Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick Sunday Show & Tell

( It turns out the woodgrain is more on the greenish side- which I am starting to like even more than the original)

(estate sale a few weeks back- vintage)

(parasols- I want to call it Tokyo parasol- because I don't know the real name)

(reminds me of the 4th of July and making summer wishes)

(folded a favorite way to see fabric)

Last day to a very busy weekend.. A million things to do. Very sleepy & hungry
Enjoy the day!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trying to Be Greener

A lot of what we do at Hobocamp is about trying to be greener. Reusing old fabric, vintage fabric, reworking items that may have been trashed -- trying to see the beauty in them. Sewing my coffee cuffs is so much fun b/c not a lot of fabric is needed to make a BIG statement. So, I can find a great piece of fabric from an old dress and make a unique & eco-friendly cuff. To try and be greener, we are offering a giveaway with the Trying to be Greener Blog. A great resource for environmentally friendly living. I've made 3 coffee cuffs from recycled skirts that will fit over travel mugs for extra greenness.
By checking out her blog and leaving a comment, you will enter yourself in the giveaway! It really is that easy.
Stay Green, Pony Boy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 in 1

a treasury... it has been a while and i'm loving the theme! My little recycled tie was happy to take part! xo

It Takes a Village

Lately many people and families are talking about getting back to basics and I love it! One of the places I am focusing most on this mantra is my daily life with my almost-6-month-old-daughter, Hazel Juniper. I want her food to be all organic,and I'm working hard to acheive this and I want her toys to be safe. Babies use their mouths like antennae- so what goes in needs to be healthy.
Enter Pretty Dreamer. Pamela's shop, makes handcrafted wood toys for home and play.They choose their materials carefully to ensure they are nontoxic.
These brightly colored toys are safe for your little one, and they invite their imagination to run wild. From puzzles-to-stackers-to-rattles and carpentry tools for your little one. Pretty Dreamer even offers a little wooden iron,
perfect for helping mama or papa with their laundry chores. So when you're wondering what to get for that next children's birthday- step away from the plastic toys- made with who knows what.. and step into Pretty Dreamer's Etsy Shop. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Enough Hours

A long weekend went by so fast.

Mow the backyard- DONE
Screenprint- DONE
Lower Hazel's crib (she's about to jump out)- DONE
Finish planting a bunch- Not quite
Visit the Stormville Flea market- DONE
Zach-work on book stuff (goes to print soon!)ON GOING

Dinner at Temptations- a great little restaurant- with delicious sweet potato soup!

At the Stormville Flea market, I found 3 great vintage outfits for Hazel. Here is one of them. A linen shirt- brand new with tags on it-from Sears- with matching skirt/skort size 3. Zach found a few toys.

Here are some highlights of the Snuggle Bunny party! I hope to get these in the shop this week. We also have some preggie tanks- so if you have any pregnant girlies in your life- this might be the thing for them!

Best little model in town!

Hope you had a full- fun weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Take 2

SPT 5.21.09, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So as I was saying- before a baby foot slammed onto the keyboard publishing an unfinished post!

Our Weekend To DO List...

Mow the backyard
Lower Hazel's crib (she's about to jump out)
Finish planting a bunch
Visit the Stormville Flea market
Zach-work on book stuff ( goes to print soon!)

Have a great weekend!

Honey Do..

SPT 5.21.09, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

A Weekend To Do List:

-Cut backyard lawn

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The New Morning

Yesterday, Hazel and I ran some errands. We picked up more soil and a squash plant. Then a stroll to Trader Joe's for bread & other deliciousness. After getting the usual list, I visited their tea section and found a new favorite.

Pomegranate White Tea: Tasty with or without sugar/honey hot/cold and is an "antioxidant powerhouse". One of the reasons I love T.J., for a little spot of cash you can find something healthy and delicious!

We're gearing up for the weekend. Last night a promise was made by the Mr., he said after he is finished with the book he is working on w/ two others, I/Hobocamp can have him for 1 full month of craftiness! Uninterrupted crafts for the shop by the hands of my hub. I'm excited- first up is a CRAFT PUNK tote for myself.... and maybe something for H. The rest will be limited edition Pacman bags & other rarities.

A Sneek Peak at next week:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Night

Birdseye View, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Today was long. The last two days have been pretty long- much longer than 48 hours. I was sick all night till the wee hours of the morn, then drove Z to the ferry in full on pj mode.. I'm talking fleece robe, pj pants and a winter hat. Zach told me I looked like his Scandinavian maid, I'd settled on his Scandinavian wife. Which brings me to one of my favorite TV shows, "Dharma & Greg" occasionally Dharma and her friend Jane would dress as tourists and talk with accents that you couldn't quite place- basically it was pretty amazing and why I love that dang show so much. Tonight Z got to see a sneak peek of the new Terminator movie- so I bathed Hazel and put her to bed. She was down by 7:30ish. I'm beat and can't wait till Friday.

The carrots and scallions are growing at warp speed and I still need to plant a few more things. Some transplanting is def. on the list for this weekend among a million other things.With the holiday coming this weekend, we are making screenprinting a priority. I can't wait to see how these little baby bits of shirt will look with Snuggle Bunny. We were able to score some sustainable, organic cotton and some regular AA shirts. The colors we chose this time around are stunning. I'm also hoping to get some sewing done. I have some special goings on for next week- but will share once it is more concrete.

