Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Circles in Autumn

We have this butler's closet and let me tell you- it's full. Full of doorknobs and paint cans and screws and window treatments and just about anything you can think of- it's probably in there. We've sort of been using it as our project closet. Supplies live there- get lost and sometimes even multiply. Kind of amazing. But the problem is an at-the-bottom- of your belly overwhelmed feeling- at least for me. I know it takes 30 years to get everything together- but this little house has been an exception.

Today I took my 1st hot shower since we bought the place! IT turns out something was lodged in one of the pipes. Thankfully our neighbor was able to help Zach figure it out! Tonight I am sooo soaking in the tub!Here are a few pictures of what has been happening other than house stuff! Fall in the making!

New Mini Quilts are hitting the shop in the next few weeks. This is my 1st one to sell. I've made a few for family,friends and myself. This one is a mix of all things I love about fall. This is a close up of the cool stitches my new machine makes- love it! It will be up in the shop today!

Making homemdae pizzas every Sunday. Zach does the dough, I do the sauce and Hazel does the cheese- then we all partake in the added veggies and devouring it!!

Hazel learning how to draw circles. I love it!

Making toasty forts!

Hope your future leads to toasty socks,warm drinks and cozy blankets. Fall is defenitely here and we have to get that chimney looked at! xo

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