Monday, March 31, 2008

My Handmade Wedding Story on the Storque

So- my story finally went up this weekend on the Storque. I was pretty excited! This is one of our photos from the ceremony held at the Lafayette Theater in Suffern,NY.

Our trip to Rhode Island was fun. However, just when I think I know how to dress for the weather I'm freezing! We did a little bit of shopping locally in Westerly, Zach found a new wallet- which is plastic with photos of bacon.. which is RIGHT up his alley.

We even hit a church attic sale. Although it wasn't actually in an attic- I found some great treasures! Among the lot was some great vintage fabrics and trim, a cute jar for sweets, a new spoon rest with tulips all over (our other one fell off the counter & shattered), a small vintage pill tin a crocheted kitty purse and some adorable vintage toys for using in the future. It was a nice find and all that for under $7.00!

Saturday my mother-in-law got me another charm for my Pandora bracelet- I chose a kitty- but of course?! For dinner we went to Thai Pepper across from the Westerly train station.

Sunday Zach and I wandered around downtown again, drove down to Watch Hill- which is like a ghost town at the moment and shared a delicious tomato sauce dinner with my in-laws.

When we got home today the kitties seemed very happy to see us and a couple of my ebay purchases had arrived!

I've been working on some new Spring Coffee Cuffs to Update on THURSDAY night and finishing off another girl stuffie. I am eally enjoying the process again! I can't wait till the warmer weather comes and maybe I could even set my sewing machine up outside- how silly it sounds as well as deliciously springful. Enjoying lemonade and a good stitch! haha

Well the rice cooker is bubbling away with a dirty rice mix with kale. Not quite sure what else we'll be eating with it.

More later-
happy week

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday- Spring Cleaning My Tunes

Detail Button Broken Heart, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This is a macro shot of our button- heart break tote. I love the shades and just how the buttons make me wanna touch them.

So It isn't the easiest program to navigate- but I was able to add new Spring tunes to my Project Playlist and removed the others. Among the newest are songs from the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, The Be Good Tanyas, Bjork, Woody Guthrie and some other spring-like happy songs.I hope you'll enjoy them!

Today I worked on a piece for myself- ooohh Ahh how exciting!! I love it- it is a large scale applique of Marie Antoinette- similar to the coffee cuff- only the t-shirt says Drama Queen University underneath the applique- kinda funny! You can check out the photo on my flickr page. I also took some photos of new items and refresher pics of some of our older items. It was a little windy- but I managed.

This weekend we're going to visit family in Rhode Island I love New England! We haven't been since Christmas!!

While browsing Etsy I found a seller who makes beads that fit Pandora bracelets! Which is cool- because I got a Pandora bracelet for my birthday-

Well after a little purchase of the Penny Playlist and a coffee cuff swap with Blaze Danielle- she gave me a shout out on her

I finished a few coffee cuffs which will be up in my shop later today. My favorite is the little flannel kitties.

Tonight is 3 hours of Law & Order- yay! Dinner tonight is going to be burritos. We'll be using up the 3 bean- soy meat chili I made Sunday with rice, broccoli and some marinated portobello mushrooms. Tasty- I'm excited!

I've gone through a bag of chocolate chips in small handfuls mixed with almonds. It is a really yummy treat- but the fact that the bag is gone and probably settling on my hips- isn't as delicious! Oh well- must start walking more- Regardless I am going to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for our car trip.

Be well- have a great day & happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday the Bright

Moo Has Arrived!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Woke up not feeling great- but got some sewing in. Finished a few coffee cuffs and started on another doll. About to brew myself a cup of French vanilla decaf from Whole Foods- I picked up yesterday with mom. I've started watching the Gilmore Girls- which only on the first season I am in love with!

Our Moo cards arrived and we're really psyched! We used product shots- and just cute pics. They came out great!
Well a short post today- a lot to do- while I'm working at a turtle's pace.
Be Well!
Happy Spring

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Wheeeee!

