Friday, June 27, 2008

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

Not only is this one of my favorite Be Good Tanya- songs but seeing as this is our new shower curtain I thought it appropriate. Our new place is also in a corner of the woods. We have all different kinds of birds chirping loudly their little songs. I am also a huge fan of browns with blues.

I decided to go with the coral sleeveless sundress for the wedding tomorrow. So today I'm wearing the yellow & grey dress from yesterday's post. Dresses are so easy.

I've always been a huge collector of vintage fabrics & linens and finally started diving into some pillowcases for shift tops. I have one on my mannequin? ( I never know what to call her she is really just hips- neck- Bust?) anyhow there is one half finished on my bust now. I also pinned together the custom clutch so that I can add a bow, stitch it up and add some cute details before sending it on its way.

We're still emptying the old apartment slowly- but have till the 1st. My mom gave me a beautiful glass juice jug with a lid and a spicket perfect for summer drinks. I made some decaf Red Rose tea yesterday & have been snacking on that with garlicky/chive hummus and rosemary crackers. I've also had a hankering for hot cocoa. With no ma & pa coffee shops locally I've been hitting the local Starbuck's that is now located inside our local grocery. Two mornings in a row- after dropping Z off for a 7am train, I stopped in for a cocoa. Quite delicious.

With that I wish you all a happy weekend! Ours will be pretty busy as will next weekend. I look forward to some down time with my hubby and kitties on our couch in our new home eventually!
Be well~

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well thanks to friends & family our Saturday move was seamless. The truck was backed up to our little apartment and a heavy stream of carriers came in & out with the fury. The apt. was packed with boxes to the ceiling in no time! Pizza was enjoyed then Z and I spent the rest of the weekend trying to put everything in place and organize the rest. The internet/tv/phone hookup didn't happen till yesterday and our new couches & comfy chair were delivered Sunday. Poor Z has hardly had a chance to relax- he's been going to the old apt. after work finalizing and still emptying. I cleaned the fridge at the old place and Lord is it clean! I was amazed at just how spotless I got it!

Of course now TNT is having a Law & Order Criminal Intent marathon- just in time for my viewing pleasure. I need to put some orders together and start some custom orders. I bought more of the one- seam sundress fabric and now turned Suzanne onto it to!

I don't even have photos to upload, since I can't find the camera cord.Just know I've started setting up my studio nook and a trip to Ikea is def. in my future. My little fabric package arrived as did my little Hobo girl plaque. Very exciting.

The cats seem to love the new space. Jasper on our bed (as usual) and Hermione going from window to window and sleeping on my craft table.

It may be a little early (17 weeks) but I am still trying to will the baby to move with my mind. I just can't even imagine what it feels like to have someone in my belly moving. " Get in My Belly"- okay sorry.

Saturday we have a wedding to attend- I'm just so excited for it. We'll see my sister-in-law & her family whom we haven't seen since our December- Hawaii trip.

I'm torn between two dresses, both Liz Lange maternity.
Here is a pic of one of them- the other is a sleeveless, coral sundress. I'll bring them both and ask my mother-in-law/bride-to-be & others.

Back to the sewing table.xo

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Little Train That Could

That is how I am feeling this week. Just pushing myself up this endless hill of stuff to do.

1 more day till friends and family gather to help us move our belongings to yet another destination.Sometimes it can be embarassing- being known as the couple who moves every year. I'm sure friends of ours who own homes- wonder why we just can't get it together. But that is just it- we don't know where we want to end up. The way things are right now with real estate- I think both of us are happy to be renters. YES, I've heard all about the money we're waisting- but I like to think of it as a contract for not having to A- pay property taxes B- worry about fixing things (isn't that what the Super is for?)and a bunch of other things we're not quite ready to worry about. Of course I swoon and yearn to own my own property to do what I want- to paint the wall a gorgeous color of blueberry or coral- but for now I'll stick with the white walls and use blueberry and coral as accent colors on my pillows.Besides has anyone taken a look at the starting prices in NY? lol

Well enough with that rant! We were lucky to have our
Gia- Hottie Tee featured on Pop Elegantiarum a fun blog about handmade & pop culture cuties.

I picked up some more 1-seam tube dress fabric. It was %50 off, so of course I needed to indulge. I love how the first dress came out so this one I chose a navy blue with polka dots.

