Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Favorites

This bench, on the Hudson. I've sat here before- but now we pass it by on the way to my mother & father's house. In the summer and fall it is the perfect lunch spot.

This little girl: She warms my heart. Just being near her I feel privileged.. Sometimes I cover us snuggly on the couch and just stare down at her.

These guys! I am loving Supernatural! I loved Jared Padalecki as Rori's boyfriend in Gilmore Girls and seeing him in his own show with monsters is just awesome. We started with the 3rd season- b/c that is what we had, so now I've been Netflixing the 1st season. funfun!

Happy Friday xo

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our First Play Date

So today Hazel and I met at a coffee shop for our first play date (ahem) someone slept through most of it and it wasn't me! We met two lovely ladies and their darling daughters both around 3 monthsish. It was nice to meet new mamas who are also up in the middle of the night due to their new little bundles.

I brought a b-milk bottle and fed Hazel. I wish I were coordinated enough to breastfeed in public, but with the latching issues we currently have it is difficult. I'm not quite at the point where we could be discreet as others- sometimes- most times she latches and it hurts and we need to go through the latching process several times before I can get a good fit- I don't know if that is appropriate to do in a place that serves frappacinos.. what do you think?

Our little shoppe is like the little engine that could- although I have been some what of a negligent business owner in the past 2 months- the hobo train is pushing forward, as we are approaching our 400th sale.

I promise new things to come- just stick close and I'll surprise you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meat Party 1.17.09

Meat Party 1.17.09, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This post is a little overdue- but I was busy stealing these pictures from my mother-in-law's photo account! So this is what 100 lbs of meat looks like. Pretty scary, huh?! I too was not that interested in the idea of eating it- more of the idea of this as a family tradition- which I always love.

My father-in-law has many traditions his mother or father passed down to him- mainly in the arena of cooking. It was amazing to see these 4 men working on this special soupy recipe in such a serious way. Oh sure there was fun to be had as well, but this was also a get-down-to-business situation too!

I forget what the final count of soupys were but I did get to see them curing in the root cellar and Zach has been enjoying the fruits of last year's labor ( Lou's not his) since this party. I think it was a nice way for him to spend time with other men and to learn a tradition. Hazel and I and Zach's mom decided to continue our own tradition at the Sale rack- so we high-tailed it to T.J.Maxx.

It years to come we'll tell Hazel about this and she might not believe it- so pictures will come in handy. Have a delicious Monday- I'm going to eat some soy bacon!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Family, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Our computer/ internet has been sooo slow I haven't been able to upload a thing! Now at 3 am I am pumping b-milk and the computer is super fast!

Alton Brown is on keeping me company and Jasper is asleep on the couch. Little does he know he has a vet appt. at 10. No shots,just and exam. I'm curious to see his weight.

Hazel is growing so much. She's into 3 months and 3-6 months. I am curious about her weight too, maybe I should bring her to the vet as well?

Thursday after watching "The Devil Wears Prada", which Zach got me and I didn't think I would watch nearly as much as I have so far ( pretty much my new favorite)- I decided to rearrange the furniture. I had been getting the itch for a few days- so I put H in her birdie swing and started moving the couch. To my surprise Zach liked it!

I also signed up for 2 Mommy groups on I am starting to get a little stir crazy and really feel the need to meet other like-minded mamas. Both are within 10 miles and in nice areas of Rockland.

For Christmas, Zach's Aunt Linda got me 2 sleins of a gorgeous organic hand-dyed yarn in a celery color- I'm trying to figure out what to make with it. Something simple- that is a given!!

I need to go food shopping- our fridge is empty- is that what most new parent's fridge looks like?

There was talk of a trip to New Paltz this weekend. Just a drive up the Palisades and maybe a walk around town- a visit to the Salvation Army and maybe lunch or hot cocoa- maybe we'll pack something. I just wanna take some pictures of the mountains and snow and Zach and the baby. I love it up there and can't wait to show Hazel!
Have a wonderful weekend and stay cozy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wonder

Mama & Baby Legs, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I took the picture yesterday, I was borrowing a pair of my mom's legwarmers and changing the baby. Just the difference in the size of our legs is amazing. Plus her little tiny froggy legs warm my heart.

