Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beautify Your Budget

Since Zach brings home to bacon (soy of course), I try to manage all of our bill payment/savings etc.on the home front. I've talked about the envelope method,explained by simplemom and we were doing a really good job with it. Then, well it kinda fell by the wayside.

Fast forward to these gorgeous, eco-friendly,genius envelopes- by Heather over at Beauty That Moves . They are Cash Budget Pouches, you can order your own set for Groceries,Baby Needs,Shoes- you get the idea. The fabrics are very simple and sweet and each has a hand-stamped label.

How about that for a gorgeous, motivational push? They are the perfect size for keeping your cash in a stylish, durable,organized manner. Plus, I've used the real envelopes and well I feel awkward and obvious- these are super cute! You can also read Heather's own description of the system at Simple,Green,Frugal Co-op.

This is such a great idea- please show this lovely shop some love while getting your finances in order- before the holiday rush!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

weekend doings

Saturday, we loaded the car and headed to Oneonta , where my brother has a house by the lake. The forecast called for rain every day- but we only received a few sprinkles. My sister also joined us. We shopped for groceries at Hannaford's which I so love, deciding on the meals we'd make/share/enjoy.

My mom and I had planned to stay till Tuesday or Wednesday- but Hazel wasn't feeling it. When I say she wasn't feeling it, I guess I should confess- it was me too. Having only been there a handful of times (all of them with Zach)- I missed him and missed his help I get every night during Hazel's numerous night feedings. I was just so tired and cranky- it didn't feel much like a vacation. Hazel cried down for naps and at night- even though we were trying to stay quiet as church mice- she would wake up crying. So last night I packed up our car and we hit the road mid-morning. But on the way out of town hit the Salvation Army. The next few days will be full of washing, washing washing. The worst part of any trip is the laundry and game of put away when you return. At the Sal's I found a gorgeous quilt, thick, patchwork- lined with wool. It is perfect for the upcoming cold nights. I also found a few books for H and 2 skirts for myself.

Tuesday H and I went to my favorite thrift store, where I found her 2 little tops and myself yet another, striped shirt. All the older ladies love Hazel,playing peek-a-boo and making her smile. Now we're back home dealing with the rainy, hot days. I guess it doesn't help that I am drinking hot cocoa in almost 80 degree weather.

Here are a few pictures from our little weekend. We've gotten a slow start to our week- so bare with us as things start to get more regular around here!

Friday, July 24, 2009


My mom,Hazel & I are heading up to Oneonta. We're leaving Zach and my father with the kitties. I figured Z could use the quiet time to finish this book once and for all. So I'll be unplugging and enjoying the view lake side.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

swing batter batter

Baseball fan? No, not really. Is my father sad that we can't partake in his favorite pastime together? Probably not but, growing up every summer- all I knew was radio 660 AM. It seemed like it was constantly on. My father played baseball when he was younger and even got drafted for the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn- but decided to join the Army. So baseball is kind of in my blood regardless. With that, I do enjoy seeing a game in person and somewhere deep down, I might even like the roar of the announcer's play by play with the occasional roar of the crowd.

There are so many summer sounds I enjoy. Hooting of the owl in the back yard, a cricket hiding in the corner of a room, trickle of rain from a sun storm. Some of my newest ones are Hazel laughing and splashing in her pool and swinging on her swing set.

Trying to take every day in..breath a a little and live a lot. I cherish our weekends, when we can be a more laid-back family bustling through town- running errands. In a year or so, maybe we'll be puttering around our new home, working on improvements,nesting and making plans for the corner of that room and the bookshelf in the other. But for now- we have to fight the temptation of consumerism in order to save as much money as possible. So this is it- a difficult feat lay ahead- sure it's no slaughtering Voldermort- but sometimes it seems as difficult. Buying a house is no joke. But I want us to stay as positive as possible.

Well, there is a babe tugging at me for dinner.

Monday, July 20, 2009

the long and short

I will face it- it has been a while. I haven't quite been up to it. Hazel slept through the night (aside from a preemptive feed) around midnight. I am grateful, yet still very tired. I guess I will need numerous sleeping-through-the-night-nights in order to restore myself. Besides I know I am not the only tired one around here

Good thing I was awake to take the picture!
There is a lot in the works. But for now - we are enjoying a summer of firsts. A baby nearing 8 months and all the living and laughing that is accompanying it. She's great fun- even on no sleep. Even when I haven't sewn in weeks. Still searching for balance.

But trying to stay grounded between belly issues- saving for a house- wanting the house yesterday and figuring out what to do next. I just can't wait till the book Zach is co writing is finished, which means more sleep and down time for Zach- but also we can work as a team again on Hobocamp and on Hazel!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learning To Be Mama

This past Friday, Hazel and I went to a storytime sing-a-long at the library. There were a bunch of other mama & papa duos with their babes all ready for some reading and interacting. It was cute- I sometimes forget that things for the baby are different, a little corny at first but at their core very sweet. So I smiled and sang along when I could. Hazel seemed to enjoy just watching the other kids sing,sway & play and it was good for me to just get out and about around other parents. She hasn't started crawling yet- but is a fan of the army crawl- like she's in basic training. I guess she gets that from my father's days in the army.

I haven't sewn in weeks. I stare longingly at the machine and I think she's starting to stare back. Tonight I am going to make an effort to dust her off and get a few pieces sewn. Presents-things to sell-clothes for Hazel. Off to make. Happy weekend xo

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Schedules are For Suckers

Apparently. Because when I walked into my scheduled colonoscopy appt last Thursday, I was surprised to see 5 other people who were also waiting. The receptionist "over booked" the doctor for colonoscopies- which I couldn't quite understand. Anyhow, Zach had left to run an errand with Hazel, so I called them back and rather than wait 4-5 hours ( which is me speculating, b/c they couldn't give me a time frame- oh yeah and I was starving) we got on the road to begin our 4th of July celebration.

Everyone I told the story to asked if I was livid- wasting my time and then fasting. People fast everyday for health & religion so that wasn't so bad- it was the false sense of my appointment and the idea of following a schedule and that being a joke, which upset me the most. So- my rescheduled appointment was for July 30Th ( yes folks they couldn't even squeeze me in- due to their mistake!) but luckily I called back to find a cancellation for tomorrow. So back to the store for broth,clear Gatorade and other clear-food delights. And once again I become a sucker for a schedule and hope when I get there I really am the 9:30 appointment.

In other news- Hazel is on the verge of crawling a n y d a y n o w! So I think we should definitely think about truly baby proofing. I've been thinking about it since my pregnancy- with the basic stuff- but maybe I should get a book or read an article or something to better educate myself on what to look for.

This weekend we visited the beach on Rhode Island and here are a few shots from the weekend!

I'm starving- going to have yet another cup of broth then maybe an Italian lemon ice. Delish.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

test prep, moving day and the 4th

We had one of the first sunny days in a long time! We took advantage of it- big time.

I've started grabbing pots & pans and wooden spoons for H to play with- getting back to basics! She hits the pan a little, then she bites on the spoon.

For the last 5 hours, I've been drinking Gatorade with Miralax to prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow. The prep is a lot easier than last time- but either way it isn't much fun. I'm starving oh and did I mention, I'm starving? I can't wait to go and have the procedure- so I can eat the chocolate croissant I have wrapped up in my bag! After the doctor, we are heading up to Rhode Island to spend the holiday with Zach's family. I am hoping to get a good beach day in. I've washed all Hazel's beach toys- that were hand me downs and we've got our bags packed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.