Thursday, October 17, 2013

Muffin Top

I couldn't resist. Since we have all been trying to follow the Bob's Red Mill October Unprocessed- Challenge we've been loving the coupons that allow us to get their amazing products- just a little bit cheaper! Here we used the Gluten Free Cornbread mix, to which we added 1/2c of pumpkin and 3/4 of a banana. Instead of using regular milk- (we were low), I use some powdered milk from Organic Valley. Powdered milk is like my most favorite thing ever. I'm so happy to have it on hand! I also ended up making some mini muffins and regular sized ones. Again I was low on the wrappers- so today was an all around perfect Thursday. Tomorrow we go food shopping and eat like KINGS! I'm joking, at least we won't be rationing milk and muffin wrappers.

My assistant, Hazel who was still in her p.j.'s assured me if she were making these to sell she would have gotten dressed. Hear that any perspective muffin orderers?

I can't believe how big she looks here. Soon she'll be five and I still have to take that in!

Mixy Mixy

Mama's girl

Gluten free pumpkin, banana cornbread muffins

Last night I got a fair amount of pinning done. Now tonight I need to stitch all of the goodies together! Along with that, I am really trying to do this meal planning along with coupons to try and optimize our food budget. Whew sometimes it feels very overwhelming but I do like the challenge. Tonight we had leftover veggie soup mixed with a pot of brown rice. It was simple, yet we all devoured it along with our muffins and some butter. The perfect fall comfort food. 

I received my Seeds of Change seed book and I am already thinking of what I would like to try next year. Thinking of how big we can extend our small box for next year. Thinking of those chickens that are totally calling my name. One thing at a time.

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