Saturday, August 30, 2008

Easy Weekend in Pictures

Yesterday I did actually make applesauce and it came out delicious! I can't wait till our apple-picking adventure at the end of September. We're taking my mom picking for her birthday!

Last night after Zach went to bed, I did some tidying and sewing. I've been wanting to make a simple bunting of sorts for my little studio nook shelf and here is how it came out:

Hello Kitty in a Squirrel Suit!


This morning we woke and had a yummy breakfast of egg whites, toast and potatoes. Bland enough to soothe my tummy, but delicious enough to make my pallet smile. We ran errands to the post, the market (where we picked up a My Little Pony Halloween addition- for baby,of course)and even hit a yard sale. With the $4 dollars in my wallet I managed to spend two and the other went into one of the various-crazy Japanese piggie banks we're saving for baby.

Quirky, vintage banks- all thrifted- all from Japan. The $2.00 was spent on some fabric( over a yard of flannel, white with teddy bears wearing pink overalls & pink engineer hats) the other dollar was spent on an adorable jumper, that reminded me of mini version of
this lovely lady, Secret Lentil.

We also hit the library, who was having a SALE. After renting becoming Jane and King of California ( two movies I've wanted to see, but knew Z did not) I headed down to the basement. I found Z with an arm-load of children's books. Together we found vintage classics, old favorites and a few new adventures.

we found this kitty curled up in a box of books, he was only 10 cents! So we bought him too!

In the mail today, I received 2 copies of Rockland Magazine(a local publication)- where I was one of the women featured in the September issue " Women & the Web"- I'm very excited and will scan in a copy ASAP. It will also be available to read here very soon.

Now with the house quiet(the cats are sleeping and Z is away for the night at his Manly Movie Night(he and his friends get together- make dinner and watch movies that are manly-yet easily laughable & make-funable (new word?) Think Mystery Science Theater)), I've just pulled
these brownies from the oven and I'm going to work on a few projects, the baby quilt, a small tree scene on an embroidery hoop and spiffing up a new bulletin board for the kitchen. Of course I'll make time for some brownie noshing, tea drinking and magazine/catalogue browsing.
Sunday & Monday~
Sunday was spent working on a piece of embroidery for the baby's wall and one for a tote I made my niece for her birthday. We watched a lot of movies,I went through some old boxes of childhood toys( think My Little Ponies with no tails and ratty manes) and we found some winter boxes full of scarves & hats & gloves- nestled away a few years ago and forgotten about.I love when that happens b/c it feels like we've just gone shopping in a store that knows exactly what you love!

Today we ran to Ikea, alas our crib was out of stock- in fact all cribs were out. So we'll make a trek next Friday. We still managed to find some goodies. We hit the market on the way back for a stock up on bagels,juice & other Trader Joe favorites. Tonight I'll take apart our current coffee table ( the edges are kind of dangerous) and although I love the spaciousness- we have an inherited wooden one from Z's family which is lovely.
I want to make some carrot puree, banana/pumpkin bread and so many things now- tomorrow-this week. I'm excited.
We had a very full vacation weekend. As I look over at Z asleep on the couch with Hermione, I'd say they feel the same.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I know, how original a title. Even though I work from home, I like the weekends. This week has been blah for my tummy. I just haven't been inspired enough or had enough energy to do too much.

I've been knitting and finished my first super- soft baby blanket or lap blankie. After using 3 skeins each, I still ran out. So there is a funky stripe at the end in a soft angel hair in orange & tan- but I'm pleased with it.

(Before the stripe was added)

Yesterday, Jasper and I watched from our kitchen window as two little stray, black kittens ate a plate of food. They can't be more than 3 months- totally black. I think there are 4 or 5 in total with a mom. The whole complex gives them food, because it does take a village to raise kittens.

Last night as we listened to Barack Obama's speech I stitched the curtains for the changing table. Well I got through the 2 side panels. The two front are pinned- but I need to cut & stitch them up. The bright yellow matches perfectly with a stripey rug we picked up at Ikea on sale awhile back. So I guess yellows & oranges are in our sleeping future!

Speaking of an Ikea future, I think we'll try to make a trek there tonight to get the crib and a few extra little things, like lampshades for the bedroom night stand lamps. I hate to get rid of something that works just for an aesthetic reason. So I thought getting matching lampshades would tie our un-matchy lamps together- yet we don't need to buy new lamps.

