Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a healthy obsession

I'll be the first to tell you that I might have a slightly obsessive personality.Is that picture straight, does that outfit r e a l l y match? Why can't I get that one hair in place?

Then there are other obsessions like how I use to watch the Harry Potter movies all the dang time while I sewed only to switch them out with Strangers With Candy. Now, I must confess my new obsession is Twilight. I know either you love it or wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole. I also know I am so far behind the bandwagon I can hardly see their tracks! But I made it nonetheless!

It all started a few Saturdays ago when one of my bestest invited us girls over to watch New Moon (and have an impromptu 32nd b-day gathering!). Zach and I had finally rented Twilight a few months back so I figured it was only right to see the next film in the series. Although we cracked jokes throughout the movie, throwing around the term "Face Punch" (the movie Bella and Jacob go to see) I was still intrigued and wholly lord blinded by Pattinson's charm. I left that night with delicious cobbler recipe ( thanks Suzanne) and Twilight in hand. I read for days straight (usually nightly during my bath) and finished it on Saturday. My loving husband bought me the next book feeding into my habit. Then I started getting him into it. Mr.TV/Movie Reviewer. Mr. Graphic Novel, Mr. Sideburns. So now he's the guy on the train every morning trying to hide his copy of Twilight.

Even with Harry Potter, it took me years to get interested. Even after I successfully ran a huge Harry Potter Midnight Madness Book release party at the B&N where I worked, I still couldn't tell you the difference between Ron and Fawkes, I can now! But once I saw the movies, I then started the books and I was hooked. Which is what is happening now. I am slowly reading the second book and casually reading the internet for spoilers, because that is just how I roll. Well I just wanted to share my harmless obsession. It is what has been getting me through the early days of spring, when the rain won't stop and the sun doesn't shine. Kinda feels like I'm in Forks.

What is your healthy obsession?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Despite a husband who was still sick and a babe on the mend, I managed to have a wonderful birthday with a delicious dinner. However, I some how managed to not have any cake or even cupcakes. No wish-making or candle-blowing or birthday-singing. none. zippo. nadda. I guess we just kind of forgot. Between meeting a friend at the Bucks for a free pastry and birthday chai, (thank you Allegra and running to our Dr. appointments, there was no cake had. So today, Hazel and I hit one of our favorite health food stores and I found a deliciously huge piece of vegan,peanut butter, chocolate cake.

topped off with a cold glass of almond milk. Yum!

Thank you for well wishes. Going to take a few days to think about 32.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Well my mother is on the road to recovery and Hazel is feeling better too. My father and Zach were sickened with the plague at our house this weekend and I am still holding out, for tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. I always forget how old I am and kept thinking I would be 33. I'm dippy like that.

Tomorrow I am hoping to meet up for Free Pastry day at the Bucks, because anything free is always welcome. Then on to Hazel's 15 month checkup (I've been dreading this) and hoping we can prolong her MMR even longer. From there onto my own Dr. appointment. Funny way to celebrate a birthday, huh?! Not much mending, in fact none.

We had some lovely weather, which is now being followed by rain. This weekend was productive and I am hoping for the same flow this week. Got to spend some quality time with the family, outside which was just what we all needed.

Scooting down slides,getting dirty knees and soaking in the sun. What more can you ask for?


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inspiration from Others

My mother got out of surgery yesterday and of course was very groggy. She is doing much better,walking around and sitting up.This afternoon I'm going over to visit her. I think I'll stop by Jamba Juice and get us both something fruity to go with the weather, before seeing her.

I still haven't started my mending, but I did take some before shots I will soon share. Today so far, I made turkey meatballs and sauce. Yankee candle would have my money if they could make a candle smell like a delicious pot of red sauce cooking on the stove! Just imagine- yum!

Inspired by Tia, who was originally inspired by, Alita over at Da Mainiacs.

Outside my window: I see the shed my parent's bought us to hold all of our belongings till we find a house of our own.

I am thinking: That I need to be more patient. I need to take more deep breaths and try to focus on the moment. I need to count to 10 and breath.

I am thankful for: The sun shining a baby who went right down for a nap and Zach, who is my rock.