These are a few of the Girls I've made.. I introduced you to the blonde, Esme with the lashes- last week or so. I took this yesterday during the craziness that was called the Wind Advisory. These ladies were super professional and did a great job on their photo shoot! They'll all be available in my shop this weekend.
I've also been working on some crafting aprons, new coffee cuffs and some adorable appliqued tank tops & other cuteness.

So my birthday weekend has finally arrived! Actually on Sunday- Easter this year! Tonight Zach and I are meeting my girl's and their guys for conveyor belt sushi (well veggie rolls for me). I've been looking foward to it for awhile!

Saturday we'll be babysitting my two neices and nephew so my family can all go to a wedding- our invitation never arrived lol! No biggie we're looking forward to spending fun time with them.

I hoping for a laid-back delish birthday breakfast and maybe a decaf cuppa-joe.

Have a wonderful weekend- Happy Spring! xo

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can You Buy Anything For a Penny?

Well probably not. But I did find Blaze Danielle's Penny Playlist
art work and shop via the daily Blog Love. Someone was raving about her and this little penny playlist she was selling. So being a music lover I skipped on over to her shop and purchased one! It arrived the other day and I must say it is a great mix. Some of my favorite songs and ones I had never heard about!

Her art work is really sweet and revolves around cocoa drinking little girls, deer who wear legwarmers and an adorable, magical world within the woods. Who knew these animals were having picnics and wearing scarves?! So adorable. Here are a few of my favorites
Cocoa Drinker & Cozy Trio Check her out!

The weather has been pretty nasty the last few days and since the natural light isn't very good, I haven't been able to photograph my latest Scraparella- or other appliqued goodness.But i've been busy.

This morning as I was finishing up the article I wrote about my wedding I watched the movie The Year of The Dog w/ Molly Shannon. It was sort of sad at a few parts and def. funny and touching-I don't want to give too much away. I recommend it! I also started listening to jonathan strange & mr. norell by susanna clarke. It takes place in 1800- England and has to do with magic and the lack there of at the time. I've only just started it.

A birthday gift arrived in the mail from my mother-in-law and husband's aunt. It is a Pandora charm bracelet. The two charms they gave me were a green glass bead and a lovely owl! I put it on immediately. I also recieved the buttons I had ordered from Krazy Kate Designs. Today was a great mail day!

Hope you are all well

Monday, March 17, 2008

Esmé Gigi Genevive Squalor a Scraparella

My latest Scraparella stuffie. I just love her!
Today I submitted 4 projects to a new book being published. I would be super excited if one of my pieces got it- wish me Luck! I was excited because they had contacted me- originally- saying they liked my work. *Wishes*

Sunday I went to JoAnn's and bought some new fleece for my coffee cuffs. I decided to get a more neutral color this time and went with a turqouise rather than hot pink. I also grabbed what was left of the bobbypin fabric I used on her hands. I love it- so much! I also bught some red/white polka dots- some flannel pirate- flannel kitties ( both for neic & nephew gifts mostly) and some other calicos they had on sale.
Later I pieced together this little plushie and a small clutch called stuffy bird. I have a shirt on my bodice I am appliquing with a little apple and worm deal. Ordered some buttons on Etsy to feed the need.
Today my american apparel tanks arrived all ready for the appliqued summer goodness.
I'm debating what to make for dinner- although Chinese food is calling me.
more later- Shop Update on Thursday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Late Night

With the anticipation of Zach arriving home tomorrow among a few projects due- the kitties and I were up into the wee hours crafting. Well I was crafting they were play fighting round my feet.

This is a little something I made- these adorable new shank buttons- it is my new favorite thing!