I'll leave you with my tummy~

More to come about our new place and my new sewing nook!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Just Can't Help Myself

Almost Finished!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I know I must be feeling better because I am taking on custom orders again!

Dr. appt today- got to hear the baby's heartbeat as usual- but is still my favorite part! I got weighed and found out I've gained 14 pounds. I KNOW some portion of that is in the top part b/c I've had to change bra sizes like twice! But basically I'm a chunkster and I've gained like 1 pound a week which is a little too fast. I just need to get some more exercise and slow down on the "Baby Wants a Milkshake" hype.

We loaded our little orange Klippan into the wagon and I waved goodbye! It is going to our friends who are owners of another Klippan- so at least I know it won't be lonely. The fact of the matter was- I didn't want to buy another one- I can't even fit lying down on it and the bigger I get the more I will appreciate our larger couch even if it is called MEGA BEIGE. Sounds kind of like a monster who fights Godzilla. So now the only furniture in our living room is a small foot stool, our coffee table and my wooden chair & sewing table. Do boxes count as furniture?

So with much persistance and the help of this lovely Lady I was able to find a tiny bit of a most coveted fabric called Mrs. Nelson's 2nd Grade Class I really wanted the cream- but I'll take what I can get! I want to add it to the baby quilt I constantly talk of and one day before Nov 30th will make.

One of my favorite Etsy Girls , MewPaperArts whom I met at a Providence show- has a new design in her shop called
Farm Girl and I think I might need to get some- even though I have been trying to lighten my load. I just love it and I think you will too!

Well~That is all for now- time to pack the boxes... oooh what I would do for a foamy french vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffee!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Making It Work

Checking out the New Tub, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

This Saturday we stopped by our new place. We were in awe of the things we hadn't remembered and the specifics we couldn't forget. The bathroom was spotless so I climbed into the tub and had Z take a shot. It is a tad tiny- but I could care less. Once I pimp it out with a pillow and an actual bath mat along w/ a candle and some reading- I'll be as happy as a clam.

The funny part about the "perfect apartment" was the new oven. The new oven was so beautiful- well the rage top- I thought gee I've never really seen inside a brand-new stove lemme look inside... um wait the door isn't opening and oh wait neither is the broiler. That was because whoever just installed it apparently didn't check to see if it could clear the molding! So our beautiful new stove is non-opening at the moment! lol I called and left a message and we'll see where it goes! I thought it was hysterical- Zach was less thrilled.

Overall we were very pleased with the new place. I'll be stopping by tomorrow to set up our kitchen and linen closet- yes WE HAVE A LINEN CLOSET!! In our current place we have 1 closet. So I'm a little excited~

I am also very psyched to pull together my corner studio. We'll be purchasing
this lovely in order to divide the space. I'll be able to showcase my favorite fabrics, the children's books we've been collecting, possibly our owl collection and maybe some of Zach's Hellboy collection.
We'll see how it all comes together.

Just a bitty of a post ~ off to the new apartment

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm a Ravenclaw!

Zach is Gryffindor... will this ever work? :)


I can tell I am up too early when....

I have an instant headache as soon as exiting the bed.

When the only TV shows on, are about animals or infomercials.

I woke at 5, Jasper came in very excited and hungry as usual. Now we're watching an animal show together- he's pretty much mesmerized with his little kitty eyes glued to the tube.

After a day of packing, Zach & I drove to the new place to see if it might be opened so we could look at the progress. When we got there around 8:50pm, the lights were on and there was a stove on the grass. Apparently- the contractor is still working on it.

They did have 2 weeks?! However, when we looked at the place we saw one that was empty (but rented- or we would have taken it) with the same floor plan and the actual apartment that had the previous owner's belongings EVERYWHERE and not to mention a cat the size of a St. Bernard. It was a little distracting to try and capture a mental picture. I keep thinking the big, fat cat will be left behind for us and we already have one fatty to care for.
This little cuff is available in my shop. I really enjoyed making these as well as the pincushions.

