Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where Ya Been?

Wow, the months just fly by. This month we celebrated our little Hazel's graduation from preschool- yeah! She missed the cutoff in NY by hours... so once we realized that, she had 3 years of preschool under her belt and is super-ready for school in the fall! She also celebrated her second dance recital. This year the song was Uptown Girl. Their outfits were reminiscent of Fancy Nancy, which I have sort of told H should be her Halloween costume this year. See how that works? Expensive dance costume worn once turns into upcoming Halloween costume! Voila!

In other parts of the world- like my small crafty world- we have some new stuff up in our shop.
This orange ghost named Clyde came to us by way of some very vintage buttons and my husband Zach's love of '80s pop culture. He  painstakingly sews on every single button to create a one-of-a-kind bag. We take custom orders, too!

To cover every price point in our shop I've been making these sweet little packs of fancy hair ties and headbands. They start at $3.50. We love them! I wear them like bracelets with my regular silver bracelets and even coordinate them with what I am wearing (sometimes). Now that my hair is long enough, they are a huge help without the literal headache. Regular ties were always too tight and I could feel my head paying for it!

This little chalkboard girl needs a good home. She's in our shop too!
Some Marie Antoinette Hair ties. Because we all know that she totally would rock these now with her huge hair.
Then finally a little summery item for mamas & their babes. Matching totes! Perfect for the beach, library or toting lunch. They are super lightweight and can roll up into one another or into another bag. Check them out.

The summer always creates new memories. Guthrie is learning to do and say everything. Hazel is 5 1/2 going on 15, and full of energy. We have about 11 tomato plants in 3 different varieties, 5 basil plants and we're growing about 4 or 5 types of pumpkins. I say  "about" because last year was a fluke. We smashed some small boo (white) pumpkins and some jacks and got some white ones a little bigger and some pale, pale peach ones. This year we planted pie pumpkins, too. Finally some cilantro, peppermint ( which will take over your life and your garden) as well as some winter thyme and sunflowers! I love to be out there pulling weeds and rearranging, but I hate bugs, especially spiders and mosquitoes. Oh well, such is summer.

Hope you are enjoying your beginning of summer, too!

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HeatherNunes said...

You do amazing work, such great style! The hair ties are so pretty. I am very happy to have scored hair ties, headbands, and the chalkboard girl from your shop! I gave them as gifts to my sister and nieces and they ADORE everything!!! The chalkboard girl lives in my niece's room and looks fantastic. Thanks for supplying such great gift items. Keep on creating, can't wait to see what you come up with next.