I've been visiting my parent's house a couple of times a week since my pregnancy. So once H arrived- there was no reason to change this ritual.

Yesterday was no exception- as we picked up a chai (drive-thru) of course and headed North to my parent's. We made perfect time to see Obama's big day. Michelle looked amazing and I just couldn't get over my sense of pride that we elected this man. I remember in college voting and a few of the suitemates had voted for Bush- man did I feel helpless when he won, I am glad things turned out the way they did.

We started using reusable diapers. The Bum Genius 3.0 are wonderful! The inside hardly holds any pee and so I can reuse them shorty after air-drying them for a bit. The Fuzzi Bunz was a little less than wonderful as H used her chance to poop- a very runny-down-her-leg poop, which then stained the outfit she was wearing. The FB diaper did come very clean though lol. I also started using Thirsties covers- which don't leak- but the prefold was sooo soaked!

Friday I have an appointment with a new Gastro doctor. I'm still not back to normal. Some have said- well you have to expect this after having a baby- which is fine- but I've also read that after 2 weeks most are back to normal. Anyone have any stories? I'm wondering if it is just me?!

Our little shop is still puttering- but I aven't had much time to take pictures, sew or add new items. I'm hoping somehow- somewhere I can find a block of time to play.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Feels Like Monday

Girl Bear, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I think this may be the longest break i've taken blogging in a while. It isn't b/c i didn't want to .. i have several unfinished posts- never posted- it is more of the fact that things have been busy around Hoboland. So busy I haven't uploaded my pictures- so I'm using an old favorite- girl bear.

I've also decided to stick with Hobocamp for now. It would just be too confusing to switch- with all of our official paperwork and little fan-base knowing us as those sweet-loving hobos. Besides with all the traveling we've been doing, little Hazel has earned her own little bindle to tote.

Hazel is growing in leaps & bounds and in the middle of the night- with her in my arms I keep thinking how blessed we are. She's been sleeping well through the night and i usually wake to feed her before she wakes on her own. I feel more rested anyhow.

Our trip to RI was as usual a hoot! From loving grandparents to hold Hazel- homemade pizza and 100lbs of sausage meat (that is another post to come) all & all it was great fun. We even got to see a bit of a New England snowfall.

During our New England jaunt, we also visited a sweet little shop in CT, called Peacock Organic. We received a gift certificate for Christmas. We purchased a Moby wrap in a deep red and two reusable diapers ( bum genius 3.0). I like them all ready and highly recommend a visit to this shop.

I'm STILL in nesting mode, if you can believe that?! We are trading a mattress/frame for a lovely, old chest of drawers from Zach's mom. Hazel's clothing is outta control. If we want her to start at least taking naps in her crib- it needs to be free of all laundry.. so a trade is in the works.
Then we'll need to find a trunk. Just for the edge of our bed, nothing special.. a place to sit and put on shoes and hold the ever-growing mound of toys this little girl has accumulated- again babies have soo much stuff!

Well typing with a little one asleep in your arms is not as easy as you'd think! Be Well

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full Circle

:::::::::::The Hudson River on a Cold Winter Day::::::::::::

There is something to be said for venturing out of your comfort zone, away from family-friends and your childhood memories. When I was a teenager- I couldn't wait to get out of this God-forsaken county and M-O-V-E away. After college, while working for the union- I did just that. I lived in Indiana for about a year- very different from NY- but because I worked so much, I never really got to explore or really call it home.

Then I lived in the Bronx for 1 1/2 years and Brooklyn 6 months- and after a messy relationship of dividing possessions (some of which were never returned to me- but I'm not bitter!) I moved back to downstate, NY. Luckily, in the time I was gallivanting ( as my mom would say), Zach was making his way from Connecticut to NY. The following summer, we met and have been together ever since.

Now we live a couple towns over from where I grew up and from where my parents still reside. We've moved around the county- pretty much on a steady basis of every year- a new town. I think we're planted in our current space for a little bit longer this time. But as I was driving the back roads from our home to visit my parents- I started thinking of just how many memories this county holds for me. In almost every town there is some sort of hi jinx I've meandered through. Passing a sharp rock wall on a steep road- I remembered a friend just getting her license and driving soooo close to the wall that me in the passenger's seat almost peed my pants. Then the little library- Zach and I went to regularly while living in our first apartment- it is across the street from the town hall where we got our marriage license. All of these little things create such memories. Ones I sometimes take for granted when I think of other places I yearn to go and see.