Today I am determined to make applesauce. I have a big Pyrex bowl full or organic apples- waiting patiently. I also have a basil plant that has been getting kinda agitated by the heat, so I have that sitting on a chair in the kitchen. Seems it is time for a big batch of pesto ( without the pine nuts). Maybe I'll add a little bit of almond meal.
Here are a couple of new items soon to be
available here

The pin cushion is made from a recycled cashmere sweater. It had a bunch of holes, but I managed to salvage enough for this. Blondie, you may have seen before. I'm happy with how her little blonde highlights came out. Lastly, the coffee cuff. Inspired by project runway- it has soft fleece with scissors,tape measures, needles & other sewing finery along with a patch of colorful safety pins and a vintage piece of measuring tape.

For inspiration I've been reading through archives,
here. After listening to this podcast I was so delighted to hear a story I could relate to. So I've been enjoying her entries and the adorable photos of kids & crafts.

Another bit of inspiration was found in this issue of Hallmark Magazine.

A woman tells her story about becoming more aware of the environment,what her & her family eat and the overall quality of life. My favorite quote of hers is
"It's the beautiful, messy wild life experience that I want to give my children." -Rebecca Barry

To that I say Hell Yeah! Have a great weekend- experiencing your own

messy, thrilling life.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


STARTS TODAY!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Stock up on tree saving cuteness & feel good about that latte.
Our End of the Summer Sale is going on T-shirts & Coffee Cuffs Oh MY!
HoboLand Sale.

We're making room for new autumnal & holiday cuffs. New t-shirts, aprons and the like. A few new Scraparellas in the shop this week.
xo Happy Wednesday- Enjoy PR if you watch!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

$5.00 Coffee Cuff Sale

With the success of our $10 T-shirt SALE, we've decided to have a $5.00 coffee cuff SALE for certain cuffs. If you've always wanted a coffee cuff- now is the time to MAKE YOUR MOVE!

Each cuff is unique, handmade and each special. Perfect for a back-to-school gift or as a treat warmer. Just think - as colder weather comes as do all the yummy drinks! Cider, hot cocoa,carmel lattes! Feel great using an eco cuff- good for you and the trees!
Check us Out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Rhode Island Weekend

Misquamicut Beach, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Friday I picked Z up at the train in Tarrytown and we headed to New England. We always hit traffic, but managed to get to Rhode Island before 10 after stopping at our favorite veggie diner for dinner.

Going up for a visit always feels like a mini vacation. We go out to eat, visit shops with abandon and basically do things on a whim. It's kinda refreshing and fun! Saturday my tummy was acting up, but I encouraged everyone to go about their plans. Zach went with his mom to a local knitting shop, where they were having a $20-a-bag sale. They came home with the majority of yarn for me! Some wool-blends, acrylics and super-soft yellows and pinks -- perfect for baby stuff.

I'm almost finished with the scarf I'm making for the baby. I don't do complex patterns -- who am I kidding, I hardly do any patterns! My brain functions better when I can create, but leave actual room for the creativity!

While everyone was bustling around, I sat in the back yard, listening to music and knitting. I also got bit by something. I thought it was a mosquito, but now my finger has blown up to 2x the size! So I'm trying not to itch, but I can't wear my wedding bands and I look like lobster girl. Oh, how I won't miss the bugs of summer -- dang things!

This week I have a midwife appointment and a bunch of custom orders to fill. The last week has been pretty busy in HoboLand -- Yay!
All at once my packages have arrived. Prenatal yoga, angel milk protein mix, IBS books and I'm waiting on one other vegetarian & pregnancy diet/whole food book.

We picked out fabric in bright yellow with white polka dots, and I'm going to make curtains to go all around the changing table we inherited from my brother's kids. That way, you won't be able to see the unmatching baskets that will live there, housing onesies, diapies and other baby goodness.

Z made a good point about green. I wanted to use it for the curtains and as a main color in our bedroom, but we went with yellow. Our living room has a lot of grass green, which we love. So we'll do yellows and maybe black & white in the bedroom. We still need to get a crib and a million other things, but little by little it'll all come together.

- M

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Have a Crush on Some Etsy Items, By Melissa

So, when your pregnant and semi-confinded to your living room/studio- when you take breaks in between working and sleeping- they're usually Etsy/snackie cake breaks. I'll make a snack & go through Etsy.

Here are two of my favorite things on Etsy right now.

These little guys remind me of wizards, well because I try to find the Harry Potter link in everything.

Available at Dream Child Studio. They're only $12 for a set of three! Dressed in wool- how cute are these?