My shop has evolved into such a different place from when we first started. I remember around this time a couple of years back- creating inventory for our first show- The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. I was making so many tote bags, clutches and just embellishing all different types of vintage items. The first night on our way home we stopped to get a huge iced coffee- aware that we'd be up ALL NIGHT, since we had pretty much sold our table down to nothing the first day.
I was up till about 3 or 4ish sewing furiously in our first apartment in the Big Old Victorian House. That was their first year in Brooklyn &
McCarren Park.

The following year we went and were getting married the weekend after. Everyone thought we were crazy. But our wedding was pretty simple & smallish- so there wasn't a whole lot to worry about. Again, we did really well and this time had a tent ( no sunburn)! We sold a lot of Cuddletron 5000s ,Snuggle Bunnies, totes and appliqued goodies.

Last year we did apply and felt pretty good- like maybe we were a shoe-in since the last 2 years- but we didn't get in. I was pretty upset, I have to admit. It was awkward b/c our friends and family all knew about it and they were accustomed to visiting us at the big, old park in Brooklyn.

This year, I didn't even think about applying. Not because of rejection- but we're sort of taking it easy this year- with the baby and all. But I do plan to apply next year- baby in tow. Our shop has changed. I'm not making totes as much. I use to love to- but I have sort of lost steam. There are so many bag makers out there and so many wonderful pieces. To me it is important to keep it fresh and do something you love. I'm grateful to be able to do this for my living (thank you Zach) so I want to spend that time doing what I love. For now and the forseeable future coffee cuffs, Scraparellas, aprons, onesies, pincushions and screenprinting is my love! But of course I get inspired and create one-of-a-kind pieces that I just can't help. But as long as it doesn't feel stale.

Well with my rant and the historical Renegade Craft Fair post I am off to nap.
Happy Saturday
Be Well-

Friday, June 13, 2008

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere and not a Place to Sit!

Good Morning! I'm so happy Friday is here! We move in on Sunday (well we'll have the keys- but not officially till the 24Th). This lot below is what I worked on for a little bit yesterday. Coffee cuffs and cute pincushions in summery fabrics. The one non-summery is made from a scarf I out grew. Can people really outgrow scarves? Well perhaps- maybe I've had some sort of Drink Me juice I didn't notice. Either way recycling is always a good thing.

Yesterday, I received a custom order for some coffee cuffs. Luckily the fabric requested is right at my fingertips! A lot of my fabric has been packed, so I lucked out. I'll be working on getting those babies out the door today.

Zach & I watched the Bravo A- List Awards last night. This is the event he went to last week. Only things change when it is live Vs. taped. Either way Kathy Griffin was her usual spitfire- I was amazed at how many jokes about celebrities she got in. Pretty much everyone was cracking jokes about those who hadn't come. I really enjoyed the length and the overall hilarity. It wasn't too stuff, as most award shows are and it wasn't the MTV awards which is sometimes way too cool.

These little beauties arrived in the mail yesterday, from Queen Vanna Creations. I found an adorable fabric at Joann's that has similar little paw prints all over it with a tannish back round- both of what I think will look adorable together and be perfect for my vision board.

During my sewing craft explosion yesterday, I caught some of Oprah. I think it was an old one, because they had not yet started reading their current read (which the name escapes me- b/c obviously I have not yet started reading it)- But they were talking to some very inspiring self-help gurus. Two of whom I recognized. Anyhow, a lot of the guests were talking about putting your hopes & dreams out there- speaking to the universe. Which I totally agree with, that when you need something (not material) or want to achieve, you need to tell the universe about it- before you can receive it.

When I lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn it was very difficult to make friends. Mind you this was 7 years ago so Etsy wasn't even a glimmer and I wasn't really sewing a lot anyhow. But I found living in the city- even a smallish neighborhood to be dark and depressing, not knowing anyone except the bad relationship I was in. SO, I took a collaging class at the 92ND Street Y, I was HUGE into collage,journaling and Sabrina Ward Harrison. I thought the class would be great to meet like-minded crafties, which was partly true. We needed to bring some supplies among them magazines. We sat in a circle and in a very natural way, were told to rip out whatever photos appealed to us. The whole time chanting in our heads our sort of mantra to the universe. The entire thing was videotaped, which was okay, then we each created our own collage on oak tag. We went around the circle and explained what each one meant to us and what we were thinking. I do remember (although we weren't allowed to talk to each other- which was a total bummer) feeling empowered and connected to the universe and the women around me, even only in some small way. I would have probably benefited from asking the universe for friends rather than what I had asked at that moment. But alas, when I moved back to my hometown a few months later, my friends were there- so the universe does have a way of helping out- even if you don't know it. My point? I'm using the cute clothespins from Queen Vanna for my universe-inspiration board.

