Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fabulous Moolah/ Brooklyn and a Pledge

So- I wanted to spend some time acknowledging the life of Mary Lillian Ellison aka The Fabulous Moolah the amazing female wrestler- because she passed away last week. But I can't give it the time I'd like so I will post about her and the amazing life she led next week.

This Saturday we'll be in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Indie Market
We'll have new Snuggle Bunny t-shirts and other giftie goodness like aprons, totes and handmade skirts.

In the mean time Take the Handmade Pledge. Do something to support handmade designers and yourself. You won't be sorry! Then hit up Etsy Handmade Market place!

Be Well~

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femputer said...

that pic is just too cute!