Monday, August 31, 2009

september and then some

I'm just excited. The neighbor's mower is going, the trees are slightly changing, NPR on in the bedroom and a little babe humming and talking to herself on the floor. My blogging has the watchful eye of Hermione, hovering over me on the couch. This Wednesday, Hazel will be 9 months. It is cliche- but it really seems like yesterday. With a sleepless fog of the last 9 months, I am amazed at how we are making it through. Getting by and still managing to have some fun.

In the shoppe, we have started adding handmade goodness for our Christmas in September Sale. We'll be offering free domestic shipping with a Buy One, Get One on select items. Start early and beat the browser rush! Zach has also been sewing away on some new & old favorite button bags to be used for anything- from carrying your latest knitting project, your lunch or as an eco-friendly loot bag alternative. Once I retrieve my camera from my brother's house (where I promptly forgot it after a mere 3 sips of Pumpkin Juice(ale)) I will share pictures of the new goods.

Also for Fall, I'll have some new Vagabond Scarves to keep you cozy as the cooler weather settles in. Yup we're all that and a bag of chips!

Maybe I'll ring in the season or pre-season with some sort of frothy,pumpkiny beverage.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gone fishin'

Magical Huskystar, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

No, not really. But I might as well. Yesterday while sewing up a cloth diaper my Huskystar started going wonky.

Making crazy noises and balled up pieces of thread everywhere! I called the closest sewing shop- went through a few check points and then brought her in today. They'll get in touch once the problem is identified. I just hope it can be fixed for an inexpensive price. It seems we sit down 2 x a month to go over our budget and see what we'll be saving and every time the amount ends up being less than what we thought...because there is always something popping up!

Even though I am trying to raise Hazel with less stuff- there always seems to be a new toy or educational addition we could use. I am hoping that all of these items will get used again with either our next child or a friend's child.

So while the Huskystar is in the shop:
-I am going to work on writing a month of dinners,then shop for just what we need.
-Trying to make some jam and then can it.
-Pin some-to-be-sewn items.
-Order those much needed baby items

Be well Huskystar, there is a place for you on my sewing table if you choose to return to us!

days in pictures

One night, or morning- depending on where you are, I was searching Etsy randomly and came across Adrianchristian. This sweet little shop was offering adorable crocheted berets, necklaces made from soft,jersey cotton and other lovelies like jewelry. She also was offering a BOGO sale in addition to free shipping!! Can you believe it- I hit the jackpot! I felt very lucky to also be her first sale! How exciting is that?! I was able to choose the beret colors specifically (plum & butter) and when they arrived this gorgeous necklace was included as was the nifty packaging! Please check out her shop and take advantage of her gorgeous berets! I've been trying not to wear mine in the 90 degree weather!

we've spent some time on blankets,in the baby pool, at the park with friends and basically stretching the rest of the summer.

Last week I saw a great friend on her way heading to Peru for a year.

On Laura's reccomendation, we visited Green Chimneys to see all of the animals. We also scouted out the area of Brewster for possible homes for sale.

Then we trekked up to Lake Superior State Park to see my college roommate and her family.

great catching up- it had been nearly 8+ years!!

In shop talk- we've been getting ready for Autumn and our yearly Christmas in September Sale! Zach has been working his fingers to the bone- to bring you sweet and unique button bags. I've got some of the faceless femme coffee cuffs and a few surprises. I also need to take my sewing machine if for a service. IT has started to behave badly.

The End
Have a great week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a few favorites till friday

pictures get me through- books as well. when I have something I need to work on or work through- having a great quote and an inspirational photo can get me through to the other side. here are a few of my favorites from the last few days- which will no doubt get me through today and an even longer Friday. Enjoy!

my niece Jenny, helping me try Hazel's pumpkin Halloween costume on her. It was too small, H couldn't move her legs and was rolling all around. laughter ensues.

baby toes in the sand- enough said.