More tomorrow or this week- including a shop Update on the 20th!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Weekend

Organic Gerber Daisies, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Yesterday I went to a friend's house for a get together and she gave me and early b-day gift- which was an adorable collage of all of us at each other's weddings, bachelorette parties etc. Really sweet. She lives in NJ and well I always get lost. An hour later I arrived in my driveway- arms full of random tote bags I always have on me, library findings and such. I had even forgotten to leave the outside light on- it was just one of those moments.. and there stood a huge box from the organic florist Zach uses! He sent me 20 gorgeous gerbe daisies to say happy early birthday- sorry I couldn't be there! It was a really sweet gesture that made me smile.

Now I'm running around cleaning and sampling different foods i'm working on. I'd love to work on a few coffee cuffs- but I just stowed my sewing machine away to access the sewing table for food.

I found out that our Inky Pac Man -button Tote bag was featured on the new blog Geek Crafts. we're excited to be a part of it. Right now they're showcasing Pac Man item- many from Etsy sellers.

On my homemade calendar Hermione Granger is the month of March- which I worked out wonderfully. Since it is also my birthday month, Women's history month and other coolness!

Just a quick hello- happy weekend and don't forget a the Law & Order mini marathon tonight! Yay- I'm so excited to try the beet chocolate cake my mom is making!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Energizer Bunny Style

Good Mail Day Thurs.13.08, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So yesterday my book arrived! I can already tell it will be well- worth the wait! Then these adorable ribbons I ordered from Sweet Flavor arrived- and my new issue of Everyday Food.

I haven't really had time to enjoy them- due to packing up orders for Hobocamp & the looming pile of 247 Magnum tees Zach left for me! Hey I'm not really complaining!

My trip to Trader Joe's was fun as usual- followed by a quick jot to Target for party odds & ends.

I've made my list of *To Do* and I'll share a bit:
- switch out shower curtain in br
-toilet- egh
-clean up sewing table, fabrics etc.
-boil carrots for carrot puree
- gather 12 fabric napkins
-sweep stairs
This is a little bit of what I have to do- there really is a lot more! Plus I'm meeting the girls around 4:15 to watch my friend's wedding video- sort of scared of that- don't think I like myself on video!

My coffee cuff sale is on till 11pm- as part of Friday Night Happy Hour
It feels cold in the apartment. I'm going to make a pot of tea and get dressed. I enjoyed one of the delicious oatmeal chocolate chip scones for breakfast.
happy friday

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tumble the Grey Bunny Stuffie

I'm super tired. Went to bed around 12:12 and up at 4:20am to drop Z off at work so he could take a bus with the rest of his coworkers to the airport-it seems the bus driver accidentally locked his keys in the bus- so his morning has started with a bazaar beginning!

I listed couple of revamped t-shirts in my shop in various sizes. I love creating them. I've been toying with my price for my coffee cuffs. Right now I have them on Sale- for $5. and their prices normally vary- from $6.00 ( for the less decorative) and $10.00 for the more decorative, appliques or Japanese/ vintage fabrics. But I don't know that the $10.00 price is actually one I am going to have stick.

Next weekend is my birthday ( on Easter this year ) so I am having family over our small cozen apartment this Saturday. Which means a Trader Joe's trip is in my immediate future. We haven't been in so long- so I have my list of "must haves"- I also need to find/create the right dress. I love wearing an apron when I have people over- of course I have my "fancy" aprons and my down & dirty- baking-cookin' aprons. I've got a lot to do in the next few days. I plan to make the deviled eggs from Deceptively Delicious along with serving cheese, crackers,hummus and maybe bake these Maple Oatmeal Scones. I also found some vegan broccoli and cheddar poppers ( for me) and Amy's Organic Pizza Bites for the kids. I've told everyone it will be an appetizer and dessert party. Mom is baking me a devil's food cake with beets. So much to do- including watching Dr. Who!

Yesterday was a good mail day- not only did I recieve Vegetarian Times but a consignment check from Magpie- Store which is always welcome! I've never been to visit the actual shop- but one of these days I'll get up there to Massachusetts. I'm hoping this week/weekend I'll recieve the MOO cards I created as business cards I'm very excited about them!