My other new favorite is
Elsie Cake. From embroidery patterns- pretty paper- her style & design rocks!
This Wonderland Journal Set is so amazingly wonderful- even a novice scrapbooker( like myself) can whip out a stunning book!

The other reason I love this shop- is she too enjoys having inanimate objects in love- like these cups:

I'm a big Fan of cups, mugs,seahorses,lollipops,leaves and house plants in love.
Please check out their shops! Start early for the holidays and buy Handmade xo

And remember, our $10- T-shirt Sale is still on! I"ve also added some new cuffs, Scraparellas & other cuteness

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall IS Here!

Here is my latest little girl, she's a Hobo! I still haven't named her, so if you have any ideas- share them in the comments!

You may not think so, but fall is totally in the air!

These are a few Autumn Coffee Cuffs I've just sewn. I love the fabrics, the crow or raven on the big orange pumpkin, the purple leaf fabric- I made a skirt out of a few years ago for Thanksgiving. I just love it! Each leaf looks kind of batik. The light blue fabric I bought on a trip to Chicago.. it reminds me of the fall there. So cute! and the two little felt pumpkins are just screaming to warm a cup of cider or pumpkin juice!

So, I didn't make it to prenatal yoga, but I did make it to Amazon, to purchase a Gaiam dvd on the subject. I figured this way I can get my yoga on whenever- for a fraction of the price. With a baby on the way- we need to welcome this kind of thought.

Yesterday, was a good mail day. Not a- oh- I just got an awesome package of handmade goodness from Etsy-mail day- but a OMG the items I purchased to help my ibs have arrived mail day lol!

I also noticed a bunch of fall covers on magazines, another dead giveaway fall is soon among us!
Have a great Thursday

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Project Runway, Anyone?

Um that title is a bit deceiving. Don't forget, if you watch PR- it'll be on tonight!

Here is a little pic of what some of our stuff looks like at Magpie Store in Davis Square, Somerville,Mass. We have to get out there for a visit.

This weekend we are making a much needed trip up to Rhode Island for a little beach retreat with my in-laws. I've purchased a bathing suit top- this should be fun/or funny. I'm squishing my tush into my regular bottoms.-there was a little wiggle room. Maternity bathing suits are totally expensive!

I finished a new Scraparella last night, I'm just needing to create a little accessory for her- so once I get that together, I'll introduce you.

Yesterday I felt pretty good. I ran errands and visited with my parents. Mom and I sat out in the sun for a while. It felt great.

Today I may stay close to home and work in the nook. I have a bunch of projects that have been pinned and are giving me evils to be sewn. The other half need to be photographed and are just as bothered by me.

Here is a shot I took at Mom's.

I feel like an old-timey peddler. I always come to their house, with one of my best finds ever( a green plastic woven basket bag) filled to the gills with my new finished projects. My father gets a kick out of the Scraparellas, so I love showing them.

Well have a great day! I might venture to the prenatal yoga class I've talked about a million times, but never attended!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday's Cute Patrol

So Zach and I like collecting things.

It was kind of amazing that I found someone who collects more things than I do. Among my collections are old spools of thread,vintage dishes,aprons, Pinkie dolls and buttons. Zach's collections range from coins (passed down from his Grandpa) Marvel Legends, Hellboy statues and Woody Allen books.

But together we have collections of snow globes, Harry Potter busts and owls. Since we had so much owl paraphernalia we decided to give our bathroom a kind of woodland- birdie theme.I'm always looking for new owls to bring home- these are some of my favorites, from Etsy- in the Gift Guide.

If I could, I'd buy them all! The sugar bowl- just rocks!

Have a Happy Tuesday- wherever you are surround yourself with the things you love!

Is Fall Here Yet? A Random Rant~

Closeup tomato and apples, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I can't wait! It feels kinda strange, maybe because our apartment is much roomier than the last- but the weather hasn't bothered me like it did last year.. and now I'm pregnant- I thought for sure I'd be miserable! ( not to jinx myself) Perhaps the sun just hasn't tried hard enough yet.

Apples & cider donuts are two of my favorite food items about the fall. Of course the squash and pumpkin pie are also amazing. We usually always go apple picking as a girl's day out. My mom, sister. my aunt Carol & cousin Sharron. But this November Sha is getting hitched, so she's got a full plate. My sister, mom and I are still going in late September, for my mom's birthday. But we're bringing the guys along this time. Just as well- they can carry the apples!! These apples
(which are dwindling fast) are organic, from Trader Joe's. I was delighted to find them there.