Misquamicut Beach, almost sun down.

favorite pair of sunglasses,my new favorite and inspiring read and the NY Times Style Magazine.

last night I cut and pinned 1/2 a dozen or more coffee cuffs. it felt good to be back in the saddle. so much more to do. in quick news on my tummy troubles (said in a whisper) i may have had a breakthrough. fingers crossed xo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a need for doing

everyday I am amazed at the little girl growing right before my eyes. babbling,yelling,laughing,smiling,growing,eating-really evolving into a very special little person. if you have children, you'll know what I mean- if you don't I'm sure you still know what I mean. it is tiring and wonderful and fulfilling and did I mention tiring? and sweet and lonely and bittersweet (sometimes) and of course all new. although I'm not the first, I still feel like like a pioneer..caring for a baby and feeling like I am the only one doing so. I so want to incorporate my creativity in raising my child and in our everyday life together.

so, here is to the end of summer! a time to be productive- to squeeze every little second dry-to working like mad during naps(when there actually is a nap) and at bedtime-finally using some of my favorite books to actually inspire me-to finally return said books to the library and pay the fines-to fill up the shop with little pieces of my heart!

from one of the largest procrastinators- I urge you to join me and fight the p-bug- let's get something done! Stop reading this now!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right Fit

Like your favorite pair of jeans. Like your favorite sweater, sneakers or hat. I've been experimenting with cute backgrounds and trying to find the right fit. I'm not a technical person or computer-minded, or I'd create my own. So if you notice some different backgrounds or the blog looking a little different, excuse us while we try to find that perfect-just-right-pair-of-blue jeans! I want this place to be a cheery step into my life, and I'm also quite eclectic -- so bear with me!

Monday, August 10, 2009

pretty little things

Sometimes a girl just needs pretty little things. I haven't shopped for Hazel or myself-except at thrift shops or hand-me-downs from our family.. but when I found Consider the Lillies through a blog trail, I just had to support handmade cute! Darlene makes adorable, versatile crocheted items, like this flower- that can be worn as a pin or a hair clip.

Consider the Lillies also has these super sweet,crocheted headbands.I just had to snag one.. and I might just need another! It stayed on all day, felt comfy- even in 90 degree weather. I just LOVE it!

What a perfect gift for your little one at back-to-school time or just to add something new to your wardrobe. Darlene also has a cute blog, where she shares her latest yard sale finds,creative endeavors and much more! So go check her shop out- you won't be sorry!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

full speed ahead

Over here at Hobocamp- we are only a few sales away from 400! very exciting for us! I've taken some pictures of the cuffs I've been working on for a shop update. The date is still to be announced. Our little shop has had a quiet little summer as we gear up for the holidays- which aren't really as far away as you'd think!

Sunday Papa & Hazel spent some time in the baby pool. There is are 2 full weeks ahead of us and then we will get away for a little bit- to breathe some great ocean air.
Happy Tuesday! xo

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feeling Sunday Night

I know I've posted before about how much I dislike Sunday and Sunday night. I guess it stems from the anxiety I use to get as a child with the end of the weekend and start of school than as an adult the end of the weekend and the beginning of one of my many crappy jobs. Part of what I did enjoy about working at Barnes & Noble was knowing other people were there working with you on a Sunday night and then sometimes having Monday off. The feeling of doing and staying busy Sunday night always helped.

Now, I have my little bundle, Hazel. Getting her ready every night for bed, calms me- usually. Although I've lost my cool in the middle of the night with little-to-no-sleep- Sunday nights are much more enjoyable now. It also helps living with my parents-which means a more extended family, which I am really enjoying and will miss when we finally find a house. But for now, I'm loving Sunday night- putting down the baby, sharing a meal with Zach & my parents, listening to the quiet of just birds and insects, drinking a warm cup of something,walking around the yard surveying my plants from a last week of growing and just being.. with a little room for some Law & Order at night.
Can you believe this kid is 8 months already!?

Happy 8 Month Birthday Hazel- I'm so lucky to have and know you!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and appreciate what just may be the oddest summer weather in the Northeast- ever!