With all that- I'll say Happy Friday the 13Th!!
Look for some little shots of our new place this Sunday/Monday.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


BUTTONCHOPS MOVING SALE!!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So one last time, I'll inform you of our MOVING SALE! This time everything has been reduced and the fabric bundles are $2.00 ( plus shipping) The bead packets are $1.00 and I'm pretty much just filling the parcels with free supplies- because I can't stand to see them get tossed. There are only so many bags of fabric you can give to Goodwill. I have a huge box I add some nicknak or random craft item to daily.

In other news, I've started jumping into the new summer fabrics I purchased! There will be new coffee cuffs in American Jane measurement fabric and the cute & fruity fabrics I've also started making some simple, mini pin cushions. I just love- how they're coming out!

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare- I was walking through our Stop & Shop and almost fell into a split! I haven't done a split since I was like 7- so you can imagine my disbelief when my flipflop totally flipped off my left toes crunched and my legs split open. Sounds kinda funny- but when you have a cart of food, a you're wearing a dress and your pregnant- a fall isn't *exactly what you're looking for! Luckily the market tote I was using was heavyish and I think it kept me grounded. Regardless I walked up to one of the workers in a huff and told him the floor was sopping wet and I almost busted my ass! I swear he saw me slip and I saw him look away- but who knows. I was just happy I didn't fall. I pulled my back but it seems to be okay now.

I spoke with the super of our new apartment complex and it turns out the apt got more of an upgrade then we thought. A new counter,a new stove, new fan and a new oven. So we're pleased with that! We debated on hiring movers, we move so often that I think most of our friends are a bit tired of helping us move. But we'll play it by ear and see if we need more help as the day gets closer.

With all that- the weather is gorgeous and I'm going to try and beat my morning sickness.
Be crafty - Be well!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Heat Wave Breaks!

After last night's crazy weather I didn't know what to expect. As I drove towards the train station to get Zach, the lightening felt like it was following me. It was pretty sinister- and I'm just happy when we woke this morning, our car was safe from falling trees & branches.

Luckily the mixer Zach went to for work last night (on a boat that drove around the Statue of Liberty) was short and sweet and hardly touched by bad weather.

Yesterday I finished my wholesale order and now I'm ready to mail it off once the post opens. I also finished my Hawaiian inspired tube dress. I got some more packing done as well and this morning I plan to continue. It is feeling a little bit like Tetris in our apartment, but I always rocked at that game anyhow!

I found my ideal baby carrier with the fabric I love too! I haven't purchased it yet- because I can't seem to find the sling in the exact fabric.

It seems likely a cute sling would sell out of either of these fabrics- because they kinda rock!

Last night I shared with Zach how much I miss Jasper (our big boy cat) not coming into the bedroom in the morning and waking me up by biting my hair or licking my forehead all things that actually annoy me when happening on a daily basis. But in their absence I thought I had missed. This morning is was as if cats do understand English! BRight & early & loud Jasper pranced into our room onto the bed! He hasn't done that in weeks... animals really do know and understand us I'm CONVINCED!!

I mean, look at him?! I took this with the photo booth option on our mac. Z says he looks like he's a late night blogger- which is perfect b/c all we talk about is what Jasper would write about, if indeed he had a blog. Z has gone so far to say he would start one for him.
Too much! Well have a great day & encourage your animals to blog today!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


These are about the cutest earrings I have ever seen. They're available here. I found them in the Etsy "Her" Gift Guide Category. Ok
Back to packing & work~

Tuesday's Heat Wave~

Well summer isn't even technically here- yet, it is 99 degrees out. I try to keep the fans going till we just can't stand it anymore and need the air. I'm tempted to repot my basil this morning before the heavy heat comes- but it has seemed to dull my reflexes.. I can't move!

I've started getting terrible heartburn (the hair is growing)- and instead of tums I heard papaya helps. So I picked up a juice and a puree. This morning I added the puree to a smoothie with a little oj, fresh strawberries and a handfull of blackberries. I must say papaya has a pretty unappetizing smell.. but thankfully I am past that point.

