Monday, March 4, 2013

Since I last wrote, we've been working on all of our little house issues- but it still is an upward battle. But, we are trying to fall in love with our little place- regardless of all trouble it has given us. Adding little touches that make things feel good. A small shelf for our coffee mugs and some hooks to hold the extras. A small cabinet ( which use to hold the mugs) has now grown into a lovely little baking cabinet (much thanks to taking the Whole Food kitchen class with Heather Bruggerman). By the way if anyone from my class ( fall 2012) is reading- I wondered if they would be so kind to send me modules 5-7! I've lost them before getting a chance to print them!
Back to the house, Hazel said today, "mama I love our house" and zach replied with we're glad we do too! Sometimes when you are down or upset we forget our children can sense that and you don't want to let on too much so that their feelings of safety or anything regarding their home makes them uncomfortable... so we try not to discuss too too much. We want the kids to walk in and think ahhh... there's no place like home.
This weekend we have not a plan in site! I'm so excited to try and get things done! We decided to use a group of mismatched hardware on the top cabinets in the kitchen. The walls and cabinets are white- I'm think of painting the hardware a bright red or green to unify. I'd like to put a rug down under the rocking chir in our bedroom to cushion the squeak and maybe muffle it. The rocking chair was given to us on freecycle, by a very nice woman who had used it for 40 years and 4 children! Wow! Aside from recovering the cushions and putting a handmade padding on the tips of the rocker's landing ( what is the real word?) it is the same as when she handed it over.
Today I boiled a chicken- which may sound eewish, but I need the bone broth. I've started back on a gluten free diet. So far it has not been very difficult because I am still supplementing wit Udi's and Quinoa pasta. But the broth is to make some soup and try to transition back to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. We'll see how it goes... I might be able to give up chocolate, but I have developed a hot cocoa habit... however in the summer, who knows what will happen! Well just a quick update and hello.

A picture explanation: in 2008, when I was pregnant with Hazel and we were moving. I was making sure the tub was the right size!

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