Friday, February 27, 2009

Stepping Out with My Lady

So I've come to realize getting out of the house IS half the battle with kids. Lately, after being home for most of the day- Hazel gets very upset come time to buckle in the car seat and go pick up papa. Even if I've fed her before hand- she will inevitably start crying as I hook her in or as we get home and park the car. The other thing I have realized is I never allow for enough time- I'm either annoyingly early or we're late. I know babies can't tell time- so this responsibility is all my own.

I've really not much to say about my hair.. except sometimes I like it and sometimes I see pictures of myself and wish I would have had a professional cut it.

Hazel fell asleep a little bit ago for her second nap of the day. She's covered in a blankie on the floor near me. She looks pretty dang toasty and if I didn't think it would wake her up I might try to cozy up to her. The cats are zonked out on our couch and I think I might make some hot cocoa and see about my studio nook. Errands to run- which were delayed due to my own tummy issues. Tonight we'll do some food shopping and find some more gluten-free treats I hope!

Taxes taxes taxes- need to buy a camcorder- my bread machine- ahhh to be a millionaire!
xo Have a great weekend and do something that doesn't involve money!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bread Lust

So this is my new love. I've asked for it for my birthday, ahem March 23rd and as my Mother's Day gift. Gluten-free bread is crazy expensive! So these are the measures I need to take- besides- who doesn't love the smell of fresh bread baking? I know, I know it isn't a naturally baked bread- but with my track record- I don't want to wait an hour for nasty bread! Besides fresh bread,jam and tea outside at our little cafe table-priceless!

Today is rainy. Hazel took a nap for literally 10 minutes today and I've have a massive headache for a few days now and i don't know why. Possibly our new stiff mattress from Ikea. Yesterday I got us each a new pillow- maybe that will help. But it is still a fine day. On the agenda for today is trying to make some cotton pants for H out of some soft striped shirts I've thrifted. I also want to finish her cap. I hope it fits.Our sale is in full swing and will be for a while.

Have a great Thursday and stay cozy San Diego!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SALE SALE SALE over at Hobocamp Crafts

Craft books and fabric stacks on Sale now! We're having our annual moving sale over at the shop- so if you're in the market for some fabric or crafty books (more books available)- check it out!

In other news- I cut my hair- I was going to go and then I decided to just do it myself. I've done it so many times before- so I went ahead with it.

I'm happy with how it turned out.

On Saturday we hit the rummage sale and I found some great clothes for H. About 5 pair of cotton pants- she can wear now- 18 months,2 adorable dresses (18 months & 5 years) and a few tops- all for $3.00! We finally got our most recent orders out the door and are taking a breather for the moment.

A very serious girl:

Hazel is getting so big- she laughs all the time-talks a lot and loves doing her kicks. She is really starting to notice the kitties and some of her toys. She still hates tummy time on the floor- but is growing stronger a little bit each day. She amazes me every day- I can't wait to start putting her in the Moby facing outward. She seems to really enjoy seeing everything when we hold her in our arms that way.

Well have a great Tuesday-maybe I can go take a nap before she wakes up!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do It To Me One More Time

This isn't a naughty post- but I will tell you every Sunday after watching the Morning Show on CBS- they have a slot for Time Life Music and this is one of the BIG songs to be heard every Sunday.

What I am referring to is how I am an idiot and keep sabotaging my stomach and my diet and even my life. So the story goes... we started picking up gluten-free foods from Trader Joe's & the local markets- so I have the basics to start- rice-rice pasta- chocolate chip cookies- bread- you know for me chocolate anything is a basic. We even found a place that makes " gluten free" pizza and pasta. So last night we cozied up at my brother's house and ordered pies. I am foolish- because I didn't take the cheese off- I ate it. I ate every last bit of that cheese. Because I had taken an Imodium that night- I didn't get sick till this morning. WTF? What is wrong with me? Why must I tempt fate and not be able to control myself? I now know how my father must have felt some 18 years ago when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. There was nothing on the market for him then. Of course I am not saying there is a lack of food for the gluten-free crowd- but I feel like I'm starving some days- not sure- what I can or can't eat. The truth is I do feel I was misdiagnosed and that my tests were false negatives for celiac disease. Either way there seem to be many benefits of a gluten/wheat free lifestyle. I just need to hop on board as I did 11 years ago with my vegetarianism. Education is always the key and I'm starting to jot it all down in my notebook as well as fill my little computer bookmarks.

With that said I am going to dream about the things I could/should be doing if I hadn't eaten the cheese and wasn't sick on the couch.

Keep your eyes opened for our destash sale- crafty books for $6.00- fabric and the like!

Friday, February 20, 2009

All In a Day

With moving- always comes a de*cluttering. So I've been rounding up fabric to measure- shoot an sell for a super low price n our Etsy shop. I've also started a gluten free diet- I'm not completely there yet- I still need some essentials- but nothing a quick trip to Trader Joe's & Whole Foods Can't cure some time next week. Zach made me some delicious gluten-free brownies the other night - which came out Awesome!!

Last weekend we braved the crowds and picked up a mattress from Ikea- with that we received a $50. gift card- which was very exciting. I'm not sure what I'll use it on- but maybe a new duvet cover for our now larger bed. Looking at all the decorating we've done I'm trying to decide what we'll actually have room for and what we won't. We may need to get a storage facility after all.

