Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday! Hump Day-

I use to be a super night owl. When I worked at a bookstore the hours were just more conducive to this schedule. Since becoming pregnant I've been going to bed earlier- waking around 6 and then going back to sleep around 8- only to wake at 10am. Normally if this was my schedule I might feel bad about myself- because sleeping into the double digits isn't really something I like doing. But I've been going with the flow.

Yesterday I finished the 7th and last season of The Gilmore Girls and I was a big, weepy mess. Using 1/2 a dozen tissues I don't know if I can just blame my hormones. It was a really sweet show and I came to find out my own mother was a big fan. This morning I stayed in bed- filled a tray of lunch and goodies and watched Meet The Robinsons which was adorable. As well as started Finding Nemo.

Last night I was able to get a little bit of sewing accomplished, I appliqued two pieces of baby clothes that were recycled from my sister-in-law's kids. The one was a little kimono style in cotton with heather grey and white stripes, the other short sleeves in yellow onesie style. I used one of my favorites, the English ruler,measuring tape to make an owl for the yellow and a small square on the back of the kimono from this new adorable Japanese clothesline fabric.

About a year ago I started having serious issues with dairy. I was never diagnosed by the lactose test- but had cut it out of my diet for about a year. Then I started testing myself. A small piece of cheese here a nibble of a ravioli there. I realized that it wasn't bothering me! So we had ravioli the other night and last night ordered a pizza. It was crazy to be able to eat the cheese again and not get sick.

Our next show is a month away tomorrow. I'm nervous because I am still pretty ill and hope I can make it through a day of "craft show". I need to start putting together my usual suspects that always seem to sell like hotcakes. Luckily a lot of them can be made by piece mail on the couch. I also have a request to make a ring pillow for my mother-in-law's wedding as well as my bridey cousin's garter ( her wedding is in Nov). Which I am the Matron of Honor and will be just 20 days away from giving birth! MY due date is NOv 30 Her wedding, Nov 9th!! Oh Lordie!

Best wishes and don't forget to take advantage of our free Shipping on All Totes!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Jig is Up!

I found this gorgeous photo on a poster site. It just looked so pretty I wanted to use it to share my little secret.

I'm Pregnant!! (9 weeks) I know most people might wait a little longer- but with my recent lack of productivity in my shop, on my Flickr page and here- I figured I wanted to share what was going on. Since week 6 I have been SOO dead sick with nausea- and morning sickness- which is a morning-noon and night experience-regardless of the name. Making me a sick, vomitous, weakling lying around in my vintage slips watching the Gilmore Girls all day. So be it! We're really excited and I've been reading pretty much every possible book on pregnancy and childbirth. There are some really helpful ones out there.

Last night I even felt well enough to applique some onesies and a few other piece including my last custom order for awhile. I'm praying that by week 12 I am feeling a little better and able to work again. My sewing table has been covered in fabrics and projects that need finishing. I've also misplaced the computer-camera wire so I haven't been able to download photos! Zach has temporarily closed 247 Magnum so he could catch up and help me out with the usual everyday. Amongst the morning sickness and lack of camera options we're also still looking for a place to move. So you see there has been a lot going on!

I hope to update more often now that I am sharing why I've been sick and why the shop has been so slow.
Thanks for letting me share- be well!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Was Really Sunny

Just a quick note from the couch- as I'm still not feeling well. We looked at yet another apartment today- which I am in love with- but is slightly out of our price range. We looked at one yesterday a little cheaper in Tarrytown- but wasn't quite the right it. So it seems the search continues..

Here are a few pieces I finished and are in the shop or will be tonight

I've stopped making custom orders for a bit. Aside from 1 last piece I'm working on. Zach dragged a few rubbermaids full of summer clothes out- this is always so much fun- like going shopping only I don't spend a dime!

Tomorrow I have a doctor appt. and I'm spending the night-sleeping at my folks. Zach will be at his Manly Movie Night Mamajama and I just didn't want to stay alone. I like alone time- don't get me wrong- but spending time w/ my parents and possibly getting a delicious breakfast from mom is a def. plus!

Moonlight starts tomorrow night for those of you hot-vampire-lovin' peeps. Speaking of hot vampires- we've started Netflixing Angel.

