Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Prep

Here is a shot of my coffee cuff inventory. Each cuff has a new sticker on the back that reads"Hobocamp's Amazing Reusable Coffee Cuffs drink coffee & save the environment"- Zach designed the font etc- we were going for an old timey sort of pharmacy-medicinal ad. Zach loaded pretty much everything into the car last night so I wouldn't have much else. I'm still working on some onesies and will save some buttons for the birdie eyes to work on in the car.

I started a list awhile ago that I had really wanted to polish and research against other lists on the web, but who really has time for that? So I share with you my list, I think I've gotten the main- most important items down- however if I've forgotten something, it will be blamed on baby brain.. for which I can not be held responsible!
Craft Show Prep List-
Displays for merchandising
Money/change- money bag or box to contain it
Inventory List
Business cards
Reciept Pad
Book or paper for your Mailing List
Writing utencils
Safety pins, straight pins,clothes pins
Table cloth
Tent Weights
Hangers * if selling clothing
Extra needle/thread *if selling clothing
A project to keep you busy
Magazines or book
Food-snacks- a cooler
Comfy chairs
A sense of humor * especially for slow days and bad weather

Remember be friendly to those around you. Bake brownies or cookies to share with other vendors. If you're by yourself you might need to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your booth at some point.

When setting your booth up- think about your favorite store and what is appealing to yo about it. Using tiered set ups catch the eye. You don't need exspensive pieces to make your table pop. get baskets, cover even a shoe box in fabric and use it to give height to certain products.

Make it consumer-friendly. Try having signs and price tags on items. Sometimes people won't bother asking the price.

* If I've forgotten something- let me know- I'm sure I did! If you're in the Providence area this Saturday, stop by our booth for 10% off- just mention this post.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday- Sharing

Good Morning! While I am still getting everything ready for our own show (which I just found out is expecting thunderstorms) I thought I would share with you one of my new favorite etsy shops. Handgrown Pottery. Leesa has so many adorable pieces and can make custom orders too! They are affordable, precious and just all around adorable!

I purchased a piece, custom for family members, but I am taking the photo down- b/c my hubbie thinks they might read this!

Handgrown Pottery has so many adorable items, I've already started to think about Christmas. Yes, - don't get me started! I want to try and get my making & etsy- purchasing for Christmas before the baby, that way we can just focus on them and possibly wrapping!

So if you are looking for a cute, unique gift for a wedding, birthday or to treat yourself (believe me- I'm next on the Handgrown Pottery List!) check Lessa's shop out- you won't be disappointed!

With that have a great Thursday- Lost is on tonight.. so I may have to ask for Japanese takeout- what a great combo!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh MY Wednesday!

The Sale at Button Chops is Still On!!

I can't even believe it is Wednesday! Damn that day off- it threw me for a loop! We had a pretty laid-back Memorial Day. A little packing, a little BBQ and a little Top Chef marathon action.It was nice to have Z home for an extra day though.

We here at Hobocamp HQ- (we being me and my unborn child) have been feverishly working on our inventory for our upcoming Providence show this weekend. There are still so many pieces that need a little stitch here or a little roll of the fuzzy brush. I made a stop for some more larger onesies- since all of the appliqued onesies we have are between 0-12 months. So we got 18 months and I need to start coming up with something to applique and in less than 2 days!

This weekend I got a text from Suzie over at Suzie's Bride Blog about a great sale Old Navy was having in NJ, especially maternity. So being the sale-lover I am and outgrowing my clothes fast I headed down to Paramus. Once there I realized they didn't have a huge selection so I trotted down to Garden State Old Navy and found a few inexpensive pieces that I think will last for awhile.(op0-------------------------------9)sorry Jasper stepped on the keyboard.. so I left it for you all to see the badness in our house!

On the way home I found the Anthropologie and had to step in. I've shopped on line- but have only been in the shop once or twice. The stuff is great and summery, but I made my way to the Sale section and found 2 pretty, yellow cotton napkins and an adorable dishtowel with embroidered birds- that will soon become a curtain. These hooks, are also something I think I'll get for our bathroom Alphabet Hooks once we get settled. Our move in date is technically June 15th, but technically that is Father's Day and we can't possibly ask for family/friend help. So we'll be doing the big move on June 24th, the weekend before Zach's Mom's wedding- we like cutting it close! whew!