We did a great job cleaning this weekend. It feels awesome to wake up to a tidy place. Not that we're total slob hobbers, but it still feels good to have a clean, orderly place. I'm also realizing things always felt so messy/ cluttered because of the dang lack of space. Now we have a place for everything.

One of my best friend's Mo and her hubbie Steve along with BF/neighbor Suzi stopped by last night. They brought flowers for me, which was really sweet. This was the first time I've seen( Mo & Steve) since becoming pregnant.

This past Friday on our way to meet friends for dinner, we decided ( I think) on the baby's middle name! It was a name I had wanted, but Zach needed to come around to. I'm glad he did. We're still trying to keep the name hushed- so we'll have a bit of a surprise.

I've started knitting a new scarf . I'm using acrylic angel hair in a brightish pink and a lighter pink wool. Just a normal scarf, that I might line with fleece or some patchwork. This one is for baby.

To Do:
drop hubbie at train
gather packages to go to post
pick up prescription at lab
visit mom & dad
hang laundry on the line to dry

With that I'm going to get ready for the day-
Be Well~

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Figuring it All Out

I'm not sure if we have yet, but on my Friday visit to a new GI doctor- the diagnosis was not murder, but IBS. irritable bowel syndrome. This apparently affects 1 in 5 people- mostly women- so I'm super-pysched to be chosen, of course!

I don't know if you know anyone or you yourself have dealt with this, but it is no picnic! We went shopping for new pantry items and well I have to say, I'll be eating pretty blandly for a little bit. This website has been a wonderful instrument in educating me Help for ibs.

I've been trying to stay positive, b/c it can be difficult. I can't really take anything- being pregnant and thankfully the baby is fine regardless of my own issues. I grabbed some of my own photos that make me smile & inspire me. One is from our scrapbook I've created for the baby, another from my own collaged baby/nesting journal the other two are clothing in the shop or soon to be.

One of the amazing things I am able to eat while just starting this early stage of calming down my colon and such is ANGEL FOOD CAKE!! Can you believe that? So I've found a recipe that seems pretty easy and doesn't involve 12 eggs- which is always a plus. Have a great weekend! nom nom nom!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So I'm always raving about the lovely ladies I've come across on Flickr. Here is one who I've recently found and just love everything in her
shop. Jessica from Kunklebaby makes luxury baby/kids items in Columbus, Ohio. From capes- nursing pads- the coolest bibs I've ever seen. She uses fantastic fabrics to make everyday items just POP!

Two of my favorite bibs, perfect for high rollers and sushi lovers!

Although my baby won't be an Aries, I'm an Aries and I would SOOO wear this shirt.. err if it were my size!

She'll be at Craftin Outlaws This weekend if you're in the area.
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is What Naughty Looks Like~

Hermione, who could be sleeping in a million places, like her cat bed(s), our bed, the couches etc... but she chooses to sleep right on my little yo-yo project. These are vintage yo-yos, given to me by my husband's grandma. I don't know if she, her mother or another family member made them or they just fell into her collection. But now they've fallen into mine.

Zach spent the day home, since I haven't been feeling like myself. Of course today wasn't as bad as it has been. Tomorrow I get my first prenatal massage- from a friend who is a MT. She needs the preggo practice, I am infact a preggo- so we're both happy.

I finished watching the first season of Rescue Me, well b/c I really like Denis Leary. The show is interesting. I also rented Bug, with Ashley Judd. Zach needed to see it for work- but I couldn't even get through it. I love Ashley Judd, but this was just too strange.

I'm working on finishing up a custom order for a friend in Ireland. One more onesie to go, then I can wrap it & send it on an adventure. Yesterday I finished a new Scraparella, who I named Rosie.

She's sporting a cute little felt bolero in orange. The ribbon has little birdies with an autumn theme.

Hopefully by Friday, our shop will be up & running with an End of Summer $10 T-shirt Sale. There will be some Baron Von Ruffhausen,Snuggle Bunny,Cuddletron & a few from Zach's 24/7 Magnum shop. We're trying to make room for new tees for autumn & holiday.

If you're a Ben Stiller fan like I am, you may be interested in Reading This. Actually my husband wrote it. He has issues with some BS movies. They tend to make him uncomfortable, because well Ben Stiller is always lying in his movies. I find them hysterical, because if someone I knew actually lied like he does- things would go much differently. Some of my favorites are The Royal Tennebaums,Along Came Polly and The Heartbreak Kid. They're all pee-your pants funny in my mind.