Well I hope all is well and everyone is keepin' on crafting. I'm obsessed with Amy's Organic Macaroni & Soy Cheeze- such serious comfort food when you're sick- as well as the burritos- I highly recommend them. The cheese is so good it reminds me of real mac & cheese- which is awesome when you can't eat cheese!
Oh Happy Day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Penny, the New Girl

Penny, the New Girl, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Wednesday- I was able to get outside and take some photos of some of my pieces that have been waiting to be listed. This is Penny, she's an adorable little redhead made of vintage houndstooth and denim. I'm still working on her skirt- but I hope to have her in the shop this weekend.

This morning (still not feeling well) in bed I watched the 2nd disc of The Tudors, which is a pretty interesting show. Although I want it to be Philippa Gregory's storyline. Now that we reopened our Netflix account I've been looking for some recommendations for movies and series- so please share!

Jasper has been camped out with me through Tudors- Little Britian and waiting on the stairs while I photographed some pieces. Now he's doing a one-eye opened sorta cat nap- waiting for any quick jolts to the kitchen for his dinner.

Last night we caught the beginning season of Law & Order SVU or SUV as some of us forgetfully call it. Pretty intense- as much as I didn't think they would let anything happen to Olivia- it was super intense and I just wasn't sure!

On the apt. front- we didn't get the one I mentioned a few posts back- because the owner does not want animals. Which makes me just so upset. They lost good possible tenants b/c we are animal lovers! I've noticed all through Craigslist- Hudson Valley- that a few people have listed comments about the lack of housing for pet owners. I was surprised but very pleased to see someone taking a stand! People shouldn't have to decide between their own shelter vs. that of their beloved pets. Ugh- sorry just ranting.
So our search continues! More later- happy spring- happy crafting

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday- Spring - Cookie Baking

Jasper and our new plant, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Today I baked chocolate chip cookies, using my mother-in-law's recipe. I was craving some sort of baked goodness. It took me 2x's longer than usual- just because I feel kinda weak. I've been out of commission- if some of you haven't noticed. Not feeling very well, I haven't been updating the shop- nearly as much as usual. It is never fun when spring is here- you want to go for a walk and you're sick on the couch!

Even sitting at my sewing machine has been more than what I can handle at the moment. So i've been creating little by little. I have to say not feeling well has affected a lot!

I'll have a couple of new coffee cuffs this week as well as a new Scraparella and a new clutch. I've also been working on a couple of summer sweetness items.

This is Jasper our big boy lying in the kitchen window- next to our new plant. He's so sweet and you can see the yellow bushes in the backyard have bloomed.

More soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, Kitties, Babies and More

Patchwork Cat, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

When I made this little patchwork kitten for our shop, I had no idea how much my niece Jennifer would love it. Whenever she visits and sees it perched on the bookshelf with my other Scraparellas and such waiting to be adopted she always says" aunt missy, can I have that for my birthday or one like it?" so I have to make her one. I'm taking this one out of the shop to save it- since it was made from a very special material- the fact it hadn't sold I think it was meant to stay with us. So I'll be starting hers for her birthday as well as one of those super cute crayon cozie for my other niece's birthday- Tallulah.

We've been known to move pretty much every year. It isn't that we plan to move- our last place we loved- but we had to move for reasons beyond our control. The apt. we live in now is super small as anyone who has read this blog knows. So we're looking for a new place. Although we just started to get settled into this place- we started searching. Yesterday we saw two apts. one was a little scary- it had some real safety issues as well as not having a fridge and oh yeah Zach got two splinters in the short time we were there! The second one, we fell in love with.. turns out it wasn't the actual apt we were supposed to be seeing. But we might be able to get it for the right price. Full or light ( 11 windows in all) ( we have 4 now) a great size, hardwood floors and in walking distance to a farmer's market. So I hope this one works out- now they just need to decide if the kitties are allowed. Everyone *WISH* for us- b/c the kitties would love it just as much. Plus it has both a tub and plenty of space for a kitchen table- which we don't have right now.

Our great friends came by this morning and we met their new baby Sadie! She's only about 2 months old- and so good and just a little peanut. Zach did a great job holding her! What a natural!

As Sunday afternoon rolls in I'm peeling potatoes and carrots for a soup I'm making for dinner. I have a pile on my sewing table to get to this week. So much to do! The weather is welcoming back all the little animals in our yard. This morning Hermione was watching a cardinal, bluebird- the ever crazy squirrels and a little plump bunny. Zach gave some of our carrots to them to munch on. So lovely!
Have a great week!