Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning & Introducing Pillbox Productions

Last night we got back around 11pm from the Rambo Faire in Harrisburg, PA. I love that place! The crafters, musicians and people in general give off such an awesome vibe! OUr mac is in the genius shop- something with a defective usb. So I can't upload photos from the day.. but i will. Besides I have something better-
My interview with Pillbox Productions! Please read and enjoy!

Where did you come up with name for your shop?

I wanted a name that would work with all the things I do...and since
Pillbox is a hat style and a cute little box that holds small but
powerful things (PILLS!) I thought it worked! and Productions leaves it open
to all my future projects!

How long have you been running your shop?

I have been on Etsy since Nov 06, but have been doing artist markets
for 10 years. I found out about Etsy from a local woman who saw my

Do you listen to music, tv etc while you create, if so what do you
listen to,where does your inspiration come from?
I listen to music while I work. I have alot of music on cds and
vinyl and love a variety...I make compilation cds so I don't have to change
cds or records so much while working! Nina Simone,Tom Waits,Bright
Eyes,Black Heart Procession...moody music mostly! My surroundings are a
big inspiration. I collect odd things ~ well, I collect ALOT of
things! My house is very colorful and visitors often ask if they can just
look around awhile. Even when my house is messy it looks interresting
because I don't bring anything in that isn't attractive to me (oh,and I
have great mood lighting! good for disguising messiness)

Do you craft full-time- Would you want to?

I have a part time job but have art/craft projects going at all
times. My sewing maching is on my kitchen table and half of my kitchen
cupboards are filled with art supplies and art. I have been creative all
of my life and simply cannot stop! I write down the ideas that pour in
(while being creative)...sometimes I get overwhelmed and hate having to
eat or sleep. I need more time!

Who is your biggest supporter (family, friends etc)?

My family and friends are supportive...even my coworkers at my day
job. I go through phases of being social and then a I do
get local support when I get into the local art scene!

What is your favorite thing to make and why?

I enjoy everything I make, in fact, when I come up with an idea I
make lots of ...whatever it see if I still enjoy it. So anything
ANYONE sees is something I always enjoy making. Using recycled and
vintage materials helps because I get soooo excited about finding special
unique things...I run home to give them a new life. These are things
that have been forgotten or overlooked... sad and lonely things that I
can transform into useful or just fun things. I also make artist/one of a
kind books. My secret joy! I show them once in awhile ( they will
have their day in the sun someday )

Name your favorite website,blog,craft page etc.

Right now I am addicted to Etsy, Indiepublic and Flickr!

Where would you like to be in the next couple of years with your

I would like to be doing this FULL time. I have the energy and
passion! I am learning so much from paying attention to
the Etsy forums and communicating with other artists. I just keep on
keepin on! busy busy busy

Where can people find your items?

I have two shops on Etsy. &

pillboxproductions is where you will find my hats, paper flowers and

iheartfink is a collaboration with my amazing friend Karen. We make
clothing from scratch.

Pillbox Productions

I heart fink

Hope you enjoyed this interview! These are like little inspirational pieces of joy. Being able to interview these wondefully talented crafters makes my day and really adds to the feeling of community within the DIY movement.
xo please be sure to visit Kristen's wonderful shops!


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