:::::::::::The Hudson River on a Cold Winter Day::::::::::::

The last few times I've driven on the Palisades Parkway- babe in her seat in the back- good tunes on- warm beverage in hand- I've had to stop myself from just driving North. I want her to see where I went to school-met new friends and how gorgeous upstate NY is- but I think I can wait a little longer- maybe till she's 2 months at least..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

On Saturday

Knock- knock- knocking no it isn't the ghost of Christmas past- we're not quite sure what it is.. but there is this slight knock that happens on almost a daily occurrence
(not insanely loud- but enough to annoy me to no end).

After weeks of my whining- which has probably drowning out the knocking for Zach- He asked the upstairs neighbors- who are much older- vacuum at 7 in the morning-wake at 4- wear their heavy-clog-like shoes in the house- and rearrange furniture on a constant basis- if it was them- but they said no. Who else could it be? I tried putting my ear to the ceiling yesterday in an attempt to 1- show how crazy I am and 2- to nail the culprits once & for all- but alas that didn't work. Foiled Again!

Luckily I have this little lady to stare at and encompass my world- so I can try to let go of the little things. This year the holidays went by so fast and I feel as though I hardly had time to celebrate and enjoy. Pretty much since September I had been waiting the arrival of Hazel- so although I went through the motions of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas- I don't feel like I really had a chance to enjoy. With that said- I fell asleep at 10 on New year's Eve and missed the ball drop (one of my favorite things to do) and didn't even think of resolutions to a week or so later.

Many of the resolutions I thought about revolve around being the best mom I can be- being a better partner to Zach. I'm amazed at how much having a baby has tried our relationship in a good way and in those kinda tough ways too.

With the snow falling and the babe asleep- I think we're going to cuddle on the couch and read The Vaccine Book it makes for a very romantic day! I also want to henna my hair- but I'm so lazy when it comes to the mess of it all. Have a wonderful weekend ox

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Means Almost Friday

, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Yes, the week went fast. Yes, I just had a delicious Kashi pizza . Yes, my order of Burt's Bee's Mama Bee leg & foot cream arrived and Yes, Peter Dinklage was on 30 Rock and he's way cute. All this aside- I'm so beat and looking forward to some much-needed sleep this weekend.

H and I spent the day at my parent's house- here she is in a lovely sweater from her grandfather asleep on my chest. so sweet-

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday- Late Night

To Do:

Cherish my time with Hazel- she's growing up so fast

Look forward to the weekend

Cut, Pin Sew, Repeat


Find a used/hand-me-down or new dresser for the abundance of baby's clothes we've inherited

Read Twilight at some point this year

Try to go for a walk a day

Find time to sleep- ha!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mysterious Incident of the Box on the Door Step

Last night wasn't very bad at all! I know it is kind of like a dance- two steps forward/two steps back- but I woke up at 3 am with out an alarm- changed & nursed our little kidlet and put her back to bed- then I pumped a little and hit the sack. Today she's been more fussy- falling asleep in my arms no problem- but once I lay her down she's awake. So I rocked her and read to her, our selections:

Then the doorbell rang and a box was left. Here is what was inside:::::

A box full of books! My friend Matt who I use to work with- thoughtfully sent us this box full of favorite board books,silliness and the plush pigeon from all of the Mo Willem books! H is one lucky girl!

In the shoppe today I'll be adding new cuffs and these new ditties called Essential Papa. A burp cloth and matching coffee cuff. Two essentials for any new parent! Spit up protection and caffeine!
They'll be available in Essential Mama styles this week (hopefully)!

