Wednesday, October 23, 2013

two of our favorite drinks

Although the cool weather is really just starting here, we drink toasty, cozy drinks around here all year long! I have been making fake chais or steamers for Hazel for a couple years now. I froth the milk and add honey & cinnamon to the milk and Blamo@! a delicious, low sugar drink for kids! you could certainly use Stevia or a different natural sweetner- agave etc. 
Foxy Honey Steamer w/ cinnamon

her favorite mug- christmas 2012

mama's hot cocoa w/some homemade whipped cream and naturally-colored sprinkles!
I tend to get into the habit of making a batch of whipped cream that I can give the kids when they have pancakes or waffles with berries in the morning- plus when I want some at night while knitting/sewing or hanging out with Zach, I don't have to go into the laundry room to make it. Yes, sometimes we call the laundry room the whipcreamery. I go in with a Ball jar usually with heavy cream & honey and my hand mixer. I stand at the washer mixing my whipped cream with the door closed so not to wake the babies fast asleep and unaware of my hot cocoa party! Ohh the things we do, I tell ya!

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