bits I am just not ready to part with. This also goes for my growing wool sweater collection. When Hobocamp was a wee toddler, I made a couple of hats from recycled sweaters- listed them and voila they sold! So to keep with tradition I am digging into my sweater collection, mixing some little bits and coming up with a line of recycled caps for babe, kids & mamas and the odd papa thrown in. Sunday was spent sketching,pinning and cutting. Monday night was spent sewing. Today I took some quick shots. I mean very quick. Hazel has a superior runny nose and is in an all-around grumpus mood, so my pictures are not great. BUt this is my first attempt. Hope you enjoy them! Stay warm! The caps, I am lovingly calling Nifty Pixie Caps- will be available this weekish-weekend. They are a mix of creature,pixie,gnomes and whatever else you might imagine.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December in many forms

Well as everyone gears up for Christmas, I'll leave you with an excerpt from A Child's Calendar By John Updike. We lost him this year and he will be missed. One of my favorite authors. I read this to Hazel a lot while in my tummy and now with her on my lap or rambling around the room playing as I read aloud.

First snow! The flakes,
So few, so light
Remake the world
In solid white.

All bundled up,
We feel as if
We were fat penguins,
Warm and stiff.

The toy-packed shops
Half split their sides,
And Mother brings home
Things she hides.

Old carols peal.
The dusk is dense.
There is a mood
Of sweet suspense.

The shepherds wait,
The kings, the tree-
All wait for something
Yet to be,

Some miracle.
And then it's here,
Wrapped up in hope-
Another year!

Be well- Merry Christmas xo

Monday, December 21, 2009

What A Year Makes

Yes! It has been a year since my little babe, Hazel was born. Here she is all decked out with her papa exploring the snow.I should add, she wasn't all that impressed. She kept toppling over and her fingers looked very cold in her mittens. After a few photo ops we headed back in. Maybe next year she'll be more interested in snow.

This was Hazel a less than a month old. Looking at the first snowfall from the warmth of papa's arms.

Saturday night was spent finishing Hazel projects. I also added a quick one for her mama. Matching hats!

We'll be heading up to the tundra of Rhode Island- where I do love it so. Visiting Zach's family then coming back to NY to see mine. Packing,baking today and more little crafts as I get a moment to do so. This morning I am following a lead on wool recycled wool sweaters. xo stay cozy

Monday, December 14, 2009

full speed ahead

I know I have used this blog title before. But as Christmas is a wink away, I need to keep up my steam and get some things in order. As for the partying that took place the last few weeks, here are a few snapshots from Hazel's 1st birthday!

Her Rhode Island Party! Complete with gingerbread cake!

New Radio Flyer from Grandma Judy & PopPop Lou.

The New York Party:

not quite sure what to think of it all! I decorated her highchair with pink tulle left over from our wedding (3+ years ago!).

siblings & cupcakes

Wearing her snowflake crown I made her, along with a cute onesie. Scarfing down a GF cupcake with cranberry apple butter topping. They were delicious- if I do say so myself!

In Hoboland... We have a few new cuffs- just in time for the holidays!

Available in the shoppe!
Order today to have it for the big day!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today is Saturday. Since we are living in very tight quarters these days, we decided to try and have an outside- winter-themed party for H at a local park. Today was the day, but we cancelled. We had read it would be sunny out, then the weather report turned to rain & snow. Such is luck for a December baby. I can only hope by this time next year, maybe we'll even have our own little home- that way no matter what size- we can squeeze our family & friends in all at once.

Today will be spent preparing for tomorrow and running errands. Hazel is fastly out growing her car seat, so we'll be shopping for a new one. Then maybe a few stops in Nyack at some natural stores, Playing Mantis and a new eco baby shop- just to look- of course! When I get home, I'll be making stuffed mushrooms with GF stuffing (shh), meatballs in a cranberry-type sauce and some other yummy GF fare in prep for Hazel's 2nd family party (this is for my side). Have a great Saturday!

Did I mention? Hazel got hr first pair of big girl shoes. Um Yes, Thanks to Grandma Judy, Hazel is sporting green New Balance, with Oscar the Grouch. Here she is trying them out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

on the eve of her first

A year ago around 3:33am I felt my first pain of labor. I'll never forget the feeling, I excitedly lay in bed counting the minutes between the pain. Waiting for an acceptable time before I woke Zach up with "it's time". By 4am I had called my midwife and by 4:10am she had called back to tell me to labor at home for awhile. This was a precious time, I was so scared and excited I didn't know what to do- so I ate. I know, I know they say you shouldn't really, but this was the best my stomach had felt in a long time, so a dark chocolate Snickers and some dark chocolate almonds along with lots of water and some dark chocolate Milanos. I labored till about 4ish, when I could no longer take the pain so on to the birthing center. Through much heavy breathing, watching of Bones and watching Zach eat after I could not- our Hazel Juniper was born at 1:59 am!

