Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick Day 4-24-07

I woke up this morning ready for work despite a bad tummy ache- but decided to stay in. I wanted to get things done- make some bags, but that didn't happen! I stayed in bed pretty much all day watching Harry Potter and filing. Jasper our new kitty was sleeping under the bed, he's been there since I brought him home from the shelter. Hermione is curious and comes to the door hissing or just goes and sleeps under the window. I think she's excited but also probably wondering "what the heck? Who is that cat?" Here is the photo I first saw on Petfinder

This is the photo the shelter took of Jasper. He was pet of the month for April. He had been there since August.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


So we went back to the church bazaar and still found some pretty neat stuff! I got a great pr of men's loafers that are super comfy and stylish they'll be perfect to wear wth my argyle sweater vest! We found a pair of miniature wooden owl magnets, a crazy large skirt made out of awesome fabric. I'll recycle the fabric to make a bunch of other lovlies. also snagged a perfect condition burgundy/wine- colored velvet blazer a few more slips and a neat pair of turqouise pumps with lace all over them Wowie!

I listed a few items today here they are:

I also repainted the little shelf I picked up from the bazaar:

We also went to the animal shelter in NJ to adopt another kitty. We saw soo many needy cats and had a difficult time with deciding it and didn't want to rush it. We also don't know how Hermione will react. We've started taking Hermione out in the backyard on a leash. She really looks like she's having fun, her tail immediately bushes up and gets all fluffy. Today she was even rolling around in the leaves.
Some pics of her:

I love her hot pink collar. She loves trying to eat flowers.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Day Off

Today was my day off. This morning we went to a local rummage sale, where we found a buch of awesome pieces to sell and to hoarde!
Below is my pile of fun:

I'm psyched I got 2 awesome slips, an LLBean like-brand new blue vest, a pr of jeans, a sweater vest- argyle( yes I'm a huge dork) 2 aprons and some other treasures.

I've been sewing some new pieces they'll be up on the shop soon. I'm excited about our upcoming fairs. We also have some ads going into a few different places- so we've been designing new spiffy adds. We also have created a new t-shirt design which we should have soon.
A lot of doings- Zach is at his MMM wth the guys so I get the kitty and Buffy season 4!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Monday I made lasagna here is the sauce in the crock-pot and the ricotta tofu. It came out delicious!

The new Mother's day coffee cuff I made and listed on etsy:

Here is the DEVO coffee cuff I made- Coming Soon! Zach models it for me xo

A pic of my work space: I know it is a mess!

I made this apron for Jenny's birthdy tomorrow- She's turning 4! I aso got her pink cowgirl boots! I can't wait to see her expression~

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The BIG Art Show at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY

On Saturday, April 14th, we were at Supreme Trading on No 8th in Williamsburg. Here is Zach at our little 5 foot booth set up!

How cute he looks!

A BUnch of Birdies that landed on this plate to be sold! We sold a few of these Luxy the Bird Lapel Buddies.

Rebecca shows off her little birdie on her hip~

Artwork from the show-
Some pieces we didn't get the name of the second photo is artwork of Paul Vogeler. There were some really cool artists, Etsyians and such.

Some of our coffee cuffs- we later grabbed some cups for better merchandising!

A Tire Sculpture on the roof of Supreme Trading.

An old somewhat- abandoned building on Driggs. We thought it was interesting and sort of sad.

You never really know what a craft fair will be like even if you've been there before. Elements like weather,location and other happenings on the same day can really dictate the foot traffic you get. In the case of this fair it was located next to a bar- so there was a busy stream of people coming in- however many of them were there to drink and not shop.

Speaking of drinking- I don't know if it had to do with her alcohol content but the person next to us ( an actual vendor/artist whatever) started changing her clothes on the gallery floor.NOte: there were 3 bathrooms for our use) Slipping a pair of pants on under a dress or skirt- you can get a way with- no big deal- but she then took her dress down and I unknowngly caught a glimpse of bra-ige (sp). Not to mention there were people all over the place!


Overall we were able to meet a few Etsyians; Sarah from Fort Cloudy,Haasome on Etsy and the guys from Happy Panda. Thankfully the rain stayed away for the day and we were not touched by a drop.