Buttonchops has been freshly updated with a Grab Bag of Vintage Slips and Hobocamp has been updated with some of
these .

Yesterday we had a boring mail day for the most part, then I found a package on our step from my dear sister-in-law who resides in Hawaii (possibly not for long!). We investigated what was inside. The photos are of what goodies we found inside. Totally thoughtful and sweet and from Savers! my favorite thrift store in Hawaii.

2 quilts 1 made of a silky Hawaiian fabrics the other from vintage polyester & cotton, and adorable kitty or bunny zip up and a chenille sweater in white with Pooh, Tigger & Kanga. So cute!
Well Must get to work
Let's hope for rain!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happiness is Having Someone To Love...

My Husband Knows Me Well!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Or a cat that will let you drag them around like a ragdoll!

Searching for a sunscreen can be a pain in the neck, let me tell you! I finally decided on, California Baby, Sunscreen & bug repellant It was the most natural one I could find. Our local shop had one bottle left muuwah ha ha!

Aside from taking some time to go to the Olive Garden, which salad is now my main craving- so the never ending salad bowl is amazing- we saw the movie The Strangers and pretty much packed, packed, packed this weekend.

I really destashed like crazy. Some things will end up at other stuff I am donating. There comes a point when hanging onto clothes that didn't fit you before you were pregnant seems kind of silly. However, cutting some of your favorite non-fitting clothing up for sewing projects works perfectly. That is what I today is about, along with getting a wholesale order together.

It is a little too hot to do much of anything outside and the cats are lying dead-like in front of the air in the kitchen. Zach is going to a sneak prieview of the Hulk tonight, which looks pretty good! So I have the place to myself to do some sewing and more destashing.

Hope you're having a great Monday!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Packing Starts...

With our "technical" move in date being the 15th, yesterday I started packing my fabrics by color. I know Zach is a little overwhelmed by the boxes which have started to stack up. But when I think about our move in date as 1 week away I get a little nervous. There is still so much to do and so little time.

Saturday I'll see if I can trick Zach to go to Ikea, by tempting him with their cinnamon rolls. That way we can check out the three things we will be needing 1- a larger bed 2- a new couch and 3- a crib. I've looked at a lot of cribs and have found the Ikea ones just as versatile and less curvey which is what our nursery nook will need- clean lines.

With my sewing machine at the doctor I've been trying to keep busy and with my morning sickness returning- I'm still at a snails pace. My doctor said the cramps were normal and we listened to the baby's heart beat- which was really why I wanted to go- just to be sure. This weekend I am going to order a heart doppler-everyone I know who had one said it just added a sense of comfort which between doctor appointments, I could use. If you have any pregnant friends or want to become pregnant yourself, my husband found this podcast called Pregtastic. I'm really enjoying it. I did get the green light for 5pound free weights and prenatal yoga. So I'm on the market for a dvd to help with that. Another great thing about moving- we'll be on the ground floor with no one below, where now we are top floor and doing any kind of exercise is sort of out of the question- always afraid I'll fall through the ceiling ! Especially being pregnant!

Last night Zach met an old friend for coffee in the city and I decided to treat myself to dinner. So I went to Thai Garden, which is a new Thai place in Orangeburg a few towns over. when I arrived I was one of the only diners, when I was leaving it was packed! Decorated beautifully, the food was amazing. I wondered if I looked sad, sitting by myself- pregnant? I enjoyed every minute regardless- maybe next time I'll think ahead and bring a book.

Well have a good weekend- I think I need to go back to sleep!
Be well~

Here are a few of my favorite things:

The Blueberry Bandit


Mountain of the dragon

Melissa Loschy

All items are available on Etsy

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who Could Resist?

What self-respecting hobo could pass up this cute little plaque? Oh I'll find a spot- by the nursery nook if we have a girl, maybe with other cuteness if we have a boy.

Yesterday I went gallivanting (sp?) with mom & dad. I dropped off my sewing machine to be serviced and now of course I keep thinking of the amazingly-ridiculous projects to sew. But I am keeping busy, I started a CRAFT PUNK tote and love the color combo. Green buttons on a hot pink tote.

