Tuesday, May 11, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered- I'm almost yours

On the house front the inspection went better than expected and also threw us a few curve balls. Items we had never thought about came up and some stuff we were worried about wasn't even an issue! Now we twiddle our thumbs and wait.. I'm trying not to visit websites like ohdeehdoh and mythic paint Oh because I don't want to break their browser or get ahead of myself. Let's just say I am trying to focus on a few of our items to inspire me with each room. I found this on a quick jaunt to the Goodwill on Mother's Day- it is inspiring the living room for sure!

( the rug will find a new home- somewhere and the cat, well even though she is giving me a dirty look- she'll keep her home with us.

In other news, I spotted the groundhog and actually snapped a quick picture. I want to trap him and hug him- there I've said it. Of course I would let him go after maybe a few additional squeezes. Then he would probably bite me and send me to the ER. Dang groundhog!

Before the weather took a very cold turn, we were in the back yard doing this:

Made from an under-the-bed organizer. I got the idea from here. Plus it is portable!
Whatcha guys doing?

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