Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 weeks and 7 years

Let me share a little bit while Zach puts Hazel down. This is her second night going without her beloved binky and I am just so proud of her. Ahem, it was more her parent's apprehension than hers. She would say " Mama when are we going to gather the binkies for that baby boy?" This of course being the story that we as parents chose to tell her. So with that, we didn't make a huge deal we just followed on the heels of her questions with our little action. So far so good.

Today is 2 weeks since I started the SCD diet for my colitis. Last week I was feeling kinda devastated and starving. I did find out that most people don't really start seeing results till week 3... so hope that is so for me.Well I feel like I am doing a little bit better. I've morphed into eating almond pancakes with honey on them and then making extra to snack on throughout the day like a biscuit or cookie I might normally eat. Today I made a butternut squash nut butter brownie and let's just say by end of day- there will be none left to put away or cover up. I ate them all ! A 9X9 pan, I guess it was... vanished into my stomach. Well I had to do something when my mother-in-law brought these delicious chocolate chip cookies to the house- they look exceptionally delicious- I almost lost control.. almost.

Today is 7 years since Zach and I went on our first date- where we met for the first time. We had met through mutual friends who kinda only dated for a week if that and in that short period of time we met- thanks to the powers of Zach's huge chops, my bff Suzanne and Friendster... does anyone remember Friendster? No? Well you're not missing anything!
Our first date was at this amazing Thai (Thai House in Nyack,NY) place (where a year and 1/2 later Zach proposed)I showed up a tad bit late, there was ice everywhere- which made it very difficult to park and once I had- I could barely walk the sidewalks let along run.. but I did and I made it. I instantly knew.. despite his lack of laughing at my jokes,( which I later called Suzanne to complain about! he TOTALLY didn't laugh at my jokes Sue!) I really thought this is kinda it. We then went to see Monster- yes friends, I have no idea what the hell we were thinking! First date movie? Um No! But we did and then he drove me to my car and we talked about going to the coffee shop for a cup of something. Next thing I knew he had driven away. To this day we laugh at that. He wonders why I called him and why I gave him a another chance, but I knew he was it from the second I met him- so wouldn't you have given him another chance?! Besides anyone who is that absent-minded and nutty can hold my hand any day.


Anonymous said...

Happy 7 Years! I can't believe it has been that long. I knew the day that I saw Zach on friendster that you two would be perfect together. Happy Anniversary and love to you both! And I am so proud of Hazel!!! xoxo

Zach Oat said...

I love you, Melissa. Sorry about that first date. It was an unmitigated disaster. Our first of several. But we persevered!