Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making Up in Pictures

I've been absent. A little under the weather. But, I guess a lot of people just step away from the computer during the warmer months for whatever reason. I've also been pretty lazy. Yup. In the last 3 years I haven't been working hard enough in my shop. I have been focusing so much on parenthood and our steps to home ownership- that I just haven't had the time. But I've been trying to take some pictures to show you just what has been keeping me from Hobocamp and other craftiness.

drinking milk in a vintage Sesame Street mug while wearing an armful of mama's bracelets

our version of those fun little stars people have on their house. I painted them a citrina. we got the color from The Center For Green Building

the ferris wheel at the Danbury mall!

the lillies blooming in our yard

dressing herself

trying to figure out a way to spiff up the kitchen with out a lot of money or renovating- 1st try is taking off the cabinet doors- next painting.

making my day a million times a day

Pesto I made- so we had a green & white pesto pizza! Delish!

We've got a big order and a new sewing machine, Confidence by Singer- Ms. Martha Stewart herself approves. So hopefully I'll have some snapshots to share real soon. Oh and we finished painting our bedroom- finally!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Damn You Reality!

So in my other homes, we didn't live by a lake where we see a million new bugs a day, we didn't worry too much about spiders and we didn't have silverfish. We were pretty lucky, although we didn't own those properties. Having lived here for 2 + weeks we are settling and becoming accustom to most of the wildlife habitat- seeing real dragonflies on a daily basis is kind of uplifting- almost stepping on a silverfish during a 3 am bathroom visit is not.

After reading on natural ways to rid your home of these gross, pesky monsters.. I've come to the realization that having my fabric color-coded and neatly folded on my shelves ( in my magical dreamland where faeries do you biding and your folding) (this picture got out of hand and is neither of those things) is a dream of the past- for now.

Since these buggers get their kicks on eating linen,fabric,wool! ( they also eat paste in books- but we are trying to pretend this isn't true- where could we possibly put 4 bookshelves + an expedit full of books?!) I need to put my fabric back into sealed bins and then somehow find room for them. Yes, it is a sad day when reality seeps in. I need a few moments of silence for what was and what magical piles could become. Oh well!

Anyone have any other advice on these buggies?

Monday, July 12, 2010

around the house

While my sewing machine is on the fritz (I'll be dropping it off Wednesday) I'll share some in progress corners of my home.
Hazel climbing into her big girl chair.

A lovely embroidered alphabet. At $4.99 this was indeed a steal at the Sal's. I have a spot on Hazel's wall.

Among the boxes and randomness. Seeing how much we have makes me grateful but also makes me want to get rid of some things. Clothes, fabric and so many toys Hazel just isn't into.

Still tackling our bedroom. Hung a lantern in the living room. Starting to paint a shelf for H's room. I had grand plans for a garden, but we moved in a bit late and our yard needs so much work it sort of fell to the side. I have a bunch of containers with basil, Swiss chard and the like- that just are growing at a mediocre level.

I am starting to get through some boxes in our bedroom and carve a little corner for sewing. We'll see how it turns out. More soon!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hazel's Bedroom Part 1

When we moved in, it was a shade of beigey-grey. In fact our bedroom and the outside of the house look like they are the same exact shade of beigey-grey! Something had to be done ASAP! So we found our semi-local Mythic paint dealer and ordered a few gallons for our rooms.

Hazel's is called You Are My Sunshine. Which I found to be perfect, since we sing that song a million times a day everyday. It was also the song my grandfather sang to my mother. Here are a few pictures of her freshly painted room with some of her belongings inside. I am still debating on the actual set up of furniture. I painted her dresser (which we got from my parents' neighbor's garbage -- hey it's real wood with new-looking hardware!) and used Mythic's Sprite Mist(something like that name) to spiff it up. Some other pieces are brighter greens and various bright colors.

We started painting our bedroom tonight. Then I used henna on my hair. Since our well/plumbing is kinda crazy- we don't have hot water and now my head is tingling from spending 10 minutes under the faucet getting the grit out from my scalp! I went with black and I am pretty happy with how it came out! All about changing colors..hmm must be longing for autumn!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

where we are: update

So I don't think I've been away from this blog for this long- ever. I've missed having this outlet for creativity or to dream about being creative and sharing what is new in our life with friends! Hello Everyone, I've missed you!
Some pictures for what's been going on!
On our 4th anniversary of marriage,we bought a little cottage!

(i guess foreclosed homes don't get the fancy "SOLD" signs ;( )

the comic relief.

It needed/needs a lot of TLC as it had been vacant for over 2 years. Even after Zach cut the lawn,with the heat and no rain for awhile the lawn now has almost died. Still so much to do to get it where we'd like it.

In the muck of it. Yard work and loving every bug bite and creepy crawler.

Hazel looking out the window with Grandma Joan

Zach still raking...

our little mantle. The fireplace may or may not work and might end up with a wood burning stove, either way it looks sweet with random prints and artwork and photos just haphazardly placed up there out of necessity ( hazel on the loose!)

Next pictures of Hazel's own bedroom! Hoot hooty! This weekend we start painting our bedroom. Hooty hoot!