Sunday, June 12, 2011

in the swing

This will be short, because I think part of why I took such a hiatus from this little place was because the blogging was feeling like I HAD to do it rather than I WANTED to. Funny how our brains work sometimes! After our computer crashed- we lost practically everything. I was grateful to have this blog and be able to reminisce and see all that I posted over the years.

Hazel is 2 1/2, I have been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since March and it's working! My Colitis is mostly always in check and I am able to better understand what I can and can't eat. Zach has switched jobs and is now able to work from home with exception for 1-2 days a week when he travels into the city. So much is changing. Our cats still lounge and meow at us to fetch them food, Bella the puppy dog still chews everything in sight- but she's trying. We've got a wee container garden.. Ozark strawberries, tons of basil ( my favorite thing to grow), tomatoes,lavender,beans,cilantro,Russian kale and spearmint & apple mint.

Way Back When...

Some New Items in the Shop! Snack Bags!

This little girl is my WHOLE world!

silly big boy Jasper

and Papa's world too-- Iron girl?!

We are coming on 1 year of home ownership- which is kind of crazy! We love it- but had NO idea just how tough it was going to be. Every day we try to make a little bit of progress, whether it's hanging a picture frame,switching out curtains or hanging a new plant. The nesting still goes on. The crafting is starting up and I am trying to climb out of the cold weather funk. Inspiration come to me~

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queenvanna said...

well there you are! glad you've checked in, and it sounds like things are going swimmingly. hope you have an awesome summer!