We enjoyed the best falafel of my dear life!!!! and checked out the neat shop JUNK on No.9th & Driggs. Zach and I bought new velcro & canvas wallets for 99 cents! His has a map of Hawaii and mine can fit my check book!
Bye for now xox

Friday, April 13, 2007

My Morning~

THis Weekend Hobocamp Crafts will be at the:


Saturday, April 14th
@ Supreme Trading
213 n 8th St.
(Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY 11211
Doors @ 7 ~ $5 (non-participants) ~ 21 and up
Hope to see you there!
www/bigartshow.com for more info

My Favorite Turtleneck- it's the softest material ever and has a vintage Macy's tag on it. These are also a pair of my favorite sunglasses! My mom and I bought a pair together- she looks so cute in hers. My dad says we look like cartoon characters!

Hermione leaping around the apartment:

These cuties came from Amy at purl.etsy.com. She has an adorable shop and added goodies in the package! Check her out!

Self-Portrat Thursday 4-12-07 Zach got a call and I mimicked him with a sepia tone.

Our own Hobo photo shoot- We thought it was time I pack my bags and my hankie and ride the rails.These are the tracks close to where I grew up. As a child I would walk on or next to the tracks with friends. There is a small section where it s elevated and looks like it is pieced together with toothpicks!

Today is a showcase, we missed out last time- I was at work- luckily I am off today- have my timers set and I am ready!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


We applied for another craft fair today in Maryland and I just got the flyer for the Odd Ones Bazaar in PA which we'll be at on May 5th. I love the flyer:

Some new pretties I made to be listed!

I should be outside raking the yard!
But here are some of my messy treasures*

The Taming of my Hair- Etsy Style

So as promised here are two photos of my awesome reversible head band created by GracieDesigns.etsy.com

I was able to choose from the fabrics in her shop to create a unique headband just for me! It arrived beautifully wrapped. Who knew growing your hair out could be so much fun?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Newest Listings on Etsy

These are a few of our latest listings on Etsy. I'm really enjoying the process of making my "Coffee Cuffs"- they're an inexpensive gift for you or someone you know. I made these while watching Scrubs!

The adorable vintage dress I found at church bazaar. I then added a cute tree applique. I hope you love it!

There are so many awesome sellers on Etsy- I really enjoy interacting with them on a daily basis within the Etsy Forums. I received my headband in the mail yesterday from GracieDesigns.etsy.com I'll post a picture ASAP- it came out adorable. Shout out to Kelley!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Upstate/Downstate Suburban Crafters NY

It's difficult to find other\crafters in my area- New York is so god-awfully large. Rockland County although it is only 45 minutes or so from NYC I don't want to trek there for a craft meet. But then Albany isn't next door either!

So in the forums I keep trying to reach out to others in my area- It's so awesome to see people from Detroit or Indiana or wherever getting together- collaborating and crafting. I have not yet been able to find that.

I have been wanting to move for sometime- but we just signed a new lease and things are going well for Zach at work.

I walked to the library tonight after I ate some homemade mac & cheese. On my way home I came across 2 black metal cubes for storage- someone was getting rid of. So I picked them up and cleaned them off. I'll use them for new projects just made or projects in progress. Either way it was a good find!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Upcoming Events

Okay so we didn't get into Renegade this year- Gasp! When I found out I was slightly depressed ( momentarily) then realized I would be ok regardless! We have been there for 2 years and figured- it is time for new faces to take the old spaces~ so I have L~E~T~ Go!

However we have a bunch of fairs we are going to be at this year:
Next Saturday, April 14th at 7:00pm we will be at http://www.bigartshow.com/ in Brooklyn along with a few other Etsyians, musicians and artists.

We will then drive to Harrisburg, PA on May 5th for a show given by the Mantis Collective called the Odd Ones Bizarre:
I have never been to Harrisburg, but I am really looking forward to being there.

Then the following weekend will begin our 5 weekend stint at the Providence Open Market in Providence,RI
This looks like a great time and we have 5 dates lined up starting with opening day May 12th-July 14th-August 25th-Sept 29-lastly October 20th.

A few of the Etsyians hav discussed wearing buttons so we can spot each other from the crowd. I can't wait to meet my Etsy sisters & brothers.

We have a bunch more fairs we have applied to or are planning to apply. I will keep this updated with those dates!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Morning

I ordered a reversible headband from GracieDeisgns@ etsy.com
I can't wait for it to arrive! I also ordered adorable Hedgehog Barrettes
I'll post photos as soon as they arrive. Managable hair here I come!
Thanks etsy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My First Day 4.4.07

I started a blog oh wait this is the blog. Welcome- I'll be using this as a way to share my thoughts and spread my craft across the land. It will be slow and shy at first- but hopefully blossom!
visit us for ll of your handmade lil bit of country lil bit of rock & roll needs