Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1001 Uses For a Fishnet

Way back when I didn't wear random, comfy pregnant t-shirts under my regular clothes I had a very nice collection of fancy tights and such. Fishnets as wide as the eye could see- in large holes, smaller and teeny. Blue, purple, red, yellow and traditional black (if you can call a fishnet traditional). 

Today I am trying to get dinner together as I do most days at 4pm, with a baby strapped to my back and a 4 year old going through a random mismatched basket of my fishnet socks(they came out of an old suitcase we got down from the attic to put other random things in) and stockings she yells out at least 15 different games she is playing with the stockings. " Look mama, I'm tying the sock to my boot and I caught a boot!" Look mama, I caught a stuffed animal in your fishnets! or look mama, I tied my legs together with your stockings and I am walking funny, aren't I?"!  
Hilarious. Sometimes when Tuesdays really feel like Mondays and the baby will only STOP crying if you are carrying or wearing him and the dog wants to be let out 9 million times so she can bark and the neighbors again today, we have to be reminded by someone- anyone- or that special 4 year old to just breathe because material items are nothing.. everything moves so fast. One day you're wearing fancy stockings to the office or out on a date with the man you are going to marry and now your child is playing with those tights in your living room. It's all so fleeting and wonderful and silly and children just make things hysterical, don't they? xo

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