Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

- George Eliot

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The hanging of the wooley bits is an every fall event. I don't do dry cleaning. I really try to just spot clean & line dry.. not only b/c of the chemicals but the price too. So I hang everything out on the line to freshen them- it works wonders!

While I am trying to get holiday items in the shoppe, it helps to have a little help. So this little elf has been lending a hand. Sipping the beverages and trying out our new coffee cuffs. (there actually was no caffeine consumed by Hazel)

Keep on moving~ staying positive and focused! Happy Fall!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Delight

What started as a birthday-apple picking-adventure, ended with a apple cider donut picnic. The prices seemed a bit steep for picking as we usually just eat organic apples (and these were not), so we all had a picnic under the apple trees with the likes of soy meat,egg sandwiches,chicken salad (we all brought something different) and then ate apple cider donuts as dessert. It was a super busy place and they allow people to drive from tree to tree, which really took away from the whole atmosphere. Instead of taking photos of my nieces and nephews running through the apple fields- we had to watch for oncoming traffic between each tree. I can't say I would ever go back-there. However we all had fun, Hazel was in a pumpkin patch of sorts and seemed to have a ball. On our way out of town we hit a great flea market,where they were offering a $1 bag fill it with whatever! I got mostly children's books, a hand puppet and Zach found a cool, vintage Fisher-Price bobble toy he had as a kid for Hazel.

This week we have a few custom orders to get to,some shipments to send out for the shop and some fall decorating. Friday we leave for a long weekend to Rhode Island. xo

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Although the day is almost over, I just wanted to take a moment to breathe. To think about just how fast the days fly by. My list of things to do either gets done or forgotten and then added to the new list. I saw my first tree starting to change today..its leaves were turning a pale red.

My sewing table is covered with library books,fabric and other random things. Tonight I'll clean it off and make room for sewing this weekend. We received 2 dear knitted caps, from Zach's aunt in the mail. Pictures to come.

Tomorrow maybe Hazel and I will take a road trip to Adam's. A wonderful market the next county over. They sell the baby muesli she enjoys so much along with some wonderful organic & local produce and local frozen goods. The trip is well worth the drive when we survey the treats we find.

Trying to live in a more simple way and on a budget. It isn't easy. Our first child- only child has so much. Clothing-new,used, hand-me-downs. Toys- new, used, hand-me-downs. It isn't easy keeping things at bay. I can be easily swayed by magazines and friends- and nostalgia thinking something might be needed when it isn't always necessary. But I think it is an always evolving process. Just as I need to allow myself a little break now & again, I need to do the same for our babe and her father. We are aware and trying and that is half the battle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week in Review

Where has the week or last few weeks gone? Well Friday I was violently ill and spent the rest of the weekend trying to catch up to my former self and feel well enough to walk again- let alone be able to carry a 17 pound babe around. I was very grateful for the stack of library books I had lying around to skim,flip and devour

Before the plague set in, I had taken some new pictures of cuffs in the shoppe or cuffs on their way in.

Be Merry Be Bright is the name of this cuff. I've already started with the holiday/Christmas fabrics. It should be in the shop this week! I am trying to pace myself, while trying to get my list of crafty endeavors finished. Fall played a silly joke on us- because today was warm as ever. I had to search for some sort of weather appropriate thing to wear- I've started switching into fall gear (happily).

This weekend we are going apple picking for my mother's birthday. They also have a pumpkin patch, which I am hoping to find some pumpkins for the yard- since the ones we tried growing didn't take off with all the rain we had. Hopefully next year- we'll have our own home- own garden-own pumpkins! be well!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here at Hobocamp we are celebrating our 400th sale in the shop! We started Etsy on May 31, 2006- before that we had just done craft shows. So getting the word out was a true challenge. Our Etsy shop has been so much fun and a lot of work! Here's to 400 more sales! Thank you to everyone who has made it possible. You are helping make my dream come true!

With that said, we have a bunch of new cuffs, Snuggle Bunny gear and other new handmade cuteness making way to the shoppe.
So fall is totally in the air- I even wore toasty socks yesterday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

the ups and downs of roller coasters

Today- this Monday I am feeling terrible. Unable to actually pinpoint my tummy troubles (aunt Flo? Colitis?). Perhaps I should come up with an equally suitable term for colitis like uncle something- my uncle and Godfather who is the only other family member I know who had it (who passed away a year ago in December) was a Ron. He was a sweet curmudgeon, a laugher a silly- story teller and an all-around great guy. Maybe colitis should also be referred to as the uncle Ron. Either way Flo & Ron aren't working well together and obviously hate me. It boils down to needing to start the prescription the Dr. gave me. (Anyone familiar with Lialda?) I am very lucky my mom is so close and willing to take the babe for an hour or so while I rest (and blog) on the couch. For that I am so grateful.