Tonight I am hoping to finish some sewing projects that are almost dusty and make some baked french fries and maybe I'll put together a simple cold-day soup- with carrots, broth,spinach and some other tasty favorites- then I'll top it with some shredded soy mozzarella. This is all VERY ambitious of me- as it seems Hazel has a few symptoms of teething. She has not yet- started to wake in the night or pull her ear- but she has been crying inconsolably-refusing to eat on occasion and drooling enough to fill a kiddie pool. So while she sleeps soundly on my lap- and I write this- perhaps I should be emptying her crib full of clean clothes or doing laundry or dishes- Lord the DISHES! is that what that smell is? I say let's throw them all out!

Well I hope your Friday and weekend is full of dirty dishes from delicious dinners. There is another rummage sale on Saturday I hope to drag H & Z to..not that Z needs much dragging.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This and That

this little girl can pretty much make my heart melt at any given moment- we're blessed by her smile and all I want to do is cuddle with her!

This March I'll be 31. Wow I feel sorta old- yet I still feel kinda young. I want to dye my hair a fun color so I can feel like the cool mom,I want to start wearing my nose ring again and I wanna be the woman carrying around her Bebe so effortlessly. I use to see these mamas when I was younger 1 part earth mama + 1 part Janie Jones.

We chose to have a baby before finding our permanent place to live. We move yearly.My mom always says "you can put up with anything for a year". In June it will be a year in our present place and I'm already thinking of what is next for us. Although now might be a good time to buy a house- we are not ready for that yet. Recently my mom and I have been toying with the idea of co-habitation and splitting the bills etc. The idea would be to save money and then use that as a down payment on a very modest home.

In the mean time while we are saving for a year or so- Hazel will have a nice yard to begin crawling in- we'll have a place to bar-b-cue on weekends- and somewhere to sun bathe & get a kiddie pool for hot summer days. I think Zach is on board- it will make his commute a bit more interesting- as he'll start taking the ferry. I took it when I worked in NYC and enjoyed it. These are crazy times- and you have to do what you can to survive. I'm glad I have my parents so close and agreeable to this idea. We won't move till June. But I've already started to figure what we'll need and what will go into storage. If we don't make this move now- who knows how long it will take to save a down payment in our current place as we throw our money down the drain.

I'm hopeful and excited about it. The sun is shining in through the kitchen. I've started getting ready to start a gluten- free diet- to see if it will help with my stomach issues. I've read it can do wonders for IBS. So now we've been scouring Trader Joe's and other markets for Gluten- Free- not as easy as I would have hoped.

Today we're meeting new friends for tea and then old friends- all before I visit my medical friends at the doctor's for an EKG. Last night I worked on some Littlest Stitch Sewing Kits and tonight I'll finish the order by adding some coffee cuffs and a very special pin cushion. With the move- I'll be adding some de-stashed fabric to our shoppe- for a Sale- keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Brother is Back and in our Shoppe!

He's baaaack! and now with a badass scar! These cuties are in our our shoppe and up for grabs! Limited run!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hardest Day So Far...

-a construction site through our walk
- winter walk over the bridge
- Hazel sporting HK from auntie Brig
Pictures from Sunday-it was windy and muddy, but we went for our first family stroll!
Monday was the dreaded first vaccine visit. As much as I thought I knew and understood- I still felt very lost and confused. We planned to give her only the DTap- but gave her 2 others. Our doc is aware we don't want everything- it just seems too much now- so we opted out on Polio & the Rotavirus for her 4 month.I am also not comfortable with the Hep B or Chickenpox. This really is a terrible decision to have to make. I picked up infant Tylenol as recommended by our doc and was amazed that it has High Fructose Corn Syrup! I don't care what those commercials say or whose feelings I hurt( the silly commercials about the mothers at the kids b-day party)- that stuff is no good! But what do you do? I'll have to look into an alternative fever med for infants. Nothing is easy! Hazel slept through a slight fever last night and seems in much better spirits today.

Tomorrow at 6:45am I go for a Pelvic/Abdominal Ultrasound. My stomach issues are not getting any better and now it is even more difficult to deal with while caring for an infant. I pray that this new Gastro doc can find some medication to help- in the mean time I've started taking Digestive Advantage IBS maybe this will work.

In Hoboland- Our Desmond Shirts will be in the shoppe either Sunday or Monday! Keep your eyes peeled~
Happy B-day Vanessa xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


THis Guy is Coming Back!!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

We're so excited to be able to offer our Brother shirts again to all of you Losties. Zach's design will be screenprinted by the lovely Carla at how exciting is that?!

Today I am pretty beat. Hazel woke up for her usual feeding around 4- but then wouldn't go back to sleep as she usually does and was up till 6. Then hardly slept a wink since then. She's dressed and ready for an adventure- while I'm still in my pjs. At least 1/2 is presentable.Our little bundle is now weighing in at 10lbs 4 oz! She's slowly turning into a perfect butterball!

In the kitchen NPR is blaring- the constant banging we hear almost everyday was going on- so I had to tune it out somehow- so at least I used Brian Lehrer and not 7 Year Bitch as I might have before Hazel came!

Yesterday I went for a blood test to rule out Celiac Disease ( again) and to test for thyroid issues. I almost wish I had Celiac- b/c then at least I would know and I could begin a gluten free- everything free lifestyle. But having a possible IBS diagnosis- just doesn't work and I haven't been able to settle myself- even with fiber supplements. Oh Joy!

Well I have a million things on the to do list- one being a hat for Hazel. Last night I told Zach how I felt a little down because I haven't been creating for the store and all I really want to do is strum through knitting and baby books and pick out the perfect (easy) pattern and like a wonderful husband he told me to do so. Not to worry about the shop- because it is chock-full of cuteness. So while Hazel sleeps I am going to do just that. Happy Day!

P.S. Check back next week or so for Desmond/Brother shirts!