Last weekend while grabbing a latte w/ my Bride to be- girl- Suzanne ( I gave her- the BRIDE button tote- which she loved) she shared this magazine called NEST from the creators of The Knot. This has ideas & tips on finances, baby-time,being a newlywed,real estate and in this month's issue they even have an article about couples who own their own small businesses. Check it out . It has tips on starting your own business too! Although I couldn't find this magazine in any of the stores I tried- I treated myself to a subscription.

Well have a great day! I need a nap or a coffee- think I'll take the nap

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday! Hump Day-

Finished Elflette Shirt, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Hello Hobos,
I just finished this shirt. I'm calling it Elflette. It will be available in my shop later today. It is a recycled super soft cotton with some soft white flannel with light pink polka dots and vintage buttons.

I haven't been buying as much as I usually would on Etsy- well because we're trying to save! However I did find a few goodies that I had to have- such as some adorable Japanese linen ribbon and a 1/2 yard of this
Oriental Fabrics . I'm still waiting for the dern book Craft Inc.- that I ordered from amazon like 5 million years ago Here's a Review. I can't wait.
We've realized ( as we are piecing together our business taxes) that this year going forward at craft shows and sales in general- how important organized paperwork is. Crucial infact!- You're probably thinking- um no duh! But everyone learns at their own pace!

Yesterday I watched Emily Martin on the Martha Show and although I've never met her- she seemed super personable and sweet and I felt proud. She gives us designer-crafter-artists inspiration and a sense of ~Possibility~. I know my parents were watching and thrilled to hear she had made 6- figures! I can only hope my little hobo empire can grow to support me in the future- I wish that for all of those crafters who want this!

Last night I made sloppy Joe's and shoestring french fries. Not the most nutritional dinner. But I was sewing and time sort of past me by-Zach has been working pretty late ( last night till 11!) and tomorrow he'll leave for L.A.- for Wizard World Los Angelos. I'm proud of him- but I do hate when he leaves.

I went outside to photograph some new pieces for my shop- it was so windy I'll have to try again tomorrow on one of the skirts- it just wasn't happening! Later today I am going to start a custom apron- that I should have started ages ago ( sorry Darlene) and I need to pin some more coffee cuffs.

Remember- they're still on Sale for $5.00 till Friday at 11pm-
Hope you're day is going well- I just got the new issue of Vegetarian Times- so I'm off

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Are You Grateful For?

As seen here in the Etsy Forums

What are YOU grateful for today, Tuesday?

I'm grateful for
My Husband
the ability to make things with my heart & hands
My family
My cozy apartment with my two adorable cats
My health

I would add to my first list these following things in no particular order:

a good conversation with a friend, hot cocoa, coffee, a picnic, watching animals play in the yard, cardinals,bluebirds, butterflies, the smell of my mother's tomato sauce in the slow cooker, autumn, candy apples, halloween, christmas, wonderful fabric, little children telling stories, harry potter books, having my family around, lemony snicket novels, good crime shows,strolling down sullivan street in the spring or fall,driving to upstate ny, picking apples, listening to my mom or dad tell stories about childhood or before i was born, meeting crafty people-

It turns out there are so many people and things I am grateful for. The important part is letting as many of the people in your life know~
Back to work I go- new reconstructed beauties coming this weekend~

Monday, March 10, 2008


Dear Hobos,

For a limited time- all coffee cuffs will be $5.00 in our shop. If you've been eyeing that special cuff- NOW is the time to make your move.

Be the first one in your circle of friends to have an adorable, reusable custom coffee cuff- who needs the cardboard? Besides we're helping ourselves to lattes and the environment towards becoming a better place.
A true win- win!

Another Weekend Whooosh~

Saturday night- around 7ish we had a blackout- which lasted about 3 hours. Luckily our very small apartment is pretty easy to navigate- so I gathered all of our candles and battery-operated lights and we camped out in the bedroom. The wind whirled and the rain poured out of the sky. Our trustly laptop was fine- so we had some music to listen to while we played Scrabble by candlelight! I wonder if Ben Franklin played his Scrabble games this way or if he preferred natural light?