All this when I should be sewing! I had hoped our little preggy tank tops would have arrived so I could wear one and sell the others but, I don't know when we'd have time to print them.
With the living room in a shambles, I should probably cut this short. The real pain is not being able to lift anything to load the car ahead of time!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Day w/ Mexican for Breakfast

New Coffee Cuff, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This little cuff is one of my favorites. It was very simple, but the colors- I just love them. The uniqueness of the Union Jack is what stands out. It's available in my shop!

Last night I met Z in Suffern, (which is our new town we'll soon be living in). We dined at La Hacienda Don Carlo on Main Street. Although we didn't order any ( for fear of missing the movie we wanted to see) they make fresh guacamole right at your table. From scooping out the avocado, to the chopped cilantro and onion. We did have the amazing salsa and chips. The salsa is very thin- but packs the most amazing hot-fresh cilantro punch. Aside from thinking I was locked in the bathroom due to a faulty lock- our dinner was delicious! Next time I'll have to see if they sell the chips and salsa to go- what an ultimate snackie that would be during a movie on the couch!

Next, we went to the Lafayette Theater on Main. This is the same theater Zach and I got married at almost 2 years ago in June. It is alway a great experience- even if I have no tolerance for the annoying tweens screaming behind me in line. Which makes me question my mothering abilities sometimes. What kind of mother doesn't like all kids? A smart one, I think! As long as you love your own, that should be plenty. I hope.

Anyhow, the line we were waiting in was to see Indiana Jones. Zach has not only been writing articles on TWOP all week, but he's writing the movie review as well. So I won't give much away in case you want to see it. There were a lot of funny parts, more than I remember in the older films, but maybe because I was seven when I last saw them. The only complaint I did have was Cate Blanchett's accent. It waivers from Russian-English-Australian and she is a bit of a low-talker in this. Aside from that- I won't say much else.

This morning I was not feeling great. A friend is moving and Z and I were planning on helping. Although I couldn't do much. So, I stayed in and tried to get it together while Z went to help with her move. Which leads me to the title of this post, yes I just ate my La Hacienda leftovers and they were delicious.

With less than a week to go till our First Show of the Season- there are still so many things to do. I'm making a little list-
- Stitch the Hobocamp sign together
-make more pennants to go around the outside of the tent
-start to load car w/ tent,chairs and other items
-make inventory list & tag anything w/out price
-make all signage
-decide what stays & goes
- Fill sandbags with sand
This is just a little bit of what needs to get accomplished. I ordered some preggo tank tops and if they arrive in time we'll be screenprinting them with Snuggle Bunny. I'll be sporting one, of course!

Well Cartalk is on in a few and I promised myself I'd have the dishes done by time the show was on.
Have a happy holiday weekend~

Friday, May 23, 2008


Greys & natural bundle, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

The DESTASH SALE is now going on at Button Chops. I was up till the wee hours listing fabric bundles, scrapbooking supplies and I still have more to come. I think everything is priced to sell- so I hope everyone can find something they'll like.

This morning in bed as Hermione walked all over me unable to decide what spot would annoy me the most- I was thinking about new little totes in adorable vintage fabrics for summer. I have enough on my plate right now- but I think if I use my time right and hope the slight morning sickness I'm having subsides- I just might be able to make them work for the May 31st Show. We'll see how it goes.
Have a good Friday and stop by Button Chops if you need a quick fabric fix or some doodads- just cause!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday - A Day of Man Purses

I want to incorporate cute products, handmade and pregnancy as well in this blog. So I'm going to start showing more handmade baby favs & preggo mom stuff too. But for now- know I tried searching Etsy for manly diaper bags and didn't really come up with any takers. Last night I mentioned to Z, maybe I would ask a crazy messenger bag seamstress on Etsy to indeed create the ultimate diaper bag for him out of any of the following vintage bedsheets we own & covet- He-Man, Transformers or Return of the Jedi. Z seemed moderately excited, then went to sleep! So in an attempt to find the right "manly" baby bag I bring some I've found just searching the webisphere. ( is that a word? Did I just make that up?) Cool!

First Up: Diaper Vest™ Wearable Diaper Bag - Orange (L) for 82.00. I don't think Z would go for it. A- he doesn't like vests and B. where do you put the dirties? um ew! But I love the color and think it is a great alternative to carrying a bag around.

Next: My personal favorite and one I think Z will appreciate. He mentioned getting a camo diaper bag last night during our conversation somewhere before drifting. This is from Diaper Dude for 59.99.

The next one I found is a variation on a regular messenger bag and just very stylish:

This is 44.98, the bookbag version is also available,
for 39.99.