I've been trying to list a couple of pieces each day in the shop. This little birdie cuff is in the shop.

I'm enjoying a visit from Hermione on my right side and a cup of hot cocoa in my left hand. Delish- have a great day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Birthday Donut and Other Stories

(shirt from Wren Willow Friday afternoon we spent some time on the lawn, sprawled out on blankets. Then we ordered a pizza half with cheese half with no cheese- just mushrooms, it was pretty darn delicious.
Saturday was Zach's birthday. He wanted to go to an estate sale- so he practically dragged us there. Then the poor birthday boy didn't find anything- but I did! Behold my $5.00 purchase. It all came in a plastic cracked container, of course I had to go through my loot like Halloween and put like with like.

A bunch of vintage-lace in awesome colors

Embroidery floss

Embroidery hoops

Handmade lace doilies- for a special secret project

some zippers, more binding,some ribbon and a largeish piece of vintage fabric. I was psyched.
We got a chance to take some product shots- this seahorse bib will be in the shop this week, along with a few other bibs.

I also shot some envelope clutches:

A visit to Connecticut to see Zach's family on a rainy day. It was good to see everyone and meet new members I had never met before. Zach got some great gifts this weekend- there was definitely a theme of bacon in the air. Off to fix a non-baconated dinner!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Delicious Perfection

I have no pictures to share with you. Although my little bakey-bakey party I threw myself last night, while most of my family and friends were glued to the couch watching the season finale of LOST I was getting my bake on. Trust me when I tell you- I made 2 1/2 loaves of delicious gluten-free, pumpkin-banana bread. I cut myself a steamy, gooey piece and then enjoyed a piece around 3am after a Hazel feeding session. I say delicious- because it was-perfect because for me and my track record with these two ingredients- my track record is horrible. Maybe it was my mother's new oven or my father's encouragement hovering over the bowl.. either way it was topped with just enough brown sugar to melt and cover the top and fill my tummy with deliciousness.

Thursday was rainy. H and I met a good friend and her daughter at the farmer's market. We walked & talked and laughed. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who thinks something- then I'll say it out loud and realize someone else thinks the same thing. Let's just say the thing revolved around other mothers who were VERY excited about a local kid's band playing at the market. We were not as excited and found that pretty funny. I'm so glad there are some bands out there that appeal to children AND adults and don't have to sound like Barney or the Teletubbies.

After calling everyday for 3 days-I finally heard back from my doctor.. it seems there was some inflammation as it seems like IBS. He offered no real advice except for "don't eat dairy" which I haven't eaten in a year. So back to square one and yes, doing it on my own.He did tell me, my test for Celiac came back negative again.. but I'm still skeptic. I'll be monitoring my foods and writing a diary on it to try and find some pattern- exciting!
Mom, Hazel and I went to the Trader Joe's today, so Friday is free. Since Saturday is Zach's birthday- I'll need some time for extra special birthday planning. Maybe even get some sewing done. I've got an idea to make a traditional pillowcase dress- out of an oversized t-shirt for H. We'll see how this goes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our American Apparel shirt order has arrived! We chose some springy-happy colors for the kidlets & babes. Among our favorite colors was the grass, I even snagged an AA scarf in this color. I hope we'll be able to start printing these on Saturday.

Today I felt well enough to send my hubbie out the door with an egg & mushroom sandwich. Sometimes I'm not up in time or my tummy trouble keeps me from helping out in the morning. I've been up since a little before 5, with a load washing- I'm looking forward to the 70 degree weather!

I was disappointed that even after a call to the office yesterday, I still never heard back from my gastro doctor. His office said he'd call with results from my test on Thursday- I'll have to call again and try to get some answers. But unfortunately I was in major hyperventilation mode last night waiting for his call. Of course your mind wanders.. and sometimes this isn't a good thing. Determined to not think the worse, I took a hot bath then snuggled with my honey and some raspberry sorbet.
I've planted some of these throughout the yard:

and I can't wait to harvest the carrots

and basil!

Hope you enjoy the weather and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Quiet Day

Well I haven't made a lot of progress with the studio- but I have been listing some new clutches and cuffs in the shop.

Tiny Detail on a new Owl Cuff- that still needs a name before listing.
Monday was spent at home~ gardening,listing some,thinking about baking banana bread and hanging diapers.

Some new cuffs. I have a line of extra special minky dot lined cuffs that will be out soon- they're very decadent and good for the environment too!

Something about stacks- stacks and piles of folded laundry, fabric and coffee cuffs that just make me smile. Visually pleasing and not bad to cure the inner procrastinating skeptic. " See I did do something today"!

Today will be spent getting something for my husband's birthday,listing some more items and trying to conquer baby clothes. It looks pretty nice out. I'm wearing my new favorite pair of yoga pants from American Apparel (under an old favorite skirt) with a Mother's Day gift to myself:
The color is perfect! We need some little things to brighten our day sometimes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday's Doing

We just got in from a wonderful time with old friends and I just feel very grateful. I'm treating myself to some raspberry sorbet- a new springtime treat.

Since we don't have a whole lot of space- I need to really be very picky about what is coming with us and what is going into storage. Here is my studio nook- where all the Hobocamp craftiness happens. As you can see it gets pretty messy on a daily basis.

This little lady is my helper,well actually the boss. She keeps me from going off track too much!

Looks like Monday will be filled with Things To Do.