Monday, September 24, 2007

Back into the Swing

So we're back from our vacation. We left early Sunday morning(sept 16) and made a stop to get a coffee at Starbucks in the Tuxedo Exit- we stopped there on our way up for our honeymoon- so now it's tradition. We took turns driving- passing the famous Roscoe Diner. Which we've never actually been to- but hear it is an upstate NY staple.

The foliage in the neighborhood was really beautiful. Our days were spent without the internet ( with exception for one day at an internet cafe)- overall we rented movies, went on neighborhood walks, talked about the different houses & farms we saw and how we would decorate them if they were ours. We started collecting photos of the delapitated barns in the area- along with visitng a maple farm and loading up on sugary goodness.

Zach and I also began collecting leaves for the wax leaf windows we make in the fall. This time we are making some for Max & Lucy Z's neice & nephew in Hawaii. We only ate out 1x or maybe twice- little snackie cakes & such from the local latte shop- Latte Lounge. But we made dinner in the cute little kitchen- Fake Beef Stroganoff,Red Lentil Soup and a bunch of other yummy goodness.

As silly as it may seem we planned to come home on the following Sunday- but I really missed the cats. Those little buggers were well-fed by my parents and our downstairs neighbors- but I was still worried.

Now we're home and tomorrow it is back to work after over a week off. Tonight was the beginning of big tv night- of which was on in the backround- but I didn't watch.. there is so much to do- I can't let myself procrastinate even more! Zach was a huge help on the couch I put him to work sorting my fabrics by color! He loves organizing so it worked out wonderfully!
We're running a sale in our shop- but we also added a bunch of new things. I've also atted a few photos of our weekend & the general hubub around the hobo household. Christmas in September!.

Saturday Morning- Car Talk- Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Frannk pack the Younger cuter cousin of the fanny pack

Life ain't easy when you're this cute

A Happy Home Recipe- thrifted on our trip to Oneonta

Sunday-Sept. 23rd We went to a car show down the block that my dad's club was hosting ( Rockland Rodders)
This was one of the cars... of course he's a ToyFare reader! So we had an impromptu photo shoot!

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