Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hi There!

I'm trying to make my way back into doing... sewing, blogging and turning a small profit from Hobocamp. Hazel will be 3 in December and since she was born and I became sick I have had just enough energy to get me through the day only to pass out on the couch at 7 o'clock. Thankfully, Zach is willing to put her down almost every night so I can fold clothes,sew, clean and or just relax. The last few nights I have used my time for sewing.. so there are a few things I want to share this week. I always wanted to start fall (my beloved season) early... I have my fabrics out and that is just what I have been doing.

Along with the cuffs, I've been mending clothes for Hazel. We think we may have found a preschool for her that is affordable and seems to be a perfect place for our special girl to grow. I would love to homeschool her through her preschool years- but I think what she needs most is socialization with children. She knows her Alphabet to & fro, she can count to 30- and has a great vocabulary (forgive me for being so proud!) but what she really does need is the play with kids .. so I do hope this all works out.

Back to the grind- school hasn't started yet and our swim lessons at the lake have ended- I'm so grateful for the story times at local libraries to keep somewhat of a schedule for us. We've really been trying to stay busy. My diet and medication are still amazingly working... so grateful for that. So grateful for many things.

More Updates to come- New Cuffs in the Shop Now!

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Kelly - Spinng in the Sun said...

goodness, is your little one getting bog or what?! lovely cozies!