The year has flown by. Each day she changes,grows and makes me laugh a little harder. Walking, talking,smiling, sticking her tongue out- what a character. Tomorrow we'll celebrate with a small GF,vanilla cake (made in a borrowed dish from my MIL,it came home with cornbread in it). This weekend the friend & another family party. What a lucky little girl.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the eve of grateful

Charlie's Angels?, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

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Stop by our little shop to see what you or someone you know might fancy!

In other subjects, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. regardless of how you spend it- I hope you get to see the ones you love or do something you love.

I try to remind myself what I am grateful and thankful for on a daily basis. I don't write it down- I've tried but never get the hang of it- however I have mental lists going. I just wanted to share a little of those lists here.

i'm grateful for my amazing daughter and patient husband
i'm grateful for a loving, supportive family
i'm grateful for the days when my medicine is working and i don't remember i'm sick
i'm grateful for a roof over our heads and shoes on our feet
i'm grateful for fresh air-freedom of speech and that special holiday zest
Just to name a few... what are you grateful for?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas about a block away- both equal winter essentially, I've been on gatherer mode. Trying to find GF foods to have through out the holidays and winter. I found a huge bag of quinoa at the wholesale store, which was a great price along with some packets of gourmet hot cocoa which will soon be broken up and divided into individual little gift packets. Of course I wished I could enjoy them, but I have become quite the hot cocoa master- from scratch. I've made a switch over to rice milk, as I had been doing mostly soy milk.

I've been baking more and cooked up a new soup last night. We went to our first kid's party- where they ran around laughing & playing in a gym-like atmosphere. Hazel had a grand old time in the ball pit and by time we got home- I was raring & ready (must have been that soy chai on the ride home) because I put together a big pot of soup. It ended up being sliced sweet potato,carrots,mushrooms, veggie stock & quinoa. Very savory. Now I have a pot of mac & cheese in the oven for H's dinner. Maybe a 1/3 c of cheese, 1/3 c. of sweet potato mashed,flax & nutritional yeast as the topper and some of her formula to give a creamy milk consistency. I hope she likes it. I didn't want to use a lot of cheese because I am really trying to watch our sodium, cholesterol etc.

Since we'll be celebrating Hazel's birthday in 3 different locations, I am trying to make something special for her to open at each place. I'm still working on a wall pocket, A large piece of fabric with pockets- that in the past when I made them I used dowels. But with Hazel's I got the idea of using a nice piece of branch from Soulemama. So that needs finishing, a small quilt I want to make for the doll bed we got her. Then there is the matter of the doll. Her scraparella, I just embroidered the eyes and Why didn't I know it was soo much fun to make doll clothes & accessories?!! Where have I been?! So there's that matter. A crown, a dress to match mine? Oh that probably won't happen. So you see there is craziness! In the shop, we just ordered a screen of Milkshake and Brother- so the boys will be back- hopefully in time for the holidays. What lovely & craziness are you enjoying?

Have I mentioned she's on the loose? Have a wonderful holiday if I don't get back here!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

asking and receiving

The idea has always made sense to me about asking the universe for things. Putting your wants/needs out there and letting the universe and those who inhabit it help you out. It seems to work with easy things and more complex ideas like a soul mate or getting that house you want. In my case recently it happened with a tall wicker basket I found on the side of the road- I have wanted something for Hazel's toys near her crib- but baskets are expensive these days. So I am going to make a bag to go into this tall basket I found. Then I've been checking our local Freecycle and have been gifted with material,baby clothes, g diapers, some great vintage Sesame Street hardcovers, a 35mm Nikon and 2 baby gates,which we especially needed.

Today I found myself at a local thrift in Piermont. Where I found a great piece of wool fabric for some unsuspecting sewing projects, a great vintage kids kimono and a sweet dress for Hazel. On the way out they had 2 huge garbage cans full of garbage bags- full of clothing,vases,artwork it was insane. The more insane thing was that they said they were getting rid of it! So I was free to grab what I wanted! Our living room sliding door is very drafty- since we spend all of our time in that little room we were in need of some heavy curtains to keep the draft out. Bam! 2 long panels of velour lined curtains! In addition I found a bunch of clothes, in great condition. They said they just had too much stuff and needed to get rid of it! Thank you universe!

I recently purchased The Etsy Seller Success Kit by Business Minded and I'm loving the common sense approach & positive tone. It was enough to get my butt in gear and start back with my Flickr account. I've neglected it with everything going on these days. But I realized that I feed off of all of the gorgeous photos & interactions and I also get sales from Flickr!