All pretty affordable,good looking and manly..but I don't know if any of them say- Zach, I mean look at my cutie..
he needs something as unique as he is. I won't even get started on not finding the right bag for me... maybe the magical seamstress will make me a diaper bag out of my vintage Strawberry Shortcake or Harry Potter sheets??

In other lands, my decision to stop taking custom orders was short-lived. As I just took on a wholesale order for 15 coffee cuffs for a coffee shop in Iowa. I need to get cracking! Luckily I had started some of the work ahead of time and a few pieces are already in stock. My sewing table's gurth is increasing with the large amount of denim aprons and appliqued pieces I have piled up. All of which I want to finish before our Providence show. Including making myself a cute preggers reconstructed tee of sorts.

I must stay away from TV. Either a book on tape, music or NPR is all I am allowing myself till the end of May. I swears! Tonight however- I think I'll be dragging the hub to Target to see what good sales they might have on pregnancy clothing. I'm running out of appropriate pieces~ I have a doctor's appt at 10:45 today. My nauseau is even slightly tappering... but I say that in a W H I S P E R... b/c I'm afraid that talking about it will bring it back. Shhh!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sales, Organic Dark Chocolate and a Day with Mom

This morning I climbed out of bed to the sound of Jasper scratching outside the bedroom door. He had been locked out- so Hermione could eat her breakfast in the bathroom, in peace. I was in the middle of yet another crazy pregnancy dream and trying to keep myself from sleeping on my back.

Breakfast consisted of a colby cheesestick by Horizon, a Stonyfield Farms yogurt drink and a V-8. I knew once I got to Mom's I could make an actual lunch. So I packed my Pine Point insulated bag( husband's former family school) with sandwich makings and hit the road to my parent's house.

I always enjoy bringing a large bag with me of the new Scraparellas to show my family ( which my father seems to really get a kick out of) as well as appliqued goodies to show off. My parent's are pretty supportive which is nice.

Later that day I dragged mom to a bridal shop so I could get a dress for my cousin's wedding in November. Of course I'll be needing a maternity bridesmaid's dress so I tried a few on and found one I could live with. The entire thing was pretty painless.

Afterwards we stopped at the new, huge Stop & Shop. There much to my happiness I found that Nature's Promise ( Stop & shop's mostly organic brand) had indeed started making chocolate bars. Organic, dark chocolate with almonds! All for the great price of $1.99- of course I stocked up. How exciting!

When I got home from my adventure I started going through some of my messier fabric-paper-bead habitats. Only to realize I need to start Destashing before we move. SO, I've been putting together some great fabric bundles. The prices are still being worked out. I'll also be offering paper products possibly along with the fabric bundles or scrap bags. This will be offered in my other shop Button Chops. This is where I sell supplies etc. The sale starts May 23rd. Be Sure to Check it out! I'll Be POsting Flickr pics of the exciting items to go up for Sale.
Have a great one!

New Tote W/ the Girls

New Tote W/ the Girls, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a tote I had made possibly last summer. It wasn't getting looked at at shows it was a bit too long and I added the 3rd bright flower. Now I think it pops a bit more. I do that a lot. I guess I can't just finish things or let them sit sometimes. If it isn't selling I'll take it down from the shop or in between shows re evaluate the cuteness and try to add something else that flows.

I even found changing names of items on Etsy is a good way to mix your shop up. Changing a name and then relisting it. Sometimes items that have the product description work and sometimes various random names work.. it is sort of a toss up!

The two little ones in this tote are coming with me to Providence at the end of the month. The little owl poking out, I made a very long time ago and think I actually forgot to add it to my Etsy shop.

I'm working on a list to post in the next week or so on MUST HAVES for CRAFT SHOWS. So look for that in a few days or so. I'm trying to come up with a good place on our table to house the little Scraparellas. I had been using a circular, vintage suitcase..but the litter has grown, For the photo shoot the other day I used a vintage picnic basket- but both are stuffed to the max!

The sun is shining- but it feels bitter cold out. I know I have to get dressed and run errands but I just can't get out of my fleece robe. I'm running out of pregnancy clothing too- so things here are getting a bit harried.

Well I suppose I should start something. I started a new little seahorse design. Zach designed it- I've already added it to a few children's american apparel tees using very vibrant fabric for their bodies. The t-shirts are black so I wanted the applique to be friendly and welcoming. It is still in the early stage- but I'll be sure to share when I finish.
Be Well

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Morning = 12 weeks!