I am wearing: What I slept in. Oh yes, I will get dressed- I even plan on wearing my shamrock socks and a green turtleneck. But for the moment I am wearing my new cozy yoga pants, a favorite sweater and a tank top oh and my old slippers that need updating.

I am remembering: All the things I should be doing.

I am creating: A home, even if most of it at the moment consists of a hopeful folder of pictures, ideas that swirl in my head and glances at the shed full of everything we own.

I am going: To get the baby up, give her lunch-head to get some smoothies, pick up Zach from the train and head to the hospital.

I am reading; Simple Sewing for Baby, by Lotta Jansdotter and always a million magazines.

I am hoping: To have our little nest by October. I can't wait to have a little place in the autumn and to invite our friends and family for Hazel's 2nd birthday in December.

On my mind: How my DR. appointment will go tomorrow.

Noticing that: The pastina is ready and the baby is stiring in her crib.

Pondering these words: I've lost my edge.

From the kitchen: I can tell the pastina may now be burnt!

Around the house: There is a lot to do. So many things to keep my busy and aid me in my procrastination!

One of my favorite things: Saturday. Zach is home and we can get some quality family time. Saturday nights are reserved for takeout (sometimes) but always a movie. It might be a horror flick or comedy or an oldie but goodie.

A few plans for the rest of the week: A DR visit, a welcome home dinner for mom and a possible park playdate.

A Picture I would Like to Share:

3 Layer Tuxedo Cake, my mom made for my b-day one year.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Tomorrow my mother goes into the hospital for surgery. It is a pretty standard surgery, but still scary. I've started taking a medication at night, that will supposedly help my colitis. I was hesitant for a few reasons, but I need to see if it opens a door to remission. For my birthday I am planning a visit to the Weleda Spa nearby. I really like their products and can't wait to get a facial. I really need one! Having a baby (ahem,some 15 months ago) wreaks havoc on your skin!

I also have 3 or 4 vintage quilts, patchwork that need serious mending. I could easily stitch them up on the Huskystar, but I need to hand stitch them. I love hand-stitching so much. It is meditative, grounds me and relaxes me too. Each stitch is different like snowflakes. Last night, I watched as my mother hand-stitched a pair of pajama pants and then realized these old quilts I have need that sort of attention.

So we are all in some stage of mending. I guess that means Spring is getting closer. Leaves and trunks and grass repairing themselves- growing. Now if I could just grow some patience and be in the now- be less of a procrastinator and more of a doer. Still a lot of work to accomplish!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Itty Bitty Break

Hobocamp_047, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

The last couple of days have been trying. I am having headaches and dizzy spells. Feelings of being out of breath and having possible heart palpitations. Moments around 4pm when I get so sleepy I need to immediately pull the car over (yes always when I am driving). Hazel is usually taking a little nap herself- so I pull over in a library parking lot or a populated area and fall asleep to NPR. I'm not proud of it. Maybe since I don't really drink anything with caffeine these days (thanks colitis) I am falling prey to that 4 o'clock sleepy time- so many people can relate to.

Either way- I have an appt with my primary care and a call into my GI dr. I was told to stop taking Apriso- my colitis meds.I'm not sure what the heck is going on- but ever since my 4th month of pregnancy in 2008- I have not been the same person and right about now- I am wishing there really was a Dr. Gregory House to work his medical magic- because I am tired of the mystery.

With that said- I am taking a little break from blogging. I say this now- but who knows what it will be. Maybe a picture here a quote there or maybe a rant or 2. Just know I am so gratetful for the comments and for those of you who follow our little life xo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hazel is learning parts of the body. Here she demonstrates "eye".

We are trying to take one day at a time here in Hoboland. Still searching for a house to call our own. As much as I think I don't care if Spring comes- I then remember I need Spring like a plant needs fresh water. It renews the soul- the creativity and life in general.

Letting fresh air into the house and opening windows is always welcome, especially by the cats who usually inhabit the windows year round. The fresh air is a trigger like a full moon- it makes them crazy!

But sometimes Spring makes some of us sleepy.

Last night- much to both of our surprise- during American Idol- I started re-organizing my fabric. I put away all holiday/fall/wooly/flannel/toasty variety and replaced it with vintage floral sheets/apples/fruit/lightweight cottons and seersucker.
I was up till 11ish doing the finishing touches- because I also semi-color coordinated them as well as purged a huge bag full. It feels good- looks much better and gave me some inspiration that I needed.