With that said, I've uploaded some of my new cuffs and I plan on making more this weekend. Staying positive and looking forward to spending time with Zach's family next week. Hazel turns 1 in a little more than a week. Still so much to do xo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Embracing the Caterpillars

Aside from one actual caterpillar who was crossing our driveway during the late summer, the caterpillars I am referring to are my eyebrows. Since high school, I have usually kept them very plucked- no hair out of place- very 1940's chic. I would pluck them to no end and they always grew back- much to my surprise. But in the last few years, I've really gotten tired of getting them waxed. My last experience was while visiting my in-laws in Westerly. I went to a random shop one quiet Saturday morning and had them waxed by a very quiet, older gentleman. Aside from his quick "OK, I"m finished" neither of us said a word. I was the only customer there and when I looked in the mirror it was like a Monet (if I can quote Clueless) From far away my eyebrows looked great, but up close they were a true mess! Instead of plucking the strays he cut them. It was not pretty. This all on the tail ending of me waiting weeks for them to grow out to get stood up by the threader at a local salon. So now, I am embracing my Brooke Shields caterpillars. I am letting them grow in and just taking care of the real rambunctious ones, aren't you happy I shared that!?

Now for something cozy...

everyone needs a little cozy spot every now and then even if that is in mama's basket of new yarn!

In other news, we've (well, I and my parents) have started decorating for Winter/Christmas. Zach does not seemed very excited- but he's always been my little
Ba humbug anyhow. It is just a magical time of year and our little girl is turning one- so I want everything to be festive.

our little autumn leaf faerie

I'm working on two Scraparellas- which have taken waaay to long at this point, it is sort of embarrassing. One is for Hazel and another for a dear friend's daughter. Yes it will be for Christmas and thank God they aren't paying me- because I would feel even worse. But all I can do is harness the power of Santa's elves and get it done. Then that doesn't even begin the list of holiday gifts I need to make or presents for Hazel I want to make.. including our outfits for Thanksgiving! With all the hustle of lights going up on the house, wooden beads draped on the windows, my bird collection in it's winter best.. I am searching for inspiration and a firm kick in the tush to keep the locomotive
(emphasis on loco) moving at full steam! xo Have I mentioned Hazel is having 3 parties?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

veg city

Veg City Diner, was one of my most favorite places in the world to go to. It was located around 14th street in NYC. One of the only places in the area where you could get a vegan meatball parm hero at midnight! Then one day they were gone. But don't let me fool you, I was speaking entirely about myself. I am- veg city. Veg city is the glazed eye, TV on,do nothing look I've had the last few months. Some also use the word couch potato. Running around after an almost-toddler is paying its toll and I'm beat! So when Zach gets home at 7- it is all I can do to hand him the babe- hopefully make us dinner or be smart enough to have something cooked or on the stove and then put her down to sleep. After that the TV goes on (in my defense, Zach works for Television Without Pity and needs to watch in order to edit content and write reviews). I have no real excuse.

So tonight, I will bring the sewing machine into the kitchen and begin. A ritual? I don't know yet, but something I would like to try every week. Shop projects and handmade gifts for the holidays and for our home. I am so inspired and read so many crafty blogs and then feel frozen.. almost overwhelmed by the amount of energy so many people exhibit. With kids? How? Even without kids- working full time?! You are my hero!

I am also going to stop the consumerism. I have been telling myself "oh this is OK, this little thing was on sale". But in the end it all adds up and it all comes from our little nest egg we are guarding.. ( in order to own our own nest some day) so if I can push myself forward through this lump of a moment and learn something- we'll all be better served.

With that said here are some pictures I took for inspiration, yesterday on an adventure with Hazel. Maybe not a traditional place one might look for inspiration, This is Letchworth Village, located in Thiells NY. Built in the early 1900's it was used as a home for disabled,epileptic, and other illnesses or disorders doctors didn't understand. It closed in 1996. We didn't even get out of the car, but as you can see there was some real history here- a lot of it sad, unfortunately. My sister worked here briefly, years ago and she had some happy tales to share. Now it is closed up and a source for ghost stories, double dare ya's, and the unknown. From photos of what I've seen inside, there is water damage, rot,graffiti and everything else you would expect from an abandoned building. It calls me every time I drive by. The piece of a curtain blowing out of a boarded window, the broken glass panes, the old stone. I'm no photographer, but I was happy with what I got from a car window. Zach has said he'd go walking around with me, because it is all paved.

Hopefully next time I'm back I'll have some sights to share- no pressure though!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First of Many

Although we were semi-rained out, we still managed to have a great time. We kept the costumage very simple. A handmade pumpkin hat (thank you aunt Linda) a handmade tutu ( mama) and some very inexpensive (dollar store) wings. The group consisted of my parents,brother & wife, their 3 kids, Zach and us. We only went to the houses that knew us- but Hazel wasn't that into it- just yet.

