Monday, October 15, 2007

Use your heart to lead your brain

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I don't have one issue to write about- because I try to do a little bit here and there in most things. During the day when I'm creating items for my shop- I am really trying to come up with something that I can reuse. Something that might get thrown in the garbage or just something old and cool that I can breathe a new life into. There are so many artists who use recycled goods and I love to see their inventive nature check it out Etsy Trashion

I'm not saying I'm perfect.. I proud of myself that I don't litter. That is probably why I end up with raisins on my sunglasses- cause my totes are filled with everything- paper scraps-lollipop wrappers random food etc. But when I see people litter I can't stand it. Just look after your own and throw that crap out! In general it is such an easy task- to throw something out- now in most cities and towns you can't walk 100 steps without finding a trash can.

During the summer I kept the air conditioner( which we needed living in an attic apt. on about 73- the news kept saying if you change just 3 degrees you're helping a little bit.

When I was in college I was vegan for about 3 years. The university I attended was really easy going and the pizza shop on campus and off- offered vegan pizza the bakery on campus offered vegan cookies a plenty and of course the french fries. (I'm sure they weren't exactly vegan. Anyhow it was easier when you're living in a bubble on campus and eating off of a declining balance and not really cooking for yourself.

I've been a vegetarian for about 8 or 9 years which i'm proud of. Recent issues with various milk products has gotten me back to eating an *almost vegan diet. Right now I can eat things that have milk as an ingredient but not milk itself or cheese but I am still eating eggs. However the eggs are staring to make me feel sick- much like meat did when I first went veggie. So I think my time is coming to make this change... again. My husband ( who ate things like meat wrapped in meat jk) has also gone veggie almost 100%- which I'm so proud of him. His is more for health than the environment.. he hasn't let me show him any of the types of literature or movies i've seen that made me make the switch to veganism or assisted me in my short-lived protesting career in animal rights.

I try not to judge others regarding their food choices.. I might tell them what is a healthier option (especially to my dear father and husband) but I really try not to preach- because just as I wouldn't want to hear it about something that didn't interest me... vice versa. But I am coming into vegetarianism in a different light. I love cooking- I especially enjoy seeing my husband and parents, family eating what I've made and enjoying it and knowing it is vegetarian or vegan well that can be my little secret if need be.

A few of my resolutions :

*Begin the start of a vegan diet again and embrace it in a whole-hearted and healthy way
*Walk or bike more- this is a win win good for you & the world
*Use more recycled options in my daily creating
*During the winter dress in layers and use less energy
*Same goes for the summer keeping the dial up to save energy
*Plant vegetables again( even though nothing was yielded this year except some basil) try and try again
*Continue to educate myself and others on different issues
*Take care of my own well-being and listen to myself... trust myself
*Give back to nature in whatever way seems right that day
*Lastly is offer/teach this all to the child I want to have in the future
thanks for this opportunity!
I'd love to hear what you want to do!

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