Wednesday, August 25, 2010


April 4th, 2007 was my first ever blog post! I've posted 572 posts since then, which is amazing that I have stuck with this for so long. As this blog grows older, I am realizing my zest for writing is not what it use to be. When I started it, I was working from home without a babe in a wee little apartment. Boy things have changed!

As for now I am taking a little break. I'm not quite sure- how long but for a couple of reasons. One being, I need to focus the time spent on the blog (which as of late has not been very much) and channel that into the shop. I also have not been as active on Etsy or even on the blogs of friend's I adore- because I am not handling my time so well. I also struggle with the content of this blog. I never wanted it to be negative or a spot for complaining, yet somehow I think I did allow that sometimes- in my writing! Well no more nagative thinking! Positive! Positive! I'm sure I'll want to post this fall as my 2 favorite holidays and that magical time of year approaches- but this takes the mental pressure off of myself!

Thank you to anyone who has read this over the last 3 years or commented or even glanced! Please do check back once in a while- for shop updates as we get closer to the holidays we might surprise you! Thank you for all your kind wishes and support- I'll be seeing you soon! xox

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andrea creates said...

I'm following your blog so I'll be updated when you're back to writing :)I understand. Writing for a blog is not always easy-knowing what to share and what not to.
Have a nice break~