Howdy Gals! New fabric!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I guess I was expecting too much. It is just that almost all the books I've read and the friends I talked to all said they were usually better the beginning of the 12th week. Just as quickly as it came it was gone. I'm still waiting for the gone part. But at least I felt well enough to feed the cats and enjoy a V8 juice, a colby Horizon cheese stick and a grapefruit. I would love to feel the energy to make Zach breakfast possiblly french toast. He's still asleep so I have some time.

This little pic is just one of the new fabrics I got for the summer. I am in love with the cowgirls they're so sassy!

Last night we did another run of blue inked Snuggle Bunnies gearing up for the Providence show. Color Combos we love? Olive tee W/ blue and purple/plum tee W/ Blue ink. They just pop! Right now we are using an ink that needs to be heat-gunned. But we've decided to switch to something a little easier that can dry in the sun a more natural way. So we'll be ordering that and a new screen design in the upcoming week.
Another little find to share, is this cute little tote Adorable Little Critters I can't get enough of it! The handle needs some repairs and chances are it may just make an appearance on a crafty shelf to preserve the needlework.

Well tomorrow I have an appointment at a local bridal shop to find/order a bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding in November. It should be interesting trying to figure out how to gauge how big I'll be 2 weeks before giving birth!
Have a great Sunday

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday- My Hubbie's Birthday!

I thought I was feeling better- but the trash can has a different story. Up today since about 6:30. I laughed at the thought of Zach getting to work and seeing a million screaming girls & women due to the New Kids on The Block concert at Rockefeller plaza. So I warned him by text. It is his birthday, I suppose I could have lied and told him they were all there for him. Although he would have picked up on the signs.

My new favorite obsession is Stonyfield Farm's yogurt drinks. I tried eating the Yo Mommy yogurt despite the non-vegetarian fish oil added. I figured if I was going to cheat in my 10+ years of being a veggie I would cheat for the thought of aiding in my pregnancy. But then all I could think of was the fish oil. So needless to say they're still in the fridge. However Stonyfield's smoothie yogurt drinks are vegetarian and I've found vanilla to be my most favorite.

Well last night was a good, yet disappointing night of TV. Of course the Office was one let down. Don't get me wrong it was damn hysterical- I'm referring to the Jim/Pam lack of engagement! C'mon Andy & Angela? I hate Angela w/ a passion. The fact that Phyllis now has something to hold over her head was worth seeing Dwight's pasty- pale naked back. Amy Ryan was awesome- we debated for the first 5 minutes if it was her, after seeing Gone Baby Gone last week- I knew it! Has Michael met his match? I hope so- then What is the deal w/ Jan and her bun? Crazy stuff!
Lost was a bittersweet cliffhanger- but what else is new?

Yesterday I started creating a new Hobocamp table sign. I made it like a pennant. The fabric is cut into rectangles w/ pinking shears along with felt letters a birdie and our bindlestiff.

It still needs to be sewn together with a piece of fabric on top connecting them.I used 5 different fabric designs that I liked together~ The sign will say "Hobocamp" straight across- our coffee table is a bit small- so I had to double stack it. I think I'll get some muslin to go over the tables under the sign.

Well time to get to it. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Believe it or Not!

Yesterday we went to meet our little peanut baby. We had our first sonogram. Here is little baby Oat who looks like their waving. I have to say after hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby I felt more connected. But just as that feeling was sinking in we needed to sit down with a doctor who told us all about the tests done at the 18week mark. It was really scary. I tried to listen and really hear what he had to say- but he wasn't my doctor, we were in a very small awkwardly sized room and again all of these terrible possibilities were scary. We left there knowing okay, I will talk it all over with my own doctor next week and most likely get the testing done.

Either way everything looked good and I scanned & shared the pic with family members near & far.

All long with meeting the peanut, we dashed to sign our new lease- dropped Z off at the train and met in the backyard with a photographer for the Rockland Magazine shoot. The photographer was super nice and I think the set up was very cute- I can't wait to see the issue. It will be coming out in the July/August issue. The magazine though, only is available to those who subscribe to the Journal News- so hopefully we can grab a copy.

Here are a few sun-washed shots I took before we moved the set over out of the shady/sun.

