Friday, November 30, 2007

The Road to Hana a Hobo Adventure

The Road to Hana, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

It is around 1:34 am in Hawaii- I've been downloading some new music for our trip back home on Monday. It's actually like a full day of travel.. I don't look forward to it. We've been here since Black Friday. The weather for the most part has been beautiful.. we went to the beach today.
Yesterday we went to a fabric shop where I bought some traditional Hawaiian fabric. Tomorrow we're going to the beach again to collect shells & such.. then visit a few Salvation Army shops- maybe stop for a coffee break- then run some errands before the busy weekend begins in Hawaii. Saturday- Zach's sister has the day planned and Sunday is Max's 7th birthday party. So much going on! I miss home though.. I've always been a get homesick kinda gal.

I also have been away from my sewing machine for over a week and I've begun to twitch ever so slightly.... but Laura veirs is one of my new favorites by reccommendation of a fellow like-minded soul.
off to bed i wish it were morning
"sleep is like a fever and I'm glad when it ends"
ani difranco

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Loree said...

Ooh... Hawaii! I'm jealous. We went to London for a week over Thanksgiving--and it was fun--but I'll bet the weather is much nicer where you are.