The remaining weekend was spent rearranging bedroom furniture and books. Switching the books in the living room from my craft/sewing/art books - Hazel's board books etc. This way when she is pulling them off the shelf, she isn't doing any damage. We also rearranged her crib and our bed. Living in a small space- you MUST be able to have an open mind and be willing to try something new. Parts of our space is cramped- so other parts are free of clutter in order for Hazel to play & crawl etc.

Was advised to call my GI tomorrow and then we can go over a new medication. I'm just happy he seemed open to helping me via telephone, because it is a big deal to go into the city to see him. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Trying to e a s e back into gluten free, not that happy about it.. but t r y i n g to stay POSITIVE!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

checking in

The weather this fall has amazed me. Pouring rain for two days straight- now we have a sunny day, with a yard full of golden yellow leaves. gorgeous.

Hermione, our first kitty has been going through something, I took her to the vet and it appears the spell of fleas we had during the summer- must have affected her and she seems to have developed an allergy of sorts. She is nibbling her little, skinny legs down to the bone. She's now on antibiotics and received a shot of cortisone for the itchy & inflammation. So when I see her in peace, sitting next to me- basking in the sun, I'm grateful for us both. A cat, that when we met her at the shelter they were calling "Angel" yet telling everyone she was "vicious" intrigued us. We didn't want a kitten, we wanted the runt- who was a little older (3 at the time) and possibly in need of real love. She is still a very shy kitty and scares easily- but the love she shares when cuddling up can warm the coldest heart. She's even gotten over that slight scratch/bite people thing.

Then there is this girl...

I can't even believe a year has almost gone by. Another holiday season beginning. Halloween starts it all off for me. I'm very excited to get dressed up- in whatever random-fun I can find and take Hazel around the neighborhood. My brother & sister-in-law and nieces & nephew- we'll also drag my parents out too. Still figuring out what Hazel is going as, Zach calls her a mischief fairy- which is very appropriate.

So much to do- 4+ knitting projects in baskets around the apartment- gifts to be finished- 3 December birthdays, including Hazel's first. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

decisions lead to more decisions

(the Hudson River in fall)

When it comes to certain things- I have my decided view point and am usually willing to sway when I hear more details or ahem facts. But on the whole I can be very indecisive. That is why I've been talking about getting a bread machine for a bazillion years now and am yet to get it. Well after reading several Gluten-free blogs over & over some pro bread machine- others not.. I decided to go without. I guess I have always been afraid of bread making and baking in general because the proportions have to be exactly right.. or something tastes funny or doesn't rise etc. I also don't have the right tools.

With the thought of going gluten-free I decided instead of spending money on a $100+ bread machine, I would look for the supplies to bake my own bread from hand- still using a mix- at least for now. So I scoured the web searching for a somewhat comprehensive, realistic list of tools I might need, The Kitchn
had just the thing. So today I am going to try and gather these tools be it new or old.

A quick trip to the fabric shop this weekend landed me with a gorgeous 3 yrds of Heidi Grace mini damask for $1.00 a yard! I bought what was left on the bolt. I want to use this to make Hazel a little jumper and myself a skirt for Thanksgiving.We'll see how it goes.

Here are two of my vintage winter hats I've been sporting.

(a few weekends ago, Zach had a cold and we were trying to find our winter clothing- in tubs in our shed. The shed my parents so graciouslly bought us since our clothes runneth over.)

Have a cozy Monday!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the days in photos

So the rummage sale did not let me down. The first day, I scored a bunch of beautiful & useful items and Saturday I dragged Zach back for more. It amazes me how I can go over a place with a fine-toothed comb the first day- yet when I go back there are gems I've missed!

A couple of vintage berets, a wool skirt, some wool sweaters for felting and upcycling. A pair of jeans that a perfect for roaming around town-running errands or working in the yard with leaves.

Some vintage tablecloths

Some cotton longjohns- which is perfect- I've been looking & trying to collect these!

The haul- the first day!

The last of our nursing. Hazel woke around 1 ish and Zach took a few shots in the dim light of our last nursing session. I've been dealing with it. Hazel has been a true champ and is much enjoying her bottles. This kid has an amazing spirit. She's very much a go-with-the-flow, easy going babe. Maybe her mama should take a few tips from her!

Still trying to have hope this new medicine works. But I am very skeptical as I'm sick every morning for at least 1-2 hours. The weekend is here and so is the rain. Got some light sewing in last night. Made Hazel her witch's tutu for Halloween as well as added some tulle to a new dress for an upcoming wedding. Running to the market,maybe bake some spiced muffins- defenitely drinking hot cocoa and cuddling. Then there is our new obsession,Fringe. Zach brought home the first season and I'm hooked!