Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Can I still call her a little peanut?

(indulging in some Thanksgiving Day- birthday celebrations)

On the eve of Hazel's actual 2nd birthday- I just can't believe it. The words that come out of this kids mouth. The things she does. the climbing, the silliness, the talking back.. I'm learning each day to hold my own tongue, because it isn't easy- I'm NOT perfect and some days are really difficult. Now to throw the dog into the mix- what was I thinking.?!@ But then I look at her enveloped in a puzzle or a book or wrestling with the dog and I realize- how lucky I am. Happy 2nd Birthday, Hazel Juniper!


MaLinda said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Hazel -- we hope you like what we got you -- it's on its way! xoxox, hugs and kisses.

Ms.Islander said...

of course,he is always your peanut at heart,,.visit me at thanks.

MaLinda said...

Happy Birthday Hazel!!!! We love and miss you!

Grandpa Tom, MaLinda + Oliver

Anonymous said...

One of the sweetest little ladies I know! Happy Birthday again, sweet Hazel! xoxo