Monday, May 17, 2010

Planting So Far..

By the ferry where we wait for Zach.

Since we will hopefully be moving this summer(!) I decided to continue our container garden from last summer.Here is what I've planted so far:

-organic beefsteak tomatoes
-Swiss chard (plant- already grown a bit)
-carrots (spaced out unlike last year, when I grew bunches of Barbie-sized carrots)
-sugar daddy pea pods
- cilantro seeds and a regular plant
-Thai basil (this smells insane, I dream of the delicious dinners I could make in a dreamland)
-sweet basil plants (and some seeds)
-watermelon plants (what the heck?!) Yes, they are in containers, but hopefully once we move- they will have a sunny little hill to grow on!
- 3 types of pumpkins that are waiting for a little warmer weather the the container, then that hill next to the watermelons!
-organic mesclun mix.. a lot of mesclun mix!
-songbird mix- gotta have something for the gorgeous birdies!
I'm not finished, but I may try to purchase a few more mature plants to work with.

Our exciting piece from the street fair for the house. Seeing as OAT is our last name, we kinda loved this. I miss when husky was a good thing. Remember some stores even had Husky-sized clothing! And when she heard it was for our 1st house she let us take it for $15 rather than $28.

Silly one of me at a mushroom table


jen said...

i really hope you bought that mushroom set :)

Zach Oat said...

We asked, but the gnome wasn't selling.

queenvanna said...

i had sprouted a bunch of seedlings, and then it got hot, then cold, then on and on, and the sprouts got all leggy and crazy and then suddenly died a painful death. =/ i'm thinking next week i might get some already started veggie plants and try again.

p.s. - barbie sized carrots like barbie would eat, or like the size of barbie herself? either way, YUM!