It seems at the moment Blogger and Flickr are experiencing issues- sorry for no actual photos in this post!

Sunday our town had one of the larger St. Patty's Day Parades. We took a walk around the neighborhood and watched the disgruntled drivers making K-turns due to the street being blocked off. It was really a beautiful day. Some long- awaited screenprinting was finally done. I organized some of my recipes by writing them on cards and adding them to my almost full recipe box. Jasper assisted with stocking the pantry- he looks so proud here- although is actual goal is to get some sort of food and act helpful at the same time!

Zach also took a nap- which was literally a cat nap! The kitties were asleep on the bed next to him- which is rare sense they don't really do anthing "near" one another!

Where does the weekend even go? The short time we spend with our loved ones on the weekends should be cherished :) Well with that- it IS Monday- so just a quick note today- I've neglected some of my sewing and isn't that what this is all about anyhow?!
Be Well~

Saturday, March 8, 2008

It Can't Rain All The Time

In our area we are on a flood warning (and now a wind advisory)- it rained most of last night and finally looks as though it has stopped. Although the weather reports assure us that it will continue. So I'll jump into my plaid rain boots. We're still nomming on the cinnamon buns I made. Which to my surprise we're pretty delish- for my first time baking them.

YUMTASTIC! I got the recipe at

I started a new design for onesies here is what it looks like.. a baby bindle stiff.

I'm also working on a girlfriend's birthday gift- who just got engaged. Usually zach does the tote bag-button work- but he was tired so I did it myself. I was pretty proud of how it came out- even if it might be slightly off. I hope she likes it. We all need to have a cute little tote for carrying around our bridal mags and other wedding planning garb.

I'm going to be writing a little ditty for the Storque- but I'll tell you about that later! My shop just reached 203 sales! I'm really excited and I can't wait to see what the upcoming months bring for craft shows and etsy. Hobocamp has been accepted to
The Providence Open Market - again- so I am really happy to go back with a fresh start, A new location, some new faces and a new schedule. We are also planning to do a few shows at SOWA The South End Open Market in Boston.

Lastly, I wanted to share one of zach's/247/magnum t-shirt design- it is (as most known my secret lover) Detective Robert Goren- Yes BOBBY! for all you Law & Order Fiends like myself. The Goren/Intense shirt I just love it and can't wait to get my own. I also saw that there will be a semi mini marathon tonight-on NBC starting with Criminal Intent ( which is now being called CI), SVU and regs Law & Order.

And since a lot of us will be setting our clocks forward- I thought I'd share this article that my husband wrote on the great time debate! Topless Robot

Happy Saturday~

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hobocamp Update!

New coffee cuffs, aprons, appliqued skirts and other stuff - you just might- die without!

xo happy thursday
lost is on tonght!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jelly Beans are to Spring, what candy corn is to Autumn. Excitement and a sense of newness. We picked up a bag and added them to this little vintage candy dish. They're quickly being devoured during primetime tv watching and afternoon quickie snacks. Although it is a dissapointment when you think you're eating a cool coconut and it turns out to be buttered popcorn- bleck~

We applied for The Providence Open Market today- we had a lot of fun last year- so we're up for another year- here is hoping!

I left my camera at my parent's house-so I won't be able to list or upload anything exciting for a few days. Last night on a whim I baked some banana bread . In the past I have always had trouble with our oven and the bread not cooking well enough. This recipe calls for 1 hour in the oven and that worked just fine. The top was a bit crispy- but the inside was perfect!!

Tonight I have yoga.Yesterday's test went very well- I didn't need a mammogram- but a sonogram.. and there was a doctor on hand to read my stats. Everything is fine, normal and perfect! I breathed a huge sigh of relief in her office - fighting back slight tears. Zach then drove me to the health food store to get some ice cream!