To share a little about my diet, I hate zucchini. I just can't stand it. So when our upstairs neighbor delivered some zucchini bread his wife had made (they needed to have the cable guy drill in our wall to run a cable wire for them)I was kinda scared. I smelled it first and saw it had raisins and nuts. It was delicious and didn't taste a bit like zucchini! YAY!

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Favorite Nook

Our Little Table, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Our apartment is really coming together. This is one of my favorite little nooks. an older table given to us by my MIL, the sides are off of it for space reasons. We have a chocolate-colored lamp, handed down from a former coworker, a new shade from Ikea, an old Sears typewriter from my dad, a small cup Z made when he was little (where I keep my wedding bands when I'm not wearing them), a few pictures & a mosaic little trinket box where we keep our laundry money. I just like how it all looks. But we're trying to come up with a painting or canvas designed to hang above it.

This weekend I made some Winter Lentil soup and peanut butter cookies. But the cookies also had Kashi GoLean cereal in it. We were trying to finish the box, so I thought I would add a little something to the cookies. The peanut butter recipe is from How It Vegan.

I checked Kashi's site for a recipe and was really surprised at the cool extras they offer. Including articles on
Stocking a Natural Kitchen and how to cook an organic meal. Then you can challenge yourself to see whether or not you achieved your goal. Kinda cool stuff.

This week, I'll be working on a custom order for a friend, finishing my own pumpkin,knit neck cozie and trying to add some new items to the shop. We'll be having a 10$ T-shirt Sale coming up- so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite t-shirt and get it on the cheap!
happy monday

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Becoming a Functioning Member of Society

After calling the doctor's office, I found out all my tests regarding stomach issues were negative. So I just continue to keep dairy far away- as I longingly remember all the fun we had and I giddy up towards almond,soy & rice milk instead. Armed with imodium in my stomach I was determined to get a pair of jeans. Where do other functioning members of society go? Um in the suburbs? Usually the mall. I high-tailed it over to the closest Mimi Maternity/Motherhood Maternity shop.

Having bought all of my preggo clothes at either thrift stores or target sales racks up to now, i was a little shy when the uber-bubbly saleswoman acosted me. I told her I wanted jeans- plain & simple,that I work from home- so I don't need anything too fancy. With that she promptly walked me over to the Mavi/Lucky/Mimi jeans section.

I humored her b/c well I don't usually speak up- err at first anyhow. She explained that these are the "hip jeans" and that these are the jeans for people who shop at Banana Republic. oh. She then went on to tell me the back of the store was Motherhood Maternity and was more for Old Navy lovers & she sort of said it in a way that I should be ashamed if I went back there. strange.

I ended up being less hip and went for the $20.00 jeans in the back of the store. I don't normally buy jeans that are $118.00 especially when I'll only be wearing them for the next 7 months or so ( taking into consideration after the bebe). Needless to say my sale-hunter blood would not allow me to purchase the more exspensive pairs- so I didn't even try them on, I did get two pair for a fraction of the price of one.

Overall I felt like a true functioning member of society. toting a shopping bag & a chai latte- buying jeans! If I'd known how to make them I would have. But for now these will have to do. When you're tied to your home b/c your sick, once you get out you really appreciate the little things.. be them lattes or snooty saleswomen!

Afterwards a trip to the library- landed me the jackpot. Free, Better Homes & Gardens! Later I drove my under-the -weather friend to Joann's ( thread & fabric remnants) and Michael's ( large embroidery hoop,scrapbooking stickers & ribbon). It felt good to get out- we'll see what tomorrow brings~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Two New Friends~
I've realized, just how much I love making these little folks.Of course it is much easier to zip through them when I have pinned everything the night before!

These are the last few shirts we could get out of our screen. Sunday it kinda went kaput. So their are workings for a new Snuggle Bunny.

Feeling a little better today.. still kinda weak. I need to call my GI doctor's office, who has a pretty nasty receptionist- so that is kinda fun. I'm craving a big iced chai... we'll see how things go. Tomorrow I visit w/ my midwife- and maybe I'll see if I can get a pair of preggo jeans. I've pretty much grown out of all pants at this point & I'm wearing dresses or skirts. I need to make myself some skirts, I just don't know where to start w/ the preggo aspect.

I've yet to finish watching Twin Peaks. I rented the entire show from the library. So strange- like if you took aspects of Northern Exposure & added really high strung,back-stabbing,crazy people! But you have to love kyle mclachlan.

New items coming! Keep your eyes peeled for autumn fabrics making an early appearance in the shop- I just can't help myself. Bring out the candy corn!