Thursday, October 18, 2007


So I was featured as handbag designer of the day! Check this out!!

Hobocamp Crafts on Handbag Designer 101

Also I wrote a review of the book Felt Underground on Etsy's Storque newsletter. I'm pretty sure people who are involved in a book are not supposed to review a book- but I thought I was very neautral and well the book is just awesome so it is a win win!
If you want t read it here goes:
Felt Underground

Aside from that cookiness does that say cookie-ness? oh well. I'm repping for our PROM show this weekend- hope & wish for good weather- we won't have our tent xo.
Some photos to ponder, smile or just glance at.
Hapy Fall & have a great weekend. Shop Update Thursday October 25th. 3pm chofulla new stuff for the holladays!

new images of my design, knotty scarf from felt underground. Available in our shop!

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