Monday, August 11, 2014

Simple Hand Sewing Happiness

As a young woman, growing up in the 80's I'm pretty sure my style was solidified by watching inappropriate episodes of The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote. Once I was a teenager and I realized I didn't want to be a cookie cutter person, I started at thrift stores and loved it. My style was always granny chic... even now I love a good granny square ANYTHING. So when I learned how to make yo-yos I felt like I was reconnected to a slower- more easy paced time. Hand crafts ahhh. Sewing by hand... ahhh. Let me tell you
I L O V E to H A N D  S E W.

Here are some of the newish things in my shop or about to head there.

A few of my yo-yo recycled sweets! I wish these shirts fit me... because I would NOT be selling these babies! But alas they do not and I offer them to you my favorite people!
August, already? Reallly?!

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HeatherNunes said...

I love the yo yos! You did a great job with them! I agree, hand sewing has such a nice therapeutic feeling. It's fun to look at your work and know that you stitched it by hand.