Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today was a pretty good day! I sold one of my latest listed bags Where the Green fern Grows. Today at work I finished organizing the library. My book seller days have come in handy! I've been reading a book on Celiac Disease-which supports a gluten-free diet. It's amazing how much gluten is in everything! I'm not sure if this is what my problem is- hopefully after the test next week- we'll know.

The bag I sold: Off in the mail tomorrow! **waving*

Tomorrow I am going to work for a few hours- unexpectedly- but always welcome! I was able to find a dress for both weddings for $35.00! Very exciting~ I puchased a new plant the other day with tiny pink flowers sort of a ground covering type. Now I need to come up with an interesting pot for it. I've been looking along the roadside for old metal washbins or the like. My mom had one in the yard she offered me- but I know she really wanted to use it in a similar way. Sunday is the best day to pick up stuff like that. People put things out for the Monday morning pick up.

We borrowed the Prestige last night from the library and just finished it. Christian Bale is just an amazing actor, I really enjoyed it! We watch too much tv- even if we do only have basic basic cable! I went to the library and grabbed a few crafty/decorating books. Seems the Denyse Schmidt book was in transit. I'll have to just buy it eventually. They did have the 2nd season of Northern Exposure, which I had reserved- obsessed. I enjoy having the radio on while working or something going on the laptop. The Tv is way too bothersome- with commercials and junk I can't stand to work. But with all the new-fangled DVD sets- I have instant interesting material to work with!

In Street Team News : I've got to figure out a way to set up the Hudson Valley Meet Up. I am craving a creative meet up- it's really nice to know there are other Etsyians out there~ now it's just a matter of getting us all together at one time!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Late Night

I missed Medium reruns tonight because we started watching Traveler- now I wished I hadn't! Finally spoke to my brother after 2 weeks. I hope everything is okay and back to normal. I still feel anxious.

There wasn't much accomplished tonight. I cut out some fabric for a tote. I am just feeling so sleepy. I can't wait till they figure out what is wrong with me. Luckily the doctor asured me "I don't think it's cancer", oh well thanks for that! I hadn't even thought of that as an option.. till now! Hermione is still acting off. Jasper was playing lover boy in the shower rolling all around and then stretching and looking back at us with love in his eyes. Such a ham!

I'm off on Friday, with hopes Thursday night I can pin a bunch of stuff to get ready for Friday.

Here is our Self Portrait Thursday

nighty night xo

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Despite my discomfortable tummy I was able to create a few bags this weekend. 4 to be exact. Here are a few photos of 2 of them.

Flowers Zach came home with for me!

So beautiful and huge!

We've decided since June is adopt a cat month, we'll be donating all online sales to the Hi Tor Animal Shelter where we adopted Hermione. I have to create a new banner today.

The weather has been beautiful and the container garden looks be growing well. Soon we'll have spearmint, basil, tomatoes, lettuce and maybe even rhubarb ( from Lou's garden) to harvest.

We didn't really hit the garage sale circuit this weekend, trying to save! I did purchase some fabric pieces last week on etsy- so I'm look forward to that coming. I also recieved some awesome trims,old snaps and bindings etc from which is also the shop of So an over abundance of notions led to me purchasing a red metal unit from IKEA to keep everything neat & orderly.

Off to photograph some more totes and create the new June Header for etsy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kitties and More xo

Since we had so much fun and success at the Providence Open Market, we've decided to add on a few more dates. We'll be at the PROM as I am calling it these days on June 30th. I need to continue making a few items every day/ weekend. Here is a shot of the apron I just finished.

Here is a photo of our Jasper- getting comfortable in the bedroom door~

The cats are slowly becoming friends. Although Hermione's demeanor has defenitely changed. I read this is normal.. I just hope it doesn't last too much longer we miss her old kitty self.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Opening Day~ Providence Open Market May 12, 2007

This was the first Providence Open Market in Rhode Island. After a few bumps in the road everything- worked out to be a wonderful success! We were able to meet some great craftspeople, including our neighbors Michelle & Nathan. Michelle specializes in children's clothing, burp clothes,onesies and other adorableness. Here are some photos of our booth, the Market and some of our friends from Etsy:

Alissa of MewPaperArts,

Nancy of Sassy Glass and Darlene of Ursula & Olive~

We really enjoyed the day- and look forward to seeing everyone again. We also introduced our new line of tee- shirts

We have Rodeo Radio tote bags and men's shirts at our etsy shop.

During our weekend in RI, we made a stop to our favorite shop~ Rocket to Mars.I found an awesome vintage yellow slip with light pink lace for $5.oo ,a vintage linen collared shirt with lucky horseshoes all over as well as some vintage linen fabric with flowers on it.

Sunday on our drive home we stopped at a fleamarket right outside of Pawcatuck-where I picked up another vintage slip, some more vintage fabric and some awesome kitchen canisters- made from ceramic to look like tree trunks- with glossy-colored pears on each one- labeled FLOUR-SUGAR & COOKIES. I'll post pictures once everything is washed.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Hospital, OddONES & Garage Sales

So Thursday I landed in the emergency room- long story long day- No one knows what is wrong with my stomach.

Luckily I was able to go to the ODD Ones Bizarre in Harrisburg,PA. Here are the photos I took:
This us our booth and North Street- Behind us you can see THe Mantis Collective HQ.

We got to meet Emily from DisCArds


& Tara the Co-Directors of Mantis Collective and their awesome pieces:

We had a lot of fun at the Bizarre.Harrisburg was a neat town a good place to walk and see the neat scene. It was a beautiful day- we both got sunburn. As always we spend half our profit on crafts that others made.

Zach's tee from SquidFire:

The awesome brooch with the kitty leaning over the fishbowl is from DisCards- it looks like Hermione & Jasper

Overall- it was a great day- we met some Etsyians and other crafters- had a yummy shake and sold our wares. It always feels great to make something and see how people react to it- especially if they like it enough to buy it. My bags the totes, were a big hit. Other big sellers were the Brotha t-shirt of Desmond everyone's favorite Scotsman on LOST- Along with some of my makeup zipper pouches. They're planning on another one for September - it was defenitely worth the 3 1/2 hour drive 7 in total!

Today we hit a few yard sales Zach found a ton of toys for work and his collection. I picked up a shelf for the bedroom ( I painted it yellow) as well as some vintage pillowcases,a pr of jeans,a few table cloths and a silver Le sport sac!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Here are a few thrifted items we found. I found an awesome vintage dress and a sweet peasant top. The dress looks pretty old and actually fits well. Zach also found me a Strawberry Shortcake tin lunch box to go with my collection of SS kitchenware.

I can't wait til tomorrow after work- I feel like a little kid! We have a show on Saturday in Harrisburg,PA. We are both off and plan on getting everything oraganized for the show. Then maybe we'll hit the VegCIty for lunch- we've never been to their new location!

I'm on season 5 of Buffy.I also joined Mintd today.