Zach's new office overlooks Rockefeller Center- he is at 30Rock. Which is fitting b/c he loves that dang show! He already spotted Amy Poehler and the rapper The Game. Tomorrow is his birthday and I hope after work we can go celebrate- possibly with Indian food and a movie. If I haven't shared where he's working these days it is called Television Without Pity. It has become a daily read of mine and I'm really enjoying it! He's written 3 articles so far you can find under Movies Without Pity- Swayze Supremacy, Fists of Fury and Panthro's Getting Too Old For This. I guess I'm biased but I love reading his writing!

My sewing table is full of pieces yet-again. I worked through the Tudors cutting- pining- and appliquing items to be sewn. So now they're waiting- giving me the stink eye. I really love to go thrifting- maybe just my two favorites Grace's and one in Piermont. It has been quite a while. Too bad I'm just not feeling that good. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So I've been driving around town wearing this cozen- polka dot fleece robe. I think I'm funny. Yesterday it was rainy out and I actually wore fleece pants out in public to run errands. I'm starting to run low on clothing that fits. Luckily the two pair of fleece pants I own are super stertchy! I never wanted to be a lady about town in fleece pants- but somewhere between gaining a few pounds of baby wait and wanting to just feel cozy- there I am!

Yesterday I accomplished a good amount on the ye ole sewing machine. I even finished a shirt for myself which I'll be sporting tomorrow. I'm getting ready for our show at the end of the month (Providence Open Market).

Today I need to come up with some new Scraparella Patch It Kits that come with the little ladies, as well as package the coffee cuffs to be hung from this little metal rack my father use to use for baseball card shows. Well I still have a few unfinished projects and some photography.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rainy Day Monday- New : Beginnings

I drove Zach to the train station this morning. Like his first day of school. He looked very handsome off to start a new job. Our days now will be farther apart, in that he'll be going in earlier and getting home later. But I think he'll enjoy commuting to NYC- I did when I worked there.

Since I found out I was pregnant I've been trying to find alternatives to regular plastic bottles and sippy cups- for the future and my registry. I came across this article in Cookie Magazine that offers a bunch of alternatives and this is my favorite.

I was planning on using glass and then when I saw this I flipped- great idea!

Feeling a bit better sipping on my blackberry IZZE drink. I need to run to the market and drop some movies off. We're in for some serious rain as the news tells me.

Here is a bit of what I need to accomplish in the next few days:
-Photograph new items as they come off the machine
a) Franny my new Scraparella Dollie
b) new owl striped tee
c) red pincushion
d) owl stuffie head
e) add buttons to an already sewn tote

Run to the bank
Pick up a tote from AC Moore

Well just a quick little post ~ stay dry xo

note: sometimes I misspell words so forgive me I actually just overlooked the spelling of : beginnings !

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I got new Kicks!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant. The last 3 days I felt pretty darn good! I'm hoping that in just 1 week I'll be feeling much better. Last night I was finally able to finish a few projects on my sewing machine and maybe take a few shots today. I've done a good amount of applique work on recycled and new t-shirts for kids and adults- as well as finish up a cute tote bag I had designed months ago and never quite finished.

My husband is starting a new job tomorrow in NYC- luckily he can wear jeans to work- so we stopped by TJ Maxx got him a few pair and then I found the beauties you see here. Cotton- seersucker Converse! I haven't had a low pair of chucks in years! So I was really excited to find these. I've been looking for a cute pair of about towner shoes.. and now I've got them!

This morning we all gathered at my brother's house for Mother's Day. He over cooked as usual! Bagels, cheese, crackers, waffles, eggs, potato pancakes and a bunch more. My mom even brought a coconut cream pie- which was a little on the sweet side but super delicious! My sister gave me an adorable maternity dress- which if it fits will be worn at her graduation next weekend. We left bellies full and now Z is taking a cat nap and I'm catching up on taped Degrassi Jr. High The New Generation. I grew up watching this dang show and I still love it! So I was happy to find a block on Sundays when the latest shows air.

A little good news- we got the apartment we looked at the other day. I'm super excited! It will be nice to have all of the things we've been going with out. The things I am referring to are 1- a bath tub rather than a small shower ( a preggo needs to get her bath on!) 2- room to set up our kitchen table ( sitting on a couch to eat dinner is not my idea of dinner) 3- more than 4 windows of light and so on. Our move isn't till June 15th- but we still have tons of packing. Now it will be that much MORE difficult b/c I can't really lift boxes, spackle or paint- so I'm already feeling a bit useless. But alas I'll work something out.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day & a great week~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shop Update

Apple Nibble Coffee Cuff, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Good Morning! I've been up since about 5. Last night I didn't get much sleep- I haven't been sleeping well- period. As long as I get a nap I'm usually ok.