Aside from that I haven't had a whole lot of crafty time- but I'm working on it. Tonight Nip/Tuck starts and I have been watching the last season on Netflix. I don't think I've been able to enjoy more than an hour of TV watching since our bundle arrived- but of course all my favrite shows start up soon... so maybe that DVR is in our future!
Happy Crafting & thank you all for your kind words and helpful comments.. we are still working on nursing- I'm not giving up!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Girl And Her Birds

a gift of fabric-

Most people who know me, know I adore owls and collect them- among other bird-like creatures. So it only stands to reason that when I had offspring I would teach them a love of birds.

It started with a baby swing- we saw it had 3 little owls perched mobile style- and that dictated the rest of our pack & play/stroller needs. Everything is kinda matchy- matchy- but that is how I like it. So when I'm walking around in stained jeans and holy sneakers at least my stroller will look "together".

But- the best part about our bird swing is the way Hazel looks at the little owls swinging above her. Then we made the birdie mobile that hangs over her crib and I've just tried to add little winged-lovies ever since. I hope she can appreciate them- b/c we have a million bluejays & cardinals living in the yard.

At the doctor today- we found out her poo schedule is very normal and if we wanted to, we could give her a bottle of chamomile tea to settle her tummy. Perhaps I'll brew a pot for us both one day. Hazel also weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz. She's also started fixating on things- she smiles back and sticks her tongue out at us when we initiate it. We're on the road to absurd faces- I can just feel it!

In Hoboland names for the possible switch are on the tip of my tongue. I've been brainstorming- names as well as new items to fill the shop. I know a name change won't be easy- but it is a transition I really think I'm willing to work towards.

After dropping Z at the train- in a total cluster of getting-out-the-door-with-an-infant-frenzy-at-6:30- I visited with my parents. I'm so glad H will be able to know all of her grandparents.

Well- while she sleeps I'm going to try and sew a stitch or two~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Night Swimming

Let me just say that music has been getting me through this new period of my life. Whether I am humming a lullaby like "Irene, Goodnight" or playing something on our laptop to soothe Hazel, it has been all around us. Recently, I put a mix CD in which is one cd of several, that a friend & former coworker made for me. They're full of some of my favorite songs along with his favorites which I've been introduced to. Music is great that way. "Night Swimming" by REM is on there, a song I had heard, but never really listened to before. Now I listen almost daily.

Baby H has been constipated. The mixture of b-milk and formula seems to be bumming her little tummy out.Usually as soon as she ingests b-milk there is a present in her diaper- but as of the last week- this hasn't been the case. So we're watching her and back to counting poos. Music soothes her little tummy aches while I sway or rock her.

:::::::::our 3 am photo shoot:::::::::::::::::::

Currently, we're working on making the switch to cloth diapers. During my pregnancy- I had researched them- but for some reason was hesitant to buy any.. so I made the soakers. I've used them over her regular diapers ( Earth's Best & 7th Generation) and tried cloth a few times, however the cloth- pre-folds are so thin! My mom remarked on it too. She couldn't believe how un-bulky they were. Sure enough H wet right through it in a matter of seconds. So we're still looking- suggestions WELCOME!

Some new cuffs which will be in the store this week- I know I had said last week!

The mushrooms are a new fabric I just purchased and the snow kitties is a coveted favorite which I rarely use- because I need to save it for- forever! So I made one cuff to sell and one for myself!

I picked the kitties up at my only trip to a Hancock Fabrics- while on our honeymoon in Chicago- so it has sentimental value- hence the coveting.

Friday Hazel was 1 month old.. which is hard to believe. It is amazing to see her growing. Going from a cute little baby mush to a baby with personality. This Monday will mark a month that Zach has been taking time off and working from home or just being home. I must say I'm scared to have him back at work full-force.. but such is life. When I think of it so many women/ men who are the soul caregivers for their child are to a certain extent raising their children on their own. Of course I know I have Zach and I'm so appreciative- b/c I know there are a lot of single parents out there (including my 25 year-old nephew) but it feels scary sometimes- because she's relying on me for the most part and I just don't want to mess anything up. And I've gotten very comfortable having our little family- baby & papa so close.. so to think Z has to go back into the office makes me a little sad. I'm grateful my mom is close, so she can come on Mondays & Wednesdays to spend time with us.

Well this little one is asleep in the Boppy next to me- so that is my cue to tip-toe us into the bedroom where papa is fast asleep.
Be well