Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 Wedding, 2 Cats and a Cabin

Hobocamp has packed and will be on vacation till September 23- See you Soon!
Light reading from the library!
My bag of fabrics- a girl has to stay busy on vacation!
Our dry Food bag- yes that is Vegan fluff my friends!

I realized the title might sound as i we got hitched and brought two cats to a cabin on our honeymoon. Please forgive me- this is not THAT story at all. You might find it in the next blog over though.

This story is about me going to a wedding at 6pm on Saturday- where my oldest friend since we were 4 is getting married to a wonderful man. All of the bridesmaids are wearing our own black dress and a beautiful necklace they got us.

The 2 cats are Jasper and Hermione who I am desperately going to miss when we go to my brother's cabin in upstate NY on Sunday. We'll be gone for a week and well once an animal is in your life- it's sort of difficult to get rid of them or think about life without them. I'm sure they'll be in their glory- sleeping on the bed,couch,chair,window. My parents and our downstairs neighbors are so nice enough to feed & check on them. But I'm still a little heartbroken. But this is a well-needed vacation for Zach and I. I am looking forward to doing a lot of relaxing, crafting and an overall rejuvenation if you can do that without having a bathtub.

I've grabbed a bazillion books for the trip and here are just a few of the titles. Oh did I mention I AM bringing my sewing machine as well as a crochet hook to teach myself to crochet. There is a Salvation Army shop where we started our owl collection over a year ago during our honeymoon weekend. We've also researched the area to find veggie dining and fun things to do.

Since we'll be off the map our blog will be asleep as will our flickr page & shop. But no fear- once we're back we'll update, update ,update with all of our adventuresome ( sp?) photos & treasures. I'll leave you with a few photos~
Be well & keep crafting xo Have fun to those who will be at Renegade Chicago we visited last year and had a fun time. Check out the Bleeding Heart BakeryM

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