This little coffee cuff was just added to my shop his morning as well as a few other cuties. I love the way it came out with the bite and the little ribbon stem. I wasn't sure what to do with this fabric because the colors are so vibrant and pretty but it can be a bit busy. I think think crisp apple works well.

Today is pretty rainy out. Either way Zach and I are going to check out another apartment. This is the one in my girlfriend's complex. Wish * us luck!

Yesterday I was interviewed by a local magazine regarding an article on women who have online businesses. The conversation was about and hour and a half and I just hope I didn't say anything to silly. I get nervous and I guess tend to over talk especially when you're being asked questions and it is sort of a one-way conversation. Well I don't recall saying anything too ridiculous- so that is a good thing. In a week or so I'll meet up with the photographer to set up a shoot. Exciting!

This morning after dropping Zach off at work I'm on to my parent's house. I need to take my own blood sample ( finger prick) for a pregnancy blood exam. I am a huge baby so I am going to the best source to assist me... my father, John. He's been taking his blood sugar level by having to prick his finger for the last 10- 12 years so I hoped he'd be a bigger help than my squeemish self.

Yesterday I received an adorable little card and a tiny box in the mail. The box contained a teacup charm for my Pandora bracelet. It was really sweet of my mother-in-law. It was my Mother's Day gift.

Well it is time to wake Zach and start the day-

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aprons and Bagpipes

New Craft Show Apron, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a new little craft show apron I made. It'll be in the shop today- I promise! I've sort of fallen off the listing train. Making things- even photographing and then not quite getting the listing together. You would think being sick on the couch would welcome a little description and listing time on Etsy- but no - it is more about napping.

Well napping when my next door neighbor isn't practicing his bagpipes. yes his bagpipes. We live in a predominately Irish neighborhood, that every year has one of the largest St. Patty's Day parades in the country- so their pipers need to practice. I love the bagpipes- but when the piper might as well be in your kitchen, your head is spinning and your dry-heaving- a piper is the last thing you wanna see!

In any event this cute little apron number has 5 pockets for pens, moula, snickers bars and business cards. It is made with new and vintage fabrics and even has a canvas loop on the bottom to hang your keys, sunglasses or a candy cane. I'm happy with how it came out~

Last night we watched Dreams in the Witch House. Umm it was interesting and the main actor had a similar likeness to Justin Thereaux who I love ( my husband knows)- Justin is one of the main guys on the S.S. Hottie- which I'll tell you all about sometime. Anyhow- it is a part of the Master of Horrors series. Action-packed and hysterical if you like rats with human faces, bloody crucifixes and slum lords. We enjoyed it while chowing down on my craving of the day- bean curd w/ veggies,garlic sauce & veggie fried rice.

Infact I'm enjoying it now too- I wonder is 10:00 am too early to have leftover Chinese? Eh- can it ever be too early for garlic sauce?

Have a great day & I promise to update the shop for real!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yay Friday is Here!

Detail- Apple and worm, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is an adorable little lightly-worn, long sleeve shirt in turqouise. Super soft cotton that ties just below the bust. I appliqued a big red apple with a little curious worm popping out. I just adore him! This will be available in my shoppe this weekend! I've also added a few photos of some of my newer pieces to my Flickr page if you'd like to have a look-see.

We're still looking for an apartment and may have found one
*fingers crossed* it is in the same complex as one of my best friends- so you can't beat that!

So I ust ate a delicious chocolate ice cream bar with vanilla ice cream inside and loved every moment of it.From what I gather, you can do these things at 1pm in the afternoon and not have an ounce of guilt.

I spoke with one of my oldest friends who lives in Mass. We talked for over an hour, which was really nice to hear her- since we don't see each other very often. A group of us want to get together to see the Sex & the City movie that comes out on May 30th- It is such a fun little show.

I'm glad I photographed pieces yesterday because the weather is pretty chilly and rainy. The cats and I have just been cozying up on the couch for the morning- but the sewing machine is calling me. Perhaps Mommy's Bliss Morning Sickness, might actually be helping me-
I'm craving a Frappuccino?! I didn't drink them on a normal day! What do I want one now for? This weekend Iron Man comes out and Zach is VERY excited for it. Maybe I'll sneak in some ice cream or a decaf frap- (do they make those?) into the movie theater!

Hope all is well- Happy crafting or eating- whatever you're in the mood for these days!