Monday, January 11, 2010

NEw BLOg Button!

NEw BLOg Button!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I am happy to report with a little online research and some team work, Zach and I created a sweet little blog button to share with you all! I do hope you will proudly link us to you and let us know, so we can do the same!

In Hoboland, I've been busily designing hats made from recycled-reloved sweaters. I've found a design I really love. I am hoping to have some pictures and actual hats up this week.

On the home front, Hazel is in sponge mode- she learns something or a million things a day, it is quite amazing. On her list of new is pointing to her head, hair, tongue,nose and sometimes ears when asked. She also started saying "baby" and will point to cat and baby in her books. Having never taught anyone before, this is a new experience for me as well. I just want her to learn at her highest potential. She also brings books to us to read to her, which I just love.

Next week I go to NYC for a doctor's visit and I am going prepared with many questions that need answering as well as a game plan for talking to my doctor about my days with colitis. That said- I- we are trying to get into bed earlier. Today was a great day. I got a little yoga in, some crafting, a lot of time with Hazel and some cuddle time with the Mr. I spent no money and feel pretty good about that. xo

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