I've been thinking about streamlining the items I make- focusing on a few things rather than being so broad. But I'm torn- because I see clothes that are adorable and might just need a little something like an applique or a button and I want those pieces to stay in my shop. So I don't know what way to go. I'd love to become one of the shops critiqued by the Etsy crew- but I know there are a million sellers all hoping for the same thing- so I need to try and be objective- myself.

After reading The Vintage Zoo's Blog and Some Girls Wander I too feel a doily sensation coming on- or possibly a vintage hankerchief soiree.

Last night we watched 30 Days of Night w/ Josh Hotnet.. um I mean Hartnet- it was verrry scary and an all around neato horror flick.

Well have a happy Tuesday night-

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My brother's birthday cake- my mom made it for him and 20 plus people on Sunday. It was a wacky cake recipe- which if you ask my mom- she's been making since like 1955 or so. It requires few ingredients and when she was a young mother while my dad was in the army- she would make this for friend's birthdays or for a bit of yum. Always moist and delicious! I enjoyed the non whipped parts.

Today is the second day of my week of medical testing for different various health issues. Today I get to have a mammogram- I'm psyched! No! I'm a liar.

I try to dress up a little extra special to cheer myself up
the vintage slip I fixed and added a soft mauve lace to~which I wore yesterday w/ clothing over it :)

Since I've had an upper resp. problem and haven't been feeling normal I forced myself to see The Other Boleyn Girl to feed my curiosity and add some cheer to - what I am calling the Triathalon of Testing.

The theater I went to had the most comfy seats ever. I laughed as the only people in there were 3 women- myself included all alone.( except for the annoying seat shaking guy behind me) There is a certain kind of fun involved when going to the movies alone. But tell me, in a huge theater why someone needs to sit directly in front of my seat so I can't "stretch" (put my feet on the seat) only leads me to belive they aren't use to seeing a movie alone- and by sitting by someone they weren't actually seeing the movie by themself. Ok- keep kidding yourself!

This is what I will say about The Other Boleyn Girl- it is completely different from the book- first off. I've always felt- why keep the name- why connect it to the book when it really is NOT an adaptation of the book into a movie?! ( I know the real reasons$$!) but it ruins it for those people who really were looking for the book's visual story. Not only does it cut crucial pieces from the novel- but a few of the characters didn't even seem similar to how they were depicted in the book- especially William Stafford ( Mary Boleyn's second husband) and Lady Elizabeth Howard ( The Boleyn's Mother). Stafford was just a boy and in the book I really expected him to be a man and Lady Howard showed more sympathy- much more infact for her children- while in the book she seemed very cold and heartless- tossing Anne's heir on the fire.

Those were really just two small things I noticed- there are many other left out pieces and just what felt like a super- rushed movie. You would think that an hour and 10 minutes into the movie when the emergency lights and sirens went off at the theater I would have just left- no after the theater figured out the problem they let us back in and the movie started up from where it had left off. I guess you're always dissapointed with the movie Vs. book- however I always love the Harry Potter movies and the books equally. So I think they could have done a better job- with trying to keep the story fluid and understandable. But what came out was a very choppy- weird rendition of every other Henry Viii movie- just with more well-known actors and beautiful costumes.

So that was that- I urge you to go see it- but know that it really isn't Philippa Gregory's book/movie adaptation- if you see it as just a movie it might be more interesting.

Sorry for the rant- but I was so excited to see it and a little let down! Oh happy day!

It has inspired me to create 2 coffee cuffs of famous women in history- I'll be posting them on flickr later today- then in the shop.

Here is a blurb about Zach's Milkshake T-shirt design for 247magnum.etsy, which was apparently their favorite out of the milkshake gear popping up! We also have american apparel ladies shirts in- so now the ladies can enjoy a nice-cute Daniel Plainview!
Have a great Tuesday-