Friday, December 21, 2007

A Rusted Root~Apples Simmering~ Kind of Day

So I had been thinking about the band Rusted Root, a lot lately. They were one of the bands that really kept my spirits up. I later learned from a schoolmate that apparently* the singer wasn't very nice. Which made me sad- but the music still gets me excited- shaking all aroun the kitchen.

Last night I finished appliqueing a messenger bag for a family member as well as a scarf for my niece- a custom ordered onesie which will go out today along with baking 2 loaves of banana bread (1- flax,peanut-butter,choc.chip w/ toasted coconut on top- 2 walnuts) I kept one pretty natural and low key. (that one actually came out a bit tastier!- I'll know for next time less is more!)

We also finally rented from our library, 1408. I loooove John Cusack - the movie was very different and a little creepy- but more strange and eerie. What a great movie reviewer I'd be.

Today while peeling apples for apple/cranberry muffins ( which will go in tins and party bags for family- along w/ banana bread-choc.chip peanut cookies, sugar and pumpkin cookies) I was thinking about the things I want if and when we can ever afford a house. I'd like something simple with charm- a little country and maybe a fireplace.. because I've always wanted to have a mantle to decorate. I remember one year my parent's bought this corregated cardboard roll that was colored like bricks and we put it up in the living room- maybe it was silly but I liked it or I liked that they did it for us looking back.
I miss not having a kitchen table to decorate and eat at. As I've mentioned before our apt. is hobbit-like and all we have is a tall counter or the coffee table to eat dinner at. For now it is okay- but I dream of taking my little table out of storage and using all the wonderful new & vintage linens I've aquired over my years of thrifting.
So today I set up the table we use for our shows & screenprinting. Yup! I set that baby right up in the kitchen and decorated it and everything! I'll use it to create the pastry assembly line for later.

I think this will be my last entry till we finish with Christmas. I'll be uploading to Flickr.
Be Well Have a Wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Least Favorite Day- or My 3rd Grade Essay

Just thought the title sounded like something I might have written in 3rd grade. Certainly my grammer is that of a 3rd grader.

This morning I couldn't get up. Actually everyday since we got home from our Hawaiian excursion. The coffee was made at 7am and I was still in bed at 7:30. Jasper ( our fat cat) was jumping on us- and trying to get Zach up or someone to just feed him.
Finally when I got up a few minutes later- I decided I'd wear my new cute jeans-purchased for $8.00 w/ a 20% coupon at Savers. They're grey with a shiny silver stitching on the bum pockets. I thought they'd wake me up or at least be an interesting conversation piece when my friend Suzanne came by later today. I also immediately put PJ Harvey on- her album Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea,her 7th album. I haven't kept up with her work- but I love her and will eventually download/borrow it somehow. I'm similar in that way with so many musicians. Anyhow- now awake wearing silver-pocketed pants listening to PJ harvey I poured some of that morning brew I was jabbering about and after a bit of tinkering on Etsy mostly I'll be able to start my day.

On the beach in Hawaii digging for shells

Our wee Christmas tree

The mustache Tie in our etsy shop

Shroom tote also available in our shop- Vintage Mushroom fabric w/ adorable Kawaii tape

I've been trying to divide time between making holiday gifts- custom orders and new pieces to keep the shop fresh. It isn't easy! But I work best under pressure. The holiday season has come so fast this year- which I know is a ridiculous statement- but feels realistic to say. Since we went away and returned on the 4th of Dec. it has been an utter whirlwind.

We don't really have plans to do any shows at the moment- not as though there is much time. I think since we're doing well on Etsy we'll just work w/that for the moment.

For work Zach had to record a Gift Guide for Wizard to be on Myspace- it's really cute and I'm excited for him!
Check out this video: Wizard Holiday Gift Guide 2007

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When I first saw it I squealed I was so proud and he looked so cute and I've never seen him on any of the tv interviews he's given, I've only heard the radio interviews. So it was fun for a change to actually see what he's done at work.

Another singer I am really enjoying is Lily Allen. I copied my sister-in-law's cd while we were away and now I am obsessed- she's hysterical and has so much sass! Not to mention adorable. The album ( ? hi 1972) has a true flow to it.
With that I say au revoir Pee-wee! ( which is actually a band I heard on NPR) I think they're from the states but are very popular in France. That movie is amazing.
xo Happy Crafting

Friday, December 7, 2007

It is Beginning to Look A Lot LIke Christmas...

Some of th cards I'll be sending out this year. I like to mix it up with different ones. I buy my cards at the end of the holidays for each year-that way they are super cheap! When I worked at the bookstore I was the master of the end of the year sale! Yay~

This year I am really staying away from the mall and it feels good. Last year I pretty much started making everyone's gifts and this year I'll do the same. I also took the Handmade pledge- which just makes me feel good to know others are sort of doing the same thing- or that the pieces I make are going to someone's family member for the holidays and everyday!
Today I worked on making several new coffee cuffs and working on a new tote. I'll upload photos as soon as I'm finished.
This weekend I so want to see Amy Sedaris at the Bust Craftacular- but I've been sick and in a wear-pajamas-craft-mode... and I don't know if i can get out!
Along with printing some shirts- we also need to locate our Christmas ornaments & such and figure out a tree situation! Soo much to do.
Be well and have a great weekend!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Making Our Way Back Home... The Adventure Continues...

Just as Santa has begun his trek across the world the hobos too are packing up their bags and heading back to New York. We've had about 10 days or warm weather- Transformer/princess conversations, steep and beautiful roads,wonderful foliage,beautiful skies , good finds at thrift stores, delicious pastry- but most importantly..the time to get to know my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their two adorable children. When family lives far away it is most important to stay in touch with photos- emails anything to jog the little people's memory about you. But having the fortunate opportunity to visit Hawaii and see Zach's family and my new family has been a really great experience!

I don't look forward to the flying and long hours on the plane- but our two kitties and winter weather await us and that is the best part about coming home. I realized being away from my cats and sewing machine was difficult. I called my mom a lot which I do normally-but Zach and I joked about getting a phone line w/ answering machine for the cats so we could talk to them.. yes I'm cookoo.

This morning we walked into the town of Makawao and had breakfast(veggie benedict). We visited a through shops and I found some really cool stuff in a shop called Collections(who didn't have a website unfortunately) where I found some adorable ornaments to give as little extra gifts. Here is where I was first introduced to the term Frozen Charlotte There was a box with three adorable dolls 1 duck, 1 cat and a bear in a crepe paper dresses with flowers behind their ears made of porcelain. One set was broken up so I only purchased the bear. I forgot the exact name of the set and when I called the owner just said they were Frozen Charlottes. I've tried to look into the creater of this actual one-with no luck yet! The shop also had wonderful what looked like reconstructed jackets out of cotton that were way awesome by Scrapbook Clothing.

Our bags are packed to the brim- I hope & *wish* it doesn't explode- full of my wonderful vintage/thrift finds. Our shop will have some new items this Friday night and continuing into the weekend.

Be Well!