And for this little girl. Her smile warms me, her laugh guides me and I am so happy to have this time in her life. Thank you Hazel!

When I spoke of the semi-vintage stroller I hadn't photographed this little gem of a coat. The lining is wool. With gorgeous embroidery and heart-shaped buttons (for $8.00!) it seemed the perfect little fall coat!

Finally my sewing machine is back (sang "Reunited" all weekend long). I've started a small project for myself.. a custom order and then the beginning of a never- ending pile of what-I pinned-while-I-had-no-stinkin-sewing machine! Plus, I want to try and make a crown, for Hazel.Similar to the one Soulemama designs in
The Creative Family as well as some photographs I've been saving for inspiration. (and I haven't even decided on Halloween yet!)

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

who wants seconds? seconds anyone?

So after a long day of poop-laden diapers, precariously stacked on top of an already full diaper pail I started to think I couldn't do this cloth diaper gig anymore. I have this mental debate at least once a week. Only for the pure convenience aspect do I complain. The-oh-somebody-pooped-we-are-in-the-car-what-do-I-do-with-the-diaper-now? scenarios.

I was passing the pail,like that scene in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure... during the fire in the pet shop, he keeps passing the glass tank full of snakes- he knows he'll have to tackle it, yet he just isn't ready. Well thank God Zach was around to initiate the cleaning- I would have just burned them. Then this morning a big box of gloriousness arrived on our stoop. Seconds!.

My college roommate and her husband, bailed me out! Something like 16 or 18 Bum Genius all in ones, regular pocket BGs, 3 covers, 5 prefolds and a few other all-in-ones plus a few- what look like hemp soakers and bamboo. Thanks guys you saved me from a nightmare and from buying more- which is so difficult to comprehend the price. I even started making my won prefolds. So I'll have those too, once I get my machine back on Friday! Now I won't have to wash the diapers every day or even every 2 days!

Hazel and the kitties even had a ball with the box it came in!

As for that- we went to the first story time at our local library. We can never make it there- Hazel always seems to be asleep. I think we'll try to keep at it. I'll also be enrolling ourselves in the reading program they have- up to age 14, I think. I love that reading-to a child is recognized. Well enough for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

how the busy weekend was spent

Thursday I took a trip into NYC, sans baby to see a Colitis specialist. Hours of waiting later, I still have Colitis and not many more answers. I did get to see Zach's office, meet his coworkers and commute home with him. I also enjoyed a iced coffee, while sailing on the Hudson River (ahem ferry). It was a nice little mini-getaway if only for an afternoon. I did some journaling to and from and used one of my favorite tote bags.

I did however, wear the wrong shoes, got a good amount of knitting done- only to pull out the stitches of a self-proclaimed wash cloth and then begin knitting a light fall hat. The yarn is gorgeous in a celery,organic and lightweight cotton. Who doesn't need a pre-fall hat?!

Friday was spent catching up with the girls- going to a friend's party and then eating french fries till midnight at the diner.

Saturday, Hazel woke at 4:30ish and after 2 feedings would not go down. So rather than fight it, I encouraged Zach to rise with me and go on an adventure. We stayed up with her and started her daily routine- then went to a local park and watched the sun rise over the Hudson river.

Sleepy papa and energized babe

Later that day went to a huge consignment sale at the Waldorf school and scored some amazing items, like this near vintage Eddie Bauer jogging stroller!

The rest of the long weekend was spent on a To-Do list, hanging laundry, switching out summery for fall clothing, making a pre-autumn soup (recipe this week), trying my first batch of Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, Tomato Sauce

and this:

Thanks to Zach for creating a gorgeous new banner and for, well everything else xo

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New To the Shop

Here is one of the hottest bags Zach has designed! love* love* love* this green- it is really killing me! Perfect to tote

Take advantage of our Free Domestic Shipping for our Christmas in September Sale!
Want a custom cuff cozy? Get your order in now! Have a Happy Holiday! xo