During my sewing I kept receiving text from Zach that said " I just saw Tim Gunn or Bridgette Nielson just walked by" the Bravo Awards were a star fest apparently!

Today I have a doctors appt. I have been experiencing light cramping and my nausea/morning sickness is back. So just wanted to ask some questions.

The show we were going to attend this weekend, we might be skipping. There is a little bit of craziness going on here with moving and babies and award shows Oh MY!

However, I have started packing my sewing supplies( jars of buttons & whimsy) and I am going to start packing my fabric by color.. that way when I unload them I will be able to put them away in a nice little color-coded way.

Recently, I've been checking out some lovely studios on Flickr and blogs, so I will be sharing my favorites shortly. They're just so inspiring!

Be Well
xo M

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Sleep Till Baby~

I'm convinced- that will be my new theme song- only the Beastie Boys say Baby instead of Brooklyn. In bed by 11:30 and up by 5am-the entire time spent tossing. Left side- right side-left side and so on. Pretty depressing! The other lyric in my head is by Ani Difranco, when she she simply states " Sleep is like a fever and I'm glad when it ends" nuff said girl- were you preggo when you wrote that?

I actually just picked up my first issue of Mothering magazine because I saw Soule Mamma's Flickr page with a wonderful photograph of Ani.

Tonight my hubbie will be attending the Bravo awards, since well he works for Bravo! So I'm ironing his shirt this morning and was delighted when he said he wanted to wear one of the seahorse ties I had just made! Hobocamp is going to the Bravo Awards show! It doesn't air till next week, but be sure to check it out.

Last year I started planting all sorts of seeds early in the brown bio-degradable boxes and watched them grow from nothing- it was an experiment in patience - for myself. When they were big enough I put them outside to bask in the sun. Unfortunately, the roofer my landlord hired was sloppy ( we've gotten 5! roofing nails in our tires since last summer- most recent Friday!) and they threw shingles from the roof- which in turn landed on my plants and pretty much crushed them as well as my spirit. So I wasn't planning on gardening this year- as much as I love You Grow Girl.. the fun gardening bible. But something came over me yesterday and I found myself at the nursery with a very focused goal BASIL & LAVENDER. The basil looks so fresh and wonderful and yes I sort of cheated, but I didn't have the patience just yet to start over from a seed.

It will almost be 2 years since I received my Huskystar 219 from my bridal party. Which means, although it is self lubricating ( is that what you call it? it sounds dirty) it hasn't been serviced- ever. So the serviceman is coming to the shop about a hour north and I've decided to take it in. Of course I hadn't planned for the show to be cancelled last week and then need the time this week to finish projects- but I finished two market totes made from recycled, vintage floral sheets.

Yesterday I called the OBGYN, because I was having slight cramps. I was concerned but everything I've read says not to be concerned unless accompanied with other symptoms. The doctor's office said the same. I am now 14 weeks- 4 months and I have just entered my second trimester! I'm looking forward to spending the next few weeks feeling good or um slightly better than the previous trimester.

While searching Etsy the other day I saw this shop Fabrik and these wonderful produce bags she makes . I had to buy some- they arrived and I promptly forgot to use them! But now I've inserted them into our newest reusable market tote with hopes I will remember! So if you can check out Fabrik's Shop

Have a great day-

Monday, June 2, 2008

Check Out What We Are Up To~

Purple Pink & Orange Gift Guide

Scroll all the way down for a cute surprise xo

monday's whale posting

New Whale Onesie Design, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Whatever that means! I wanted to blog this morning, but felt terrible but wanted to get out of the house. So I spent the day with Mom. Eating her delicious homemade pasta sauce, gossiping and lying on her bed watching Law & Order. Thanks Mom! Sometimes you just need to let your mom take care of you when you're not feeling well.

With all the chatter about the Providence Open Market, it was actually cancelled on Saturday! The weather was kinda nasty- and it was pretty thoughtful they were thinking about the out of towner vendors who would be traveling in through the t-storms. So we bummed around downtown Westerly, Rhode Island, went and had lunch at the heart attack & 1/2 delicious Sea Swirl and did some napping before going out to Pizza Time for the informal engagement dinner for Zach's mom & her fiancee. We did a lot of eating and no crafting.

Alas we may be attending the show this weekend. More to come!