Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Morning-Changes

I woke earlier than I usually have been (7:10ish) thanks to Jasper and his never ending hunger pangs. We'ved started watching Heroes- which I use to shrug off before. But Z brought the 1st season home so he could go over it for work( yeah isn't that a great job) and I've been hooked ever since. It doesn't take much. Give me a boxed set of uninterrupted tv and I can really get stuff done.

Yesterday we screenprinted some more and took the shirts for a wash at the laundromat and the 2nd round was fine. The whole curing process is that indeed- like cooking a big dinner if you pull it out too quickly it might not be too tasty. This morning I am going to do some curing myself and try to create some cute Snuggle Bunny totes for the shop.

It is so difficult to stay organized with all of our craft supplies (mostly mine) everywhere! I need to be more diligent about putting my fabrics away. Although now that I am working on the side counter in the kitchen the living room floor is free and mostly clear to walk!!

Today I want to also work on a few slips (vintage) I've been saving. And lastly take some photographs of the new zippy pouches I've been making ( which are SUPER fun to make) I just bought some new zippers
and organize some beads to list in my other shop.
Projects created with inspiration from Threadbangers: They had these lovely fingerkess glove tutorial so I took it one step further and made myself fingerless gloves & mittens from some old sweaters. Zach's are on the way!

Hopefully I can get it all done.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for reading!


femputer said...

snuggle bunny is awesome!

lindz said...


Thanks for blogging about Threadbanger! We really appreciate it! Keep up the DIY.