Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sale in the Shop!

To gear up for Fall, we are featuring our button bags on SALE for $25. Regularly $40. These are durable, sweet bags with hand-stitched button designs. Zach, who does most of the sewing for these projects- made one for Hazel- that she uses as her Halloween treat bag... although he must have made it with a whole in the bottom because he ends up with all the candy!

I was pretty pregnant in the last photo! I look pretty tired too lol! These totes are perfect for carrying a few books, magazines, knitting or the like. If you use the word HOBO in the message- you'll get free shipping~
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Kelly - Spinng in the Sun said...

super cute bags!

prisonsjournal said...

I love those bags and I'm not really a craft person. Well, o.k. I am kind of but don't tell any one. Anyway cool looking bags.