Today this morning- which I almost actually wrote "smorning" as in this morning. Anyhow, this morning my stomach has been somewhat normal- no 15 trips- so I am not sure what is happening- but I feel good. I'm reading Dr. Weill's Heart Health publication and trying to take notes and create a new regime for health for myself. I need structure- I need to stick to it- what is it 21 days to start a habit?!

With the beautiful weather I think a trip to Nyack is needed. A stroll into our favorite thrift store for some birthday treasures. Ahem- myself (23rd) and (Zach in May) you never know what you'll find!

Enjoy the day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Ideas

I don't really have any at the moment. Except that I love the picture I took a few summers ago with these crisp vintage sheets. I am trying to re-inspire myself. The last few weeks have just been an icky blur. I usually don't mind winter weather- but the blahs somehow crept in and got me down.

Things to inspire:
Reading About What Inspires Others
Finished projects
Good PhotographyStacks of Fabric
COFFEE ( even though I can't drink it- this nectar is all inspiring at times)
Butterfly Clusters
Farmer's Markets
Bowls of Fresh Fruit
Seed Catalogues

For now this is what is inspiring to me. I just need to feel it and let it permeate. Feel the inspiration- the color and the season. Littles creeping up through the ground,birds chirping and so on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am admitting for March a very small act involving this guy. I am guilty for not always recycling the toilet roll, yes it is true. See sometimes I am lazy by nature- when we finish a roll I will leave the empty roll aside and say " I'll recycle that later" well later turns into usually never. The roll is usually missing from where I last left it or tossed in the garbage.

Believe me I know how useful these guys are, really. My colitis gives me plenty of time to daydream about possible toilet paper roll projects I could make with Hazel when she's 5. In limited space I can't save them- but sometimes my inner hoarder speaks "c'mon what is a few paper rolls? You need them, You need them!" Then I snap out of it, leave it by the sink and forget it all till my next bathroom visit.

March will be the month for recycling these guys as well as cleaning out my car- getting the trunk almost empty. The weight I carry in the car isn't good for gas mileage or the environment in the long run. Besides who really needs 2 strollers on any given day?

What will be your One Small Change?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Only recipe you Need! 2 for Tuesday!

The Only recipe you Need!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

We're torn. We need a home and can only live with my parents for so long. Hazel is getting so big and needs more space. I miss my belongings- our dishes and having a little nook for the sake of having the nook. Right now we have are belongings all over the place and although we try to keep things organized I fear I losing the battle!

I came across this picture and all these emotions crept up. Feeling like a failure b/c it seems our stint in Beacon might be over. I don't know! The market is very small there- we have such specific needs that I think we are both just losing steam. I knew it wouldn't be easy- but now it seems our realtor may have lost her interest. Quandary. The age old question...To rent or to buy?

Homemade Play Dough

play dough, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

hello soon-to-be-spring. hello my birthday month. hello st. Patty. hello play dough.

Monday morning I was feeling pretty good and decided to make my first ever batch of play dough. I was amazed at how easy it was and how much I loved making it! I used a recipe that was taped to the inside of my mother's kitchen cabinet. She was a head daycare teacher for over 15 years, so making play dough was something she did in her sleep. She would get fancy and make it colorful for various holidays. So when I was ready to make some for Hazel, I knew just where to look.This recipe is for the cooked variety, but you can make uncooked as well. It seems cooked may last longer.

2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
2 cups water ( if adding food color do so to water)
4 TBS cream of tartar
1/4 cup of oil
Combine flour, salt and cream of tartar. Combine water and oil. Gradually stir in water/oil combo.Cook over medium heat, stirring until dough begins to glop together into a ball. Remove from heat and knead. Wait till it cools and you are done! Store in a sealed container. You may keep it in the fridge to prolong shelf life.I picked up some Glad twist tops, which are BPA free to keep this stuff in. Experiment- add sparkly sugar or even glitter.

Note: Hazel is 15 months old today. She still tries to put things like play dough in her mouth- so don't leave your babe unsupervised with this stuff! It is non-toxic but doesn